Finally owning my androgyny : butchlesbians

Finally owning my androgyny : butchlesbians

Hey folks… I’ve posted this couple of days ago in the latebloomerslesbians subreddit, because I am a latebloomer, so that’s where I started to share … But this rant of mine is mostly about how I’ve finally leaned into androgynous look… Something I was scared to do most of my life…. Something that I finally own (most of the times)…

I’ve always admired androgyny in others, in both women and men. There’s something so bold about not being afraid to stand out, to not fit in. But I live in a small town where you don’t see it in your everyday life… And when you do, it’s not perceived as “normal”… It’s not something you feel enthusiastic to present… Or at least it wasn’t back when I was in my “formative” years…

Since I’ve come out to myself, I’ve stopped giving a f*** about what other people think of my style, my presentation and at 32 I’ve fully embraced my inner tomboy… I’ve written a short essay about it. If you’d like, you can read it here: ANDROGYNY

Life is somehow easier when you don’t cringe because of what you are wearing, isn’t it?

You can also follow me on IG @essayitoutloud for my little rants about general mindf*ckery that coming out later in life is…

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