Reine #15: Co-workers | Autostraddle

Reine #15: Co-workers | Autostraddle

A six panel comic. In it a blue haired queer works from home and talks to their co-worker — by which of course we mean, their cat — about the comings and goings of the day. The cat asks if they's submitted their report yet, or if they are "workin hard or hardly working" until finally our blue haired pal says: Shut Up! Then their partner, a purple haired queer with glasses, comes in to pick up the cat. They ask, "Long day at the office?"

Ren Strapp

Ren Strapp is a butch lesbian illustrator and designer, who makes comics about her life. She is an Appalachian farm girl living in Portland, OR. She loves birds and plants. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram and support her work on Patreon.

Ren has written 17 articles for us.

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