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Also.Also.Also: I’m Dreaming of a “Euphoria” Christmas (and I’m Getting What I Asked For)

Also.Also.Also: I'm Dreaming of a "Euphoria" Christmas (and I'm Getting

Remember last week when I told you that I was craving chocolate cupcakes and I couldn’t tell you why because it was a secret? WELL! That was because we (the senior staff of this humble website) had ordered a dozen chocolate cupcakes as a surprise for Kamala, whose first book came out yesterday!! Did you get a copy yet?? I hear it is very gay and lots of fun!

Queer as in F*ck You

We are in such a barren desert for queer television that I actually physically gasped when I heard this news! We’re getting two Euphoria episodes in the “bridge” season — including one about my second favorite holigay, Christmas! Sadly, it doesn’t sound like it will be a happy holigay for Rue.

“To Be Black in America Is to Be Gaslit Everyday of Your Life”: Indya Moore Opens up About Their Journey of Self Growth (So many people were talking about this one over the weekend! Definitely worth your reading time!)

Ok!! Listen!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH WITH HOW GOOD THIS IS!! THE WRITER! THE LAYOUT!!! I’ve spent a lot of time thinking not only about the activism of Angela Davis, but the ways we have consumed — and re-consumed! — her image over the last 50 years. Please take me seriously when I say, everything about it is what an Icon like Angela Davis absolutely deserves: Angela Davis Still Believes America Can Change

“I meet Tourmaline on a sticky July afternoon in Brooklyn by the edge of the algae-saturated pond adjacent to the boathouse in Prospect Park. The heat appears to shimmer and break above the asphalt on the path nearby. A pair of dragonflies hover above a lily pad next to me. I wonder if they’re fucking. Dabbing the condensation from my iced coffee onto my brow, I fiddle with my phone as I wait. When she arrives, Tourmaline is a seapunk dream. Her hair is dyed an aquatic blue and there is a streak of teal eyeshadow across her eyelids. A tattoo of Johnson peeks out from beneath her blouse. Her look transports me back to the Tumblr aesthetics of 2012, when Tourmaline’s blog first became popular. ” — Muna Mire on Tourmaline: Tourmaline Summons the Queer Past (Seriously, this is just some damn beautiful queer writing)

GO FUND ME! Golponama: Bangladesh’s 1st Queer Story Collective. This comes our way from Himani, who had this to say: Being a queer South Asian often feels like being invisible because it is a community that lives behind many, many doors. As Faisal Ahmed Misha writes in the GoFundMe campaign: “These stories also speak about the lived realities of queer people that cannot be expressed through non-fiction.” I can’t wait to read the words of these Bangladeshi queer writers!

Saw This, Thought of You

My Old Brooklyn Apartment Was Perfect. Except for the Ghost. ‘TIS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!

Given how much both of these shows have burned down my Twitter timeline the last two months, I found this supremely timely: Lovecraft Country, Ratched and The Horrifying Manipulation of Black Women’s Psyches

This Oregon Town is a Hotbed of Latinx Political Leadership

Dying Birds and the Fires: Scientists Work to Unravel a Great Mystery. Nobody knows precisely how wildfire smoke affects birds’ health and migratory patterns. Now, citizen birdwatchers are stepping in.

And I guess this is lol somewhat related? Cuz… I don’t know, animals? Huge Cat Found Etched Into Desert Among Nazca Lines in Peru

Why Social Media Is So Good at Polarizing Us. Using data and math!

Self-Help Hacks at the End of the World

From Natalie, always steadfast with your WNBA coverage needs: How the Most Socially Progressive Pro League Got That Way

Political Snacks

“What does a Republican “moderate” mean these days, though? Under Kasich, half of Ohio’s abortion clinics closed. In his 2015 budget, Kasich proposed cutting Medicaid coverage for low-income pregnant women.”

I’ve been screaming about this ever since former Ohio Governor John Kasich was an invited speaker during the Democratic National Convention (and today it was announced that his name is being floated among other “moderates” in the GOP for Biden’s potential cabinet) — the enemy of our enemy is NOT our friend. Anyway! This is smart: Living With White Supremacy in a Swing State

Activist Emma G. writes VOTE in sidewalk chalk in yellow, pink, and blue bubble lettering.

