My GF and I, a lesbian couple, have made this store, we’d love to hear a feedback from you : butchlesbians

My GF and I, a lesbian couple, have made this

I like your designs but you don’t have my size (xs, i can make a small work in women’s sizes sometimes but a unisex s is way too big for me) in anything but crop tops (which just aren’t my style) and at your price point I would want a good fit so I probably wouldn’t buy anything. Idk how many tiny people there are in search of these clothes though and what access you have to sizing through your supplier/printer so manufacturing them might not be profitable.

ETA: if you ungender the categories make sure to make it clear what sizing metric each shirt uses since women’s, men’s, and unisex are not the same so people might buy a different size based on what sizing is being used. Also upon further looking you do have xs in just a couple t shirts but if i’m being real i probably would have assumed that you didn’t and not clicked on more after the first 3 i clicked if i weren’t trying to give feedback. So a way to search based on size availability would be nice

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