Quick Underwear Review: so you don’t have to

Quick Underwear Review: so you don't have to

Good day, Butchies!

The struggle for underwear is real, for all of us. I like 'em short. Here are my findings:

TomboyX boy shorts: The older pack n save ones are my favorites (discontinued) but these are good, too.

Pros: High cotton %, no center seams, wide waist band, legs don't ride up, lots of fun prints.

Cons: Price is almost ok if you stack a bunch of sale codes. I would not buy at full price.

MeUndies cheeky brief: Not a fan, personally.

Pros: soft, lots of fun prints

Cons: Micromodal fabric makes my coochie sweaty, seam down the butt crack, legs roll a bit, price is not great, unless using promo sales, then almost ok

Calvin Klein trunks: I wear these pretty regularly, but they're not perfect

Pros: High cotton %, legs stay down, mid rise keep lovehandles in check, affordable even at full price, hold up well over time

Cons: seam down middle front (clam splitter), small bit of room for a peen (peen pouch)

BoiPkg boxer briefs: I wear these when my faves are dirty.

Pros: makes me look like a slutty sailor, high cotton %, wide waist band, affordable on sale

Cons: legs roll slightly, get stretched out a bit as the day goes on, small peen pouch, lower rise

Woxer stud: I liked these at 1st

Pros: very soft, mid rise, wide waist band, no center seams

Cons: Dye from black waistband bled onto fabric, fabric pills in wash, micromodal make a sweaty cooch, expensive

Hanes Boys Comfort Soft boxer briefs: These are my working in the yard, laundry day, gonna get sweaty and take off soon, or sleeping go to's.

Pros: High cotton %, legs stay down, soft at 1st, VERY affordable, no center seams, front opening with no peen pouch (easy access)

Cons: lower rise, tiny – I wear an XL (32in waist), get rougher over time, narrow waist band, get stretched out though the day

TomboyX Leakproof trunks: I got these for insurance while using a sea sponge

The absorbent crotch is only sewn at the short ends, so it bulges up and rubs and irritates the back of my cooch and taint. This is why I hate wearing pads! Maybe it will soften over time and fit my body better. I sure hope so for $32USD! Maybe bikinis would be better?

Hope this helps somebody out there!

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