Lil Nas X just shared receipts on which rapper slid into his DMs / Queerty

Lil Nas X just shared receipts on which rapper slid


You can’t even be mad at Lil Nas X for semi “outing” him. Tekashi has indulged rape culture in his lyrics and is known to hit on underage girls. While it’s just dumb as hell to try and throw homophobic shade at someone when you were in their DM’s, coming off thirsty. So dumb.

Some of these DL and closeted guys are a mess. Some of these dudes who contend with fluidity, paraphiliacs, dimensions or contractions as far as the gender, romantic, sexual, affection, emotional investment, commitment spectrum- they really do fit the stereotypes and are problematic and insecure as hell. All you had to do was keep quiet, but you just couldn’t help throwing a gay joke his way (probably because he had no interests in meeting up with u). This type of shit is partly why my fascination with “straight”, DL or closeted guys died down quickly when I hit 30.

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