Hannah Gadsby Secretly Got Married When You Weren’t Looking!

Hannah Gadsby Secretly Got Married When You Weren't Looking!

Does anyone else remember funfetti cake from when we were kids? You know the kind with the sprinkles baked inside? Well! I am having SUCH a craving for funfetti cupcakes, I can barely even stand it. So I guess we know what I’ll be baking tonight!

Queer as in F*ck You

Hannah Gadsby Secretly Got Married When You Weren’t Looking!

Bucking a National Trend, A New Lesbian Bar Is Set to Open in D.C. Rachel Pike and Jo McDaniel, newly engaged couple and former bartenders at the famous A League of Her Own bar, started the brand-new As You Are Bar as a virtual venue in February and plans to make it a physical space by the summer.

“Absolutely, 100%, I Was A Boy”: Elliot Page Talks About Growing Up Trans

Anne Heche Says Ellen DeGeneres Didn’t Want Her To ‘Dress Sexy’(🙄 why am I not surprised?)

Ohio to Allow Transgender People to Change Birth Certificate Gender.

Virginia Governor Signs Bill Establishing Statewide LGBTQ Advisory Board

Frances Goldin in a mask at her front porch holding the sign "I love my lesbian daughters. Keep them safe."

Well I know I’m hormonal this week — but this sign alone is enough for me to break out the Kleenex.

What a Literary Left-Wing Legend Left Behind In Frances Goldin’s apartment, we found a powerful sign: ‘I Adore My Lesbian Daughters.’”

This week on Gaby Dunn’s “Bad with Money” podcast they had guest Ellen Moxley, founder of the Marsha P Johnson Institute.

ALERT ALERT NEW ALISON BECHDEL ALERT!! Alison Bechdel’s Latest Offers Familiar Pleasures in Brighter Colors, reviewed in the New York Times.

Saw This, Thought of You

My Hijab Has Always Been My Choice

Stop Spending Time on Things You Hate

An update on the saga that I can’t turn away from: Britney Spears Is Granted a Hearing to Speak Directly to the Court (It’s a step! Free Britney.)

There Will Be No Herd Immunity without Vaccine Equity “The stakes of the vaccine rollout have been huge for the disabled community.”

This Actually Good Weed Seltzer Is the Drink of Summer. Hahahaha stay weird, internet.

Political Snacks

If you didn’t watch Biden’s speech last night (I’ll admit, I didn’t) here’s the full transcript.

The Coming Revolution in the American Economy. “In the Biden era, the Reaganite consensus is finally breaking down.” I’ll admit that this one is kind of a nerdy read, but I was into it.

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