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Gays With Kids Announces “Partners to Fatherhood”

Gays With Kids Announces "Partners to Fatherhood"

Gays With Kids (GWK) is aligning with some of the world’s top IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies, as well as with key adoption/foster agencies at the forefront of LGBTQ+ family building to help men seeking to embark on their journeys to fatherhood.

The new program – called Partners to Fatherhood creates comprehensive instructional courses that outline each available option for creating a family; and connecting prospective dads with the best LGBTQ+ affirming professionals who can help them fulfill their dreams based on their individual interests and budgets.

In vetting its partners, GWK considered each organization’s reputation among consumers and industry peers; as well as their longevity, track record and LGBTQ+ expertise as demonstrated through participation in Family Equality Open Door and/or HRC All Children-All Families.

Each partner associated with the new educational platform is delivering their expertise as part of GWK’s easy-to-follow curriculum of videos and blog posts that first educate prospective dads on all the paths to fatherhood available to our community, and then provides guidance along every step of the journey, all completely free of charge.

“Our unique history as the largest online community of queer dads and dads to be has allowed us to work closely with a handful of the most proven and experienced LGBTQ+ family builders,” says David Dodge, GWK’s Executive Editor. “Our new Fatherhood Partners Program will provide members of our community with free access to these experts to get everything they’ll need — resources, guides, educational courses, and more — to achieve their dream of fatherhood, regardless of their path.”

Fatherhood Partners representing surrogacy include: 

Dr. Guy Ringler of California Fertility Partners

Dr. Mark Leondires of RMA of Connecticut

Dr. Jerald S. Goldstein of Fertility Specialists of Texas

Sam Hyde of Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Kristen Hanson, and Stephanie Scott of Simple Surrogacy

Victoria T. Ferrara of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, LLC.

Fatherhood Partners representing adoption and foster care include:


Choice Network

Extraordinary Families

Friends in Adoption


The Dave Thomas Foundation

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Poet Kae Tempest announces they’re changing their name and pronouns

Kae Tempest. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Kae Tempest. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Kae Tempest – poet, rapper, author and all multi-genre talent – revealed Thursday afternoon (August 5) that they have changed their name and pronouns in a heartfelt message to fans.

The author and rapper, known for their work that examines the steely agonises of the modern world, took to their social media to share a photograph of themselves as well as explain the background of their new name.

“Hello, old fans, new fans and passers-by – I’m changing my name!” they wrote in a statement.

“And I’m changing my pronouns. From Kate to Kae. From she/her to they/them.”

They added: “I’ve been struggling to accept myself as I am for a long time. I have tried to be what I thought others wanted me to be so as not to risk rejection.

“This hiding from myself has led to all kinds of difficulties in my life. And this is a first step towards knowing and respecting myself better.

“I’ve loved Kate. But I am beginning a process and I hope you’ll come with me.”

Kae, they explained, is an old English word that means jaybird. A creature associated with “communication, curiosity, adaptation to new situations and courage,” they wrote.

Tempest added that “this is a time of great reckoning”.

“I want to live with integrity. And this is a step towards that.”

Countless literary authors, LGBT+ fans and organisations rushed to praise Tempest for re-introducing themselves to the world. 

Kae Tempest: ‘It took me a long time to be able to stand with my own queerness’.

Tempest, 34, barreled into the front ranks of London’s vivid performing arts scenes in their late 20s. With their unmistakable South London accent, their music, such as Everybody Dawn, tapped into both the quiet beauty and gritty silences of London living.

Kae Tempest performs live on stage during the third day of the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in 2020. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)
Kae Tempest performs live on stage during the third day of the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in 2020. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Indeed, in a single year, they won the Ted Hughes Award for innovation in poetry, was nominated for a Mercury in music and was named one of the nation’s 20 Next Generation Poets.

In an interview with Notion in 2019, they discussed their queer identity: “It took me a long time to be able to stand with my own queerness and where I sit on the gender spectrum.

“That journey, for me, has been a challenging journey,” they said, “to be able to just stand on stage and just be in my presence, and in my body, and the fact that I’m even there at all — that’s powerful for somebody in the audience going through their own journey with their sexuality or gender.”