LGBTQ History Month – What our son knows

LGBTQ History Month - What our son knows

February is the month we celebrate LGBTQ history month. For us all year long is an LGBTQ history lesson, but this month many charities, organisations and companies share their support in the history of those that paved the way for families like ours.

This year I thought I would share something a little different. Our not so little dude is 8 now and a little sponge of knowledge. He has attended the LGBTQ youth group I volunteer at and taken part in LGBTQ studies during the first lockdown. So I thought I would pose him some questions and share his honest answers and then reflect on it each year.

So, M…. what does LGBTQ History Month mean to you?

Erm.. er… something about the history of LGBTQ.

Do you think it is important we know about LGBTQ history? and why?

Yes. Because um, um, pardon? (question repeated) …. because it is history and is important to you, mummy and me.

Do you know what LGBTQ stands for?

Er, L Lesbian, B Bisexual, Gay, Trans, and i don’t know what the Q is. The plus is the other ones.

Do you know any history about LGBTQ people?

Er some, but I don’t know how to say it. Er Stonewall or something, erm marriage.

Do you think they should teach children about LGBTQ history in school?

Yes, because children should know about it.

What do you know about the Stonewall riots?

That it was an inn and they paid police to not arrest people in there and that stopped. Because the police stopped doing it a riot started.

Have you ever been to Pride?

Yes lots of time, at Bournemouth pride we walked in the pride thing with the Scouts.

Do you think Pride is important?

Yes very important, it is a chance to be treated respectfully and be happy.

How many countries in the world do you think it is illegal to be gay in?


Do you know what illegal means?

If you do it you might get arrested or worse?

What date do you think same sex marriages became legal in the UK?

1914 or something?

Would you be shocked if I told you it was during your life time?

Yes, definitely. Because it wasn’t that long ago.

Why do we have a Pride flag?

Er…. because all of the colours and their meanings er.. are good things for Pride.

Do you know, what an LGBTQ ally is?

Erm, (C walks into the room and shares the answer), someone who might not be gay but supports Pride?

What year do you think the first Gay Pride Rally in London was?


Do you know what homophobic means?

People who go against pride.

and finally….. Do you have any questions for me?

Erm… yeah, what do the colours on the rainbow on the flag mean?

We then googled and discussed the colours, according to the colours are said to celebrate:

Hot pink =  Sex
Red = Life
Orange = Healing
Yellow = Sunlight
Green = Nature
Turquoise = Magic/Art
Indigo = Serenity
Violet = Spirit

We hope to touch back on these questions next year and see how much M learns over the year. We try and discuss our history and include him as part of the history we are creating.

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