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SNP equalities chief Lynne Anderson supports anti-trans For Women Scotland

Lynne Anderson was chosen by the party membership to serve as equalities convener

Lynne Anderson was chosen by the party membership to serve as equalities convener

The SNP’s new equalities convener is facing scrutiny for her support of anti-trans pressure group For Women Scotland and the author JK Rowling.

Elections for the party’s national executive committee on Monday (30 November) saw Lynne Anderson chosen by the party membership to serve as equalities convener, giving her a crucial say in SNP policy.

Anderson’s election to represent equalities issues has sparked a wave of concern from trans activists, given her apparent support for groups hostile to trans rights.

In August, Anderson shared photos of herself speaking at a For Women Scotland event, a group which has opposed the legal recognition of transgender women as women.

A month later, Anderson gleefully posed in front of an LGB Alliance banner, tweeting: “I’m an elected representative. I support JK Rowling.”

The politician is wearing a ‘Woman = adult human female’ t-shirt in the photo.

Anderson previously vowed to boycott The Body Shop for sending JK Rowling a copy of a book about trans rights, fuming: “How very dare you assume a woman needs educated. Not another penny. Ever.”

A prolific Twitter user, Anderson lamented in messages sent hours before her victory that doctors are taught to respect trans people’s chosen gender.

In response to a user who claimed that medical students are taught “the TWAW (trans women are women) mantra”, she wrote: “Good grief. Medics being taught to ignore science and critical thinking? That’s rather depressing.”

The new SNP equalities convener
The new SNP equalities convener

SNP figures have been accused of tapping into anti-trans sentiment for political gain.

The new equalities convener is among at least five controversial figures to win seats on the SNP’s ruling body, amid a surge that saw allies of first minister Nicola Sturgeon ousted from the body.

Sturgeon, a strong supporter of LGBT+ equality, has been facing a growing number of critics within the party, and factional opponents have previously been accused of leveraging transphobia for political gain.

In response to Anderson’s election, actor and trans campaigner David Paisley tweeted: “I don’t know what’s worse, knowing @theSNP have elected an equalities convenor who seems to have blocked most of the LGBT+ community (specifically trans people and allies) or that the SNP are likely to do nothing about it.”

Meanwhile, SNP MP for Aberdeen North Kirsty Blackman alleged some are leveraging anti-trans sentiment to “build an empire” within the party, without naming names.

She tweeted on Tuesday (1 December): “There’s a lot to be sad about this morning. But please be assured that there are still many, many good people fighting for fairness and inclusion. I and so many of my friends continue to be vocal trans allies no matter what is thrown at us. #ProperFeminist

“In 2014, in an attempt to convince people to vote No in the independence referendum so they could retain their stranglehold on power, Better Together activists told Eastern European immigrants that they would be deported if Scotland voted for independence.

“It was a lie attempting to whip up fear in order to retain their empire. I see little difference in what is being done at the expense of trans people.

“Using their voices to convince women they are more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted if the Government makes it easier for trans people to self identify. It is a lie, so that empire building can happen within the SNP.

“It’s nothing actually to do with minority rights, or an attack on minority rights. It’s a convenient issue and a convenient group of already excluded people who can be thrown under a bus in order for the massively successful SNP leadership to be undermined by a small group.

“Attacking an already under fire group is a horrendous, truly nasty thing to do. It is causing untold harm.”

Earlier this week, more than 700 people signed an open letter condemning a “crisis of inaction on transphobic abuse” in Scotland and demanding that Holyrood launch an independent inquiry into transphobia in political parties.

The signatories, who come from across Scotland’s political spectrum, came together to ask cisgender allies to “put pressure on all political parties to take internal complaints of transphobic abuse seriously”.

Anderson Cooper left in tears following well-wishes from COVID-19 patient

Anderson Cooper breaks down in tears

Anderson Cooper broke down in tears after a COVID-19 patient congratulated him on the birth of his son.

The gay CNN news anchor welcomed his son Wyatt in April, and revealed that he had become a father for the first time just days later during a broadcast on Anderson Cooper 360°.

Last week, CNN interviewed a woman called Rosa Felipe, who is still being treated after she was hospitalised with COVID-19 in March.

Felipe, 41, has been recovering in Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, since she first tested positive for coronavirus.

Sadly, she also has diabetes and asthma – which mean that her recovery has been a long and arduous one.

Rosa Felipe offered her heartfelt congratulations to Anderson Cooper on the birth of his son.

During an interview with CNN’s Randi Kaye, Felipe – who has not even seen her children since March – said: “I’m still grateful that I’m alive. I’m grateful that I made it.”

In a heartbreaking setback, she was recently told that her hands may need to be amputated due to suspected blood clots that formed when she was on a ventilator.

On my behalf, could you please congratulate Anderson Cooper on his baby.

Despite this terrifying experience, Felipe still found time to congratulate Cooper on becoming a father.

“On my behalf, could you please congratulate Anderson Cooper on his baby,” Felipe told Kaye.

“I’m happy that he has a baby and that he’s so cute.”

When the report ended, Cooper was visibly emotional.

“I mean… Wow. What she’s been through,” Cooper said, wiping away tears.

“And what she’s still going through, Anderson,” Kaye replied.

“And yet, that was the only time in our whole interview that she smiled, talking about you and Wyatt.

“She’s been in this dark place, she was on that ventilator for a couple of months. She’s going through possibly losing her hands, she hasn’t seen her children in a couple of month,” Kaye continued.

“She was in this dream like-state where she was watching her life going by on the ventilator.

“So it’s been a really scary time for her, and she hasn’t had any visitors, so when we started talking about you, that’s when she really lit up, and I think she’s really clung to that as sort of this bright spot in all of this.

“We see what the pandemic has done to her and her family and so many others. It was just really sweet, Anderson, that moment. All she wanted to do was talk about you and baby Wyatt.”

Cooper replied: “I want to talk to her. Thank you, Randi, I appreciate it. And we wish her the best and we hope she gets to be reunited with her kids soon.”

The CNN news anchor first shared news of his son’s birth in April.

“I want to share with you some joyful news. On Monday, I became a father,” he said at the time.

Smiling, he added: “I’ve never actually said that out loud and it still kind of astonishes me.

“I’m a dad. I have a son and I want you to meet him.”

He shared a photo of his son, Wyatt, named after his father who died when Cooper was just 10.

Anderson Cooper grateful to surrogate for his son Wyatt

Anderson Cooper grateful to surrogate for his son Wyatt

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is the proud father of a newborn baby boy. Wyatt Morgan Cooper was born on Monday weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.

Cooper, 52, shared photos of Wyatt at the end of Thursday’s televised weekly global town hall on the coronavirus pandemic.

Cooper said in his on-air announcement that “I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I am so grateful for all those who have paved the way, and for the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son’s birth.”

“Most of all,” he said, “I am eternally grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt, watched over him lovingly, tenderly, and gave birth to him.”

The news came as a big surprise to CNN viewers, as Cooper had not spoken publicly about his plans to have a baby.