Lesbian Literature Resources! : butchlesbians

Looking for submissions for an art project! : butchlesbians

Here’s a link to a Google Drive containing a collection of lesbian literature, much of which is butch-femme! There are a few books on feminism in there too.

Long live the lesbians!

If anybody has digital / scanned copies of any other books which they’d be willing to add to the collection, or suggestions of where to find free copies of similar books I’d really appreciate it.

Edit: I will approve all requests to view the folder as quickly as I can. Please PM me if you’re not approved within a day. The folder will occasionally be updated with more to read. If you know of anyone who might be interested in the folder, please do feel free to share this post with them or repost this to other forums as I don’t have any other social media.

Edit: thank you for the awards!!!

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