I’ve been wondering what Emma has been up to lately! Glad to know the answer is being a badass, as always.

“We have to change our standards for this election in order to avoid completely throwing out our futures.” — Emma González, Vote as If Your Life Depends on It—Because It Does

Also.Also.Also: Your Hot Queer Aunts Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman Are Spinning Stevie Nicks Too

Also.Also.Also: Your Hot Queer Aunts Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman

Hello! I’m back like an entire world hasn’t imploded since we were all last together on Thursday!! In the last five days, The President got COVID (maybe you’ve heard by now lol) and then that was only the beginning of how shit got weird. I was just saying how every day feels like a month and every hour also feels like a month and that’s how you know it’s 2020.

ANYWAY! We all have each other and I have this sunset that’s making the fall leaves look like shiny wrapped candy (or fire, but I prefer candy. The world is hard enough). Let’s see about these links!

Queer as in F*ck You

“It’s hard, but as trans people, we have got to take back our power by not allowing the administration, other people, or society to determine our station in life… By any means necessary, I’m going to blossom.” — Angelica F*cking Ross!

Get into this!! Angelica Ross on Inclusivity in Hollywood, Getting a Buzz Cut, and Blossoming Into Herself BY CRISSLE OF THE PODCAST, THE READ!!!! So much Black Queer and Trans Brilliance!! And on a Tuesday? My god.

Could the Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids Decide the Presidential Election? Advocates Are Putting Money on It. At 57 million strong, how “Equality voters” could be the difference, especially in battleground swing states. (Or at least, that’s what organizers are hoping.)

RIP Soraya Santiago Solla, Puerto Rican Transgender Trailblazer, Who Left Us at Age 72. Death is always sad, but what a full life! May her spirit be at rest.

Belgium Just Appointed the World’s Most Powerful Trans Politician

Maybe you are tired of hearing me checking in on the love story that is Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman, but LALALALA to me they are perfect and I don’t care!!

Saw This, Thought of You

‘A Battle for the Souls of Black Girls’

Super-Concierge Doctors, High-Design Home Classrooms, and Catered Backyard Dinners: Lifestyles of the Rich and Quarantined. You ever stop your day to read a thing? And also it’s so awful that you can’t turn away? It’s a crash on the side of the highway and you know you shouldn’t gawk but also what’s one last look? This is entirely and completely that experience. Also, eat the rich.

Related, probably: Is Mid-Pandemic Travel Creating a Resurgence of the White Saviour Complex?

Still Related, probably: Twitter Thinks 15-Year-Old Claudia Conway Is the Whistleblower of Our Time

How Out-of-Work Strippers Made Their Show Virtual and Are ‘Taking the Power Back’

Was the Commodification of Breonna Taylor Worth It? Let me save you the time, it wasn’t.

Political Snacks

The Last Stand of the Violent, Pathetic Trump Man

How The Two-Party System Obscures The Complexity Of Black Americans’ Politics. Whatever, I’m a nerd. And this is also for nerds. BUT WOW I LOVED READING THIS!

RBG Is a Complicated Figure for Black Legal Scholars. Listen, I happen to really love RBG. But the indomintable Kimberlé Crenshaw had some points, and those points were heard.

Kayleigh McEnany and the Women Who Do PR for White Supremacy. In full disclosure, I read this before it was announced that Kayleigh McEnany had tested positive for COVID, but also the truth is the truth is the truth.

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito explicitly indicated in a court decision that they want the Court to revisit Obergefell v. Hodges, which declared that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry under the 14th Amendment guarantee to equal protection of the law. ARE YOU PANICKED YET!?!?

But before you get to the five alarm fire, please read this entire Twitter thread by Chase Strangio, one of the brightest queer and trans legal minds of our generation and exactly who I trust to see us through this mess.

The courts will not save us. But maybe, just maybe, we can save ourselves.

Also.Also.Also: Zoo Parrots Get Separated After Hyping Other Parrots To Swear at Guests. We’re the Parrots.

Also.Also.Also: Zoo Parrots Get Separated After Hyping Other Parrots To

To be honest, today was kinda quiet — but I sure do have some links for you!

