Back to school – Year Four

Back to school - Year Four

As we approach the October half term break I thought it was time to write the yearly back to school post. I wanted our little dude to settle into the new year before I wrote my post, just in case we were thrown back into a national lockdown out of no where. Thankfully our little dude has managed to stay in his bubble at school with no lockdowns.

The home learning during lockdown didn’t seem to have any negative effects on the levels M was at before the lockdown. So that is a little parenting win. I will be honest trying to keep him learning whilst we both still worked from home was tricky. But credit to him, he worked hard and kept himself at a very good level of learning.


Year four seems to be the year where the work/play balance truly shifts. Each day M comes out with another tale of subjects he has been tackling. French, religious studies, math math and more math (his words). It is also the year we have started to cycle home from school. M has approached this with a fantastic attitude and has persevered through rain storms and windy afternoons.

First day

The little dude is still set on being a Marine Biologist once he leaves education, so we’ve told him he needs to make sure he always pays attention at school, especially maths and science. He is a little sponge when it comes to facts and is a great fountain of knowledge when it comes to sea creatures, fossils and gem stones.


I know he is really looking forward to half term as this year he gets to spend it with Clara, now that she is a teacher. Also there is something about autumn and darker afternoons that causes tiredness in the house. So a rest is definitely due!

I am really looking forward to the growth M is going to go through over the next school year.

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