Hey all you wonderful humans, I’ve been struggling some with the butch label, particularly as it relates to being a late bloomer. I really identify with it, and see myself reflected in so many butch stories (thanks to places like here and BINADW!). But I can’t shake this persistent imposter syndrome and feeling that because I’m late to the game, coming out in my 30s, and didn’t have to struggle through so many things that are so foundational for so many butch women, that I don’t deserve to claim it as my own. I realize that it’s SUPER problematic to get hung up on butch as essentially based in suffering/trauma, and I don’t really believe that for anybody else. You know how we hold ourselves to ridiculous standards that we’d never dream of putting on others? Yeah, that.

I’d just love to hear some reassuring, welcoming words from other late bloomer butches, and your experiences finding home in a label that was otherwise not part of your sense of self for so long simply because you came out later in life.