Queer as in F*ck You

Storm Guard Sami Whitcomb Leaves WNBA Bubble To Be With Wife for Birth of Their First Child. This so cute!! My love to this new perfect little family.

Finding My Voice in Trans Girls Hit The Town by Véronique Emma Houxbois ( was also part of our 2020 Bi+ Week, Remaking Myself and My Desires on the Comics Page, and you should definitely check that out!

Get a 1st Listen to Anastasia Star Christy Altomare Singing From New Musical Willow From Valerie: “Willow is a musical about queer people created by young queer people. (Also the songwriter/composer/singer with the last name Greenwood mentioned in this article has actually come out as non-binary since it was released and goes by August/Auggie and uses he/them pronouns and is only 16 years old.)”

Saw This, Thought of You

If You’re Already Dreading Winter, Here Are Some Small Ways to Prepare Now. You are me, and I am thinking of you ❤️


Zoo Separates 5 Parrots After the Birds Were Caught Encouraging Each Other To Swear at Guests. HAHAHAHHAAAAAA

Crows Are Capable of Conscious Thought, Scientists Demonstrate For The First Time. (In a perfect Rachel Kincaid deadpan: “huge week for crows”)

“Maldita Bruja” No More — These Afro-Dominican Twins Are Rebranding Spirituality. This is so extremely my shit!

Chef Kia Damon’s Concern for Her Community Will Feed Your Spirit (This is a good, unexpected pairing: The Stages of Gentrification, as Told by Restaurant Openings. Data from city restaurant inspections, rental prices, and census figures, show how restaurants and gentrification are interconnected.)

Aching for Abolition. “As a survivor of sexual violence, I know prison isn’t the answer.” (This one is so beautiful, it’s been with me in spirit and mind all day)

Inside the Church at the Heart of the Louisville Protests
How a TikTok House Destroyed Itself. According to Christina, one should never pass up TikTok content.

Political Snacks

How Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Lie Is Disenfranchising Americans

Conservative Hoaxers Face Charges Over False Voter Robocalls

What LGBTQ+ Rights Would Look Like Under a Biden Presidency

Carmen Phillips

Carmen is Autostraddle’s Deputy Editor and a black Puerto Rican femme/inist writer. She claims many past homes, but left the largest parts of her heart in Detroit, Brooklyn, and Buffalo, NY. There were several years in her early 20s when she earnestly slept with a copy of James Baldwin’s “Fire Next Time” under her pillow. You can find her on twitter, @carmencitaloves.

Carmen has written 225 articles for us.

Also.Also.Also: The Lesbian Penguins and Their Adopted Egg Are Definitely Gonna Make You Cry

Also.Also.Also: The Lesbian Penguins and Their Adopted Egg Are Definitely

It’s Tuesday evening and the sun is setting so pretty, and I’m having vegetarian chili and a ice cold beer for dinner! What are you having?

Here’s some things you can read while you wait for that water to boil for your pasta.

Queer as in F*ck You

How a New Wave of Black Activists Changed the Conversation: George Floyd’s killing galvanized a nation. But small groups like the queer-led collective Black Visions are channeling that energy into a movement for political change. (I will read a literal side of a Cheerios box if Jenna Wortham wrote it — and this is soooo good, soooo perfectly in tune to this moment in the days the shooting of Jacob Blake by the Kenosha police.)

Lesbian Former Elite Soccer Standout Speaks Out on Bias in Sports. “Dr. Linda Greene’s resume lists an array of experience toward advancing equity in her native Ireland, and in the wider world.”


Same-Sex Penguin Couple Welcomes Baby Chick After Adopting and Hatching an Egg Together

(Also.Also.Also: Did you miss the news about that “gay fossil movie” that Heather is talking about there? Got you covered here.)

