Found a neat little explainer on nonbinary lesbians by a nonbinary lesbian : butchlesbians

Found a neat little explainer on nonbinary lesbians by a

That made sense to me when I read it, but thinking about it, I have second thoughts.

Basically, they divided nb into man-aligned, woman-aligned, and unaligned, and excluded man-aligned from either being nb lesbians or being attractive to nb lesbians.

The quote is saying nb lesbians are woman-aligned or unaligned enbies who are attracted to women, women-aligned enbies and unaligned enbies, BUT NOT to man-aligned enbies.

However, I was under the impression that some enbies like androgyne were aligned to BOTH man & woman, and I’m sure some bi-gender people are, so how would they fit in?

Also, I just talked to a butch lesbian who was a demi-boy. And I don’t think they considered themselves man-aligned, but I’m sure some demi-boys do, because demi-genders encompass a broad range of connectedness to the binary. But I don’t know how you could being attracted to man-aligned genders with genders where some members are man-aligned and others are not. It’s not necessarily something you recognize on sight.

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