Swim suit tops? : butchlesbians

Swim suit tops? : butchlesbians

Hi everyone 🙂 I’m a femme but I don’t know where else to post this question. I’ve been questioning my gender and discovering a goth/androgynous/tomboy style, which makes it really really hard to find a bikini top! Everything from the places I usually shop (target, american eagle, old navy) is too feminine. I had some luck looking at sportier brands (adidas, speedo), but everything I’ve found in my style is way out of my price range! Anyone have any suggestions? (I already have some swim shorts which I like, but I’m open to one pieces too.)

I got this bralette from aerie which I love, and was hoping to find a similar silhouette in a bathing suit. If I can’t find anything, I may just order another one of those to wear in the pool. I was ready to just get a rash guard top and call it a day, but I live in Arizona, and it’s hot as shit in the summer!

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