“The unapologetic fat body is dangerous because, like so many other dangerous things, it suggests that there’s another way—and that there has always been another way.” — Carmen Maria Machado wrote this in 2017, but it passed across my timeline today and it is great: The Trash Heap Has Spoken

Tourmaline in The New York Times on dismantling the living monuments to white supremacy and replacing them with pleasure gardens on Marsha P. Johnson’s birthday yesterday: America’s Monuments, Reimagined for a More Just Future

Saw This, Thought of You

“The role of the ‘trained’ or seasoned organizer at that moment was not to police how Black folks showed up in the streets, but rather to spread ourselves and the knowledge we have to ensure that little-to-no Black folks are harmed… It looks like communicating with the people around you — especially the people you do not know — to make sure they feel safe. It means having white and other non-Black people creating barriers around the crowd to protect the Black folks who are protesting. It means communicating with the people who are doing digital organizing work to make sure that the necessary information is more widespread. Overall, it means being intentional about building community, even if only for that moment, so that we keep as many people safe as possible.”

The Revolution Will Not Be Supervised. In my previous life, I spent a lot of time thinking about social movements, and Black Lives Matter specifically. One of the most distinct aspects of this moment we are in is that for the most part it’s not based on a egnimatic man to lead it — this piece starts to touch, in part, on why.

Direct Action for Prison Abolition. From Rachel: “this is a v cool resource (and also very cool artifact in terms of web design for digital zines!)”

How the Climate Killed My Children

When the World Shut Down, They Saw It Open. The pandemic has made work and social life more accessible for many. People with disabilities are wondering whether virtual accommodations will last. (And while we are here: It’s Time To Listen To Black Disabled People)

Peek Into The X-Files: The Official Archives for More Details on the Show’s Creepiest Cases. Listen, I know that Gillian Anderson is a root for a lot of y’all, so here’s a present just for you.

‘We’ve Already Survived an Apocalypse’: Indigenous Writers Are Changing Sci-Fi

Kristen Dunst facing off against Gabrielle Union in a still from the movie "Bring It On"

Do you know how sometimes I’m like, “make this the one thing you read today” — WELL!! Make This The One Thing You Read Today!!!! 👉🏾 Why ‘Bring It on’ Is One of the Most Important Sports Movies Ever Made by brilliant queer sports writer Katie Barns, who Heather and Natalie would like to let you know is burning up ESPN lately and you don’t want to miss it!!

And when Gabrielle Union agrees with you, you know you’re on to something!!

We No Longer Need Coming-of-Age Movies About Straight White Men. BIG FACTS!!

What I Learned in 5 Years of Sobriety — and if you’re reading this, you might also want to read Dani‘s recent absolutely gorgeous personal essay on sober sex, “Anatomy of a Mango: Pit”

Who Will We Be After This Nightmare Is Over? just some light reading from Bitch Media

Political Snacks

The Post Office Mess Is Meant to Exhaust You. Don’t Let It.

National Republicans Are Ordering Up Attacks On A Democrat’s Sexual Orientation. The GOP’s congressional campaign arm appears to be instructing outside groups to remind voters that Gina Ortiz Jones is gay.

Also.Also.Also: Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson Are Doing Quarantine Like Two Introverts in Love

Also.Also.Also: Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson Are Doing Quarantine Like

Welcome to your Thursday evening!! Here’s some links for you to read while you drink that glass of wine (or 8oz of water — I love you!)

Queer as in F*ck You

Candid Photographs of the Transgender Women of 1950s and 1960s Paris. Easily, and without any doubt, the most beautiful images I saw today.

Cis Women Can’t Ignore Trump’s Anti-Trans Shelter Policy by Samantha Riedel for Bitch Media

Economic Justice Is Necessary to Stop Murders of Trans Women of Color

Lesbian Baker in Detroit Got Homophobic Cake Order: Why She Made It Anyway. I’m really sad about this story because… obviously. But also this is my local bakery, it’s one I got to like once or twice a month for special treats, and I love it there. I HAD NO IDEA THE OWNER WAS A LESBIAN!! So now I love it so much more!!

Holland Taylor Answers Every Question We Have About Legally Blonde by Rachel Handler for Vulture. This is SO MUCH FUN! Just absolutely delightful! Highlights include the two queer women having debate on whether The L Word’s Peggy Peabody is gay. (No one asked me, but… She obviously was.)

Other things that Holland talks about include: Legally Blonde, duh; quarantining with Sarah Paulson — I know you want to know that! — and giving a shout out to one of my favorite black queer women writers, Angela Robinson!

