Today we counted in some time to sleep in a bit. You probably went out a little late last night and just want to chill today. 🙂

Day 3 of this Budapest itinerary starts with a visit to one of the most beautiful ruin pubs in the city. Szimpla Kert is truly stunning and loads of other visitors agree. It can get really crowded here but you just have to see it for yourself.

We started off in the vintage store right next to the bar. This curiosity store sells a lot of cute, decorative items. Also here it gets crowded from time to time which makes moving around a bit difficult. But worth a visit if you like to take a nice souvenir home with you.

The Ruin bar itself is a big complex, with an upstairs, and inside patio, and lots of plants and bright colours everywhere.

When we visited on a Sunday, people were playing music, selling stuff in little stalls, and a  hoards of other tourists were trying to make their way through the place.

A lot of people were having breakfast upstairs. I’m quite sure you had to make reservations for that.

Almost right next to the Ruin bar you find the Street Food Karavan.