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The Queer Moments of the Biden-Harris “America the Beautiful” Video

The Queer Moments of the Biden-Harris "America the Beautiful" Video

The Biden-Harris campaign released a new short video after their win was called Saturday. It speaks to all Americans—and includes several queer people, as well as a soundtrack by one of our queer foremothers.

Biden-Harris - America the Beautiful

The “America the Beautiful” video was inspired by the work “Art is…,” by Lorraine O’Grady, who performed the original work at the 1983 African American Day Parade in Harlem. As Culture Type explains, that piece was also included in “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power,” a “landmark international traveling exhibition” with art by more than 60 Black artists. The Biden-Harris campaign had begun using the slogan “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” towards the end of their campaign, and reached out to O’Grady before making the video. “The new video is also a nod to the power of Black creativity,” Culture Type tells us.

It’s also full of queerness. There’s a moment at about 1:04 where we see two men getting married. At 1:33, we see drag queen Little Miss Hot Mess, co-founder of Drag Queen Story Hour and children’s book author. And the song that plays throughout is “America the Beautiful,” rendered by Ray Charles, but written by Katharine Lee Bates, a professor and activist (1859-1929) who lived for 25 years in a “Boston marriage” with fellow professor Katharine Coman. She might not have used the term “lesbian” herself, but at the very least, she’s one of our queer foremothers. (Read more about her and a recent picture-book biography here.)

Bonus fun fact: Both Bates and O’Grady are alumnae of Wellesley College, which is also Hillary Clinton’s alma mater (and mine, as happens). That won’t change the results of the 2016 election, but feels at least like some solace.

Watch the video here:

More Beautiful for Having Been Broken – Lesbian.com

More beautiful for having been broken

More beautiful for having been broken

Nicole Conn, director and writer of classic romances including A PERFECT ENDING, ELENA UNDONE and CLAIRE OF THE MOON presents her most personal new film MORE BEAUTIFUL FOR HAVING BEEN BROKEN. McKenzie (Zoë Ventoura), a broken FBI agent who’s been suspended from her job and is struggling with the loss of her mother, travels to Lake Mervielle, the small mountain town she used to visit as a child. Upon arrival, she is befriended by Freddie (Cale Ferrin), a young boy with special needs who possesses the extraordinary gift of healing others through his unbroken spirit and unique outlook on life. Though McKenzie is hurting, she begins to see through Freddie’s eyes as the puzzle pieces fall into place when she meets Samantha (Kayla Radomski), Freddie’s mother. McKenzie and Samantha develop an unexpected relationship that turns fiercely passionate and intimate. When Vivienne (Harley Jane Kozak), a former Congresswoman with roots established in Mervielle, threatens to expose McKenzie’s past, will Freddie and Samantha be able to keep the family they always dreamed of? MORE BEAUTIFUL FOR HAVING BEEN BROKEN also stars Bruce Davison (Academy Award Nominee- Longtime Companion), French Stewart (3rd Rock From The Sun) and Brooke Elliott (Drop Dead Diva).

Bonus Material on the DVD will include four behind-the-scenes featurettes and deleted scenes. Order today!

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Enjoy Eger’s best wines in the Valley of the beautiful women

Enjoy Eger's best wines in the Valley of the beautiful

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering why this place is called: Valley of the Beautiful Women. We’ve been searching for these women, but couldn’t find any specific clues for it!

Then we decided that wine makes everything more attractive, so that must be it: visit this valley, drink loads of wine, and all women (and men) become more beautiful. But apparently, that’s not it either…

So we did some research about it.

The valley was documented with this name for the first time in 1843 and the different legends and tales about the origin vary.

One legend says that the ‘beautiful woman’ is actually a Venus-like goddess of love, whose sacrifice was shown in this exact valley. I’m not exactly sure what this means!

The most plausible story isn’t as exciting as one might think. The name would be originated when peasants used to refer to one of the women selling wine, who was very pretty. Her cellar became more and more popular over the years and the tale of this beautiful wine selling women spread quickly!

The Castle of Eger – A beautiful landmark in the city center

The Castle of Eger - A beautiful landmark in the

1552 was a very special year for the city and castle in Eger.

Since 1526, Hungary was under Turkish attack and all the settlements in the area were conquered one by one. The Hungarian army was crushed. By the time the invaders reached the city of Eger, there weren’t many soldiers left to defend the stronghold.

Budapest had already been conquered years before and not much resistance was expected when the invaders prepared to conquer the other cities in the country.

The Hungarians stood their ground, but the defence looked poorly. Little over 2000 people were holding the castle and they were attacked by a massive Ottoman army.

The defenders were only a few soldiers, but mainly peasants and women: the women of Eger!

The battles lasted little over a month and the invaders had to retreat because they suffered many casualties and they could not make their way into the fortress.

Because of this heroic siege, Eger has become the national symbol of patriotic heroism, because their small group of citizens defended their grounds against an army of 35.000 heavily armed attackers.