There’s also this very sweet gem:

“I live my life in public. I do everything that I would do if I were an unknown person married to a man. I just live my life. And so if I happen to be seen in public, I’m not trying to be something that I’m not. But on the same token, I don’t talk with any depth about my private life because it’s not my personal style. But tweeting about Sarah’s show that she’s in and how wonderful she is, or even our personal tweets that we do back and forth, is not deeply personal. Or let’s say — it’s not private. I don’t have private communications with her in public. I don’t talk about the private aspect of our relationship in public. But I exist … I live in the public. And so I’m on Twitter. I love Twitter. Sarah doesn’t do Twitter so much.” 😍 💖

Literally everyone at Autostraddle cannot stop watching this on a loop:

Marry me, please. And then make us a wedding gazebo made out of recycled wine crates that you paint yourself, because wow “you love a project.”

Saw This, Thought of You

Happy Black Women’s Equal Pay Day! August 13th is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. But what is Equal Pay Day, and what does it mean for the state of the gender and racial pay gap? (I’ll give you a hint, if you are a non-Black woman reading this right now, it means that if we had the same job, you would still get paid more than me. Maybe we should… I dunno… Fix that?)

The Untold Story of the Black Women Fighting to Remove Racist Statues

The Post Office Is Deactivating Mail Sorting Machines Ahead of the Election. “Good thing nobody’s predicting a huge surge in mail any time soon.” HA!

And while we are on THAT subject! 83% of Etsy Shops Are Run by Women. Postal Service Disruptions Could Devastate Them.

Tampax Made an Ad Showing How to Insert a Tampon. It Got Pulled off the Air.

Powerpoint Activism Is Taking Over Your Friends’ Instagram Accounts (Vanessa recommends pairing that with The Revolution Will Be Aestheticized: Some Thoughts on Instagram Politics by Mary Retta)

Political Snacks

At Least 183 Democratic Women Are on U.S. House Ballots, Breaking the 2018 Election Cycle Record

The Suffrage Movement Is Still Unfinished, Particularly for Black and Latino Voters

AOC Has 60 Seconds to Speak at the Democratic Convention. That Decision Is ‘Radically Tone-Deaf,’ Some Women Say. I am one of those women! FYI: Only two of the 35 speakers are under the age of 50.

Karine Jean-Pierre, Kamala Harris' new lesbian chief of staff, stands behind a podium in a cream colored tweed jacket and the cutest tiny Afro. She's talking into the microphone like she means serious business.

I realize this isn’t the point at all, but I’m obsessed with how gorgeous her hair is.

Black Lesbian Political Powerhouse Karine Jean-Pierre Announced as Kamala Harris’s Chief of Staff

Kamala Harris Isn’t the First Black Woman to Run for VP. Meet Charlotta Bass. Charlotta Bass was a newspaper publisher and Black political activist, and she ran as the Progressive Party candidate for Vice President in 1952. She was presumed to be a Communist, and I believe that’s why I never learned about her before this morning. But damn, I am so glad to know about her now.

Also.Also.Also: Megan Rapinoe and AOC Joining Forces to Fire Up Your Dreams, Definitely Save America

Also.Also.Also: Megan Rapinoe and AOC Joining Forces to Fire Up

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!

A gif of the meme "Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me" from the television show "Scream Queens"

I am so happy to be back with you!! I’ve missed so you greatly. Today ended up being more hectic than I originally planned, so I’ll keep this short. But WOW DID I MISS YOU! Haha, did I say “miss you” enough yet? Also thank you so much to Natalie for keeping the link roundup going through the hot hot summer.

Let’s do this!

Queer as in F*ck You

AOC/Rapinoe!!! ALERT!! ALERT!!


I love all the people in this trailer and look forward to being fully glued to my screen and thinking smart thoughts about the future of our country with them! Also(also.also.)… much respect to my favorite congresswoman for all of her intellectual and political prowess, but wow AOC looks like a stone cold babe here. (I’m sorry! It had to be said!)

And speaking of babes..

Photograph of Alexis De Veaux (writer, speaker, activist) and Sokari Ekine (visual scholar, writer, activist, educator) © Delphine Diallo

Alexis De Veaux and Sokari Ekine, photographed by Delphine Diallo. See more of Delphine Diallo’s portraits.

Lived Experience: Delphine Diallo’s Powerful Portraits of LGBTQ+ People Aged Over 50. This was actually published in February, but it’s burned through all my social circles this week. And for good reason!

Alison Bechdel on the Pioneering Queer Cartoonist Who Inspired Her Career

An Afro-Latina Trans Sex Worker in Colombia Died After Paramedics Failed To Take Her To The Hospital. Fuck this.

‘We’re Living in Fear’: LGBT People in Italy Pin Hopes on New Law

‘Am I Bisexual?’: A Guide to Dating Women for the First Time in Adulthood

Minneapolis Protests: How the City’s Queer Musicians Are Thriving

Saw This, Thought of You

An absolutely gorgeous tribute to summer, and this summer in particular. The Magic of Black Girls’ Play

This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and there’s a beautiful spread with feature profiles from Wendy Lu: I’m Disabled & I Refuse To Be Your Inspiration (FYI, one of the of the features is of Jillian Mercado, of modeling, activism and — relevant to our collective interests, Generation:Q fame!)

Today was Emmy nomination day and What the Hell Do Latinx Actors and Shows Have to Do to Get an Emmy Nomination? I’m LIVID!!! (Looking for your gay Emmys coverage, including a rant ahem, my very clearly articulated anger about Pose’s shut out? We’ve got you covered.)

Saw This, Thought of You: Sportsball Edition

Natalie didn’t want to say goodbye and leave you all empty handed!!

+ World Rugby is considering a proposal to ban trans athletes under the guise of “safety;” Wales’ first gay inclusive rugby team calls the effort “wholly unjust and abhorrent:” Cardiff Lions criticise plans to ban transgender women from women’s rugby

The first ever NWSL Challenge Cup came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday and crowned a first-time champion:

+ NWSL’s unlikely Houston Dash give sport its first coronavirus-era champion

+ How the Orlando Pride turned a curse into a blessing

+ NWSL tells players to save a date for a return as Challenge Cup wraps up

+ Report: Samantha Mewis moves to Manchester City, possibly joined by Rose Lavelle

+ Few people have done more to elevate the women’s game than David Stern and now he’ll have a place among the pantheon: Women’s Basketball HOF to induct David Stern

+ The Mystics needed a center, and Alaina Coates, a former No. 2 pick, needed another chance; The former South Carolina Gamecocks star netted 6 points, 9 rebounds in her debut for the Mystics.

Brittney Griner: What it means to wear Breonna Taylor’s name on my jersey

The WNBA makes sure #SayHerName includes trans women

In “Men Also Play Sports” news: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the starting right guard for the Kansas City Chiefs and the first player to opt out of upcoming season. In the letter explaining his decision, Duvernay-Tardif writes, “If I am to take risks, I will do it caring for patients.” Oh, did I forget to mention that the Superbowl winning lineman is also an MD?

In “Who Could’ve Predicted This? Oh, Wait, Everyone” news: Is their season in jeopardy? What the Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak means for the team — and MLB

After a 2018 Florida referendum sought to restore voting rights to ex-felons, the governor stepped in to prevent registration by felons who hadn’t yet made monetary restitution for their crimes. Critics said the move was akin to establishing a new poll tax but the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court disagreed. Now basketball’s greatest player is stepping up to ensure ex-felons aren’t denied the franchise.

Meanwhile, LA Clippers guard Lou Williams broke out of the NBA bubble last week for “personal reasons” which, seemingly, included picking up wings at Magic City in Atlanta: NBA: Lou Williams to Miss Clippers’ Opening Games, Quarantine for 10 Days

Political Snacks

‘She Had No Remorse’: Why Kamala Harris Isn’t a Lock for VP. He’s literally still mad because she beat him in the debate, and then when asked about it: She laughed at him!! (Note: this story would only make me more likely to be want to vote for Kamala. Just saying.)

Biden Says He Will Choose His Running Mate Next Week. I don’t have the emotional wherewithal to survive this.