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Boobs on Your Tube: Coop’s Faced With the Full Responsibility of Her Past on “All American”

Boobs on Your Tube: Coop's Faced With the Full Responsibility

We survived another week and now here is Boobs on Your Tube, with some television as a treat! To begin, it’s basically now The Symone Show on Rupaul’s Drag Race and we’re not complaining! We brought back our Lost Movie Reviews project and Drew’s telling us all about Water Lilies as a memory of gay adolescence. Drew’s also here to tell you all about The Lady and the Dale on HBO Max — which she says is a fascinating portrait of trans con artist Elizabeth Carmichael, and that recommendation carries a lot weight with us! On Riverdale, Toni Topaz has finally become the major player we knew she was all along. Good Trouble returned for its third season, and Natalie wrote a stunning recap of our last year living under COVID. The TV Team took over the Batwoman recap — just for this week only! — to do our signature funny captions on screen caps, and you don’t want to miss it! To L and Back keeps chugging away on L Word Season Six, despite the fact that it never happened (the guest star this week is our very own No Filter writer Christina Tucker, so you know it’s a good time!).

We also have two very fun lists that you will enjoy with some hot cocoa this weekend:54 Straight Actresses Who Play Gay The Mostby Riese and ’80s and ’90s Sitcom Characters, Ranked by Lesbianism written by the entire team and curated for your hearts by our beloved Heather Hogan.

Notes from the TV Team: 

Black Lightning returned for its final season two weeks ago, but we haven’t talked about it in this space because Grace Choi is still in her coma and Anissa hasn’t had much to do. Well this week Anissa started making “friends” with another doctor at her mom’s lab, Darius. They seem to be getting to know each other in a funny, kind, platonic way, but with Grace still in a coma I am on high alert until she returns. — Carmen

Queen Sugar also returned for a new season this week! And in the premiere episode, Nova Bordelon gives herself one helluva an absolutely gorgeous gay haircut. — Carmen

+ CBS giveth and it taketh away: the network — which currently ranks last among broadcast networks in LGBTQ representation — cancelled NCIS: New Orleans this week, ending Tammy Gregorio’s time in the Big Easy. Thankfully, though, CBS will keep their paltry 2.9% rating in tact with Low Country starring Uzo Aduba. The former OINTB star will play a lesbian deputy sheriff in South Carolina’s low country. — Natalie

+ I had high hopes for S.W.A.T.‘s return this week. I thought watching her friend/roommate/mentee die would send Chris on a tailspin and we’d get to watch Lina Esco dig into some meaty material. Boy was I wrong! Instead, we got to watch Chris cry into her phone and men who’d barely shared a screen with Erika talk about their grief. Dreadful. — Natalie

Written by Natalie

Spencer can't avoid talking to Coop anymore after she drops by.

After last week’s realization that Spencer holds Coop responsible for the shooting that injured his arm and has jeopardized his future, this week’s episode of All American feels like a ticking time bomb. The entire hour is spent just waiting for the truth to come out and for the heart of this show to experience its first real fracture. For most of the hour, Spencer chooses avoidance over confrontation: he skips church, he sends her calls straight to voice mail, he avoids her when he spots her at school.

Coop’s frustrated by the distance but her preoccupation with Tyrone’s sister has her distracted. Mo’s offering her legal services free of charge to everyone in the community and Coop’s mystified that people can’t see through her rouse. Patience seems willing to give Mo the benefit but Coop remains unconvinced: Mo’s still “a wolf in a wolf’s sweater” and she doesn’t trust her. Eager to talk about anything else, Patience urges Coop to change the subject and she asks for an update on the lawsuit against JP. There’s no news from Layla yet but her lawyers believe they have a good case. And, of course, right at that moment, Mo happens by and offers to use her experience with music contracts to help Patience.

“Actually, no, we don’t need your help or your business card or your ear hustle, alright?” Coop interjects, before pulling Patience away.

But later, Patience circles back to meet with Mo. Worried about what a lawsuit might do to Layla’s relationship with her father, Patience opts to handle it on her own and recruits Mo to help her. Before their meeting gets started, Patience makes her allegiances clear: she’s Coop’s girl and if Mo really only moved back to Crenshaw to get revenge on Coop, Mo will have to deal with her first. Mo takes the not-so-subtle threat in stride and offers her help to the budding songstress. Within days, Mo’s able to secure Patience’s release.

Sufficed to say, Coop doesn’t take the news of Mo’s involvement well. Patience urges Coop to let go of this “imaginary beef” and just live the dream they’ve always had to make music together. But Coop can’t let go… later when she finally gets to sit down with Spencer, she’s still fuming from Patience’s betrayal. She explains that Patience accused her of going around looking for a fight and looks to him to share her dismay. He doesn’t.

Spencer recalls all the times he warned Coop and she didn’t listen — with Shawn, with the gang, with Tyrone — and now he’s paying the price for her obstinance. Coop reminds Spencer that he was the one who told her the shooting wasn’t her fault… which Spencer acknowledges.

He also acknowledges, with tears in his eyes, that he was wrong.

Nancy Drew 205: “The Drowned Woman”

Written by Valerie Anne

nancy and bess cling to each other

I still think they could have used Bess’s queerness to their advantage but whatever, this works too.

In this week’s Nancy Drew, lesbian love literally saved everyone’s life. Well, almost everyone’s life. The time had come to finally face the Aglaeca and her death curse, and when their first encounter with her was successful they thought they were safe for good but they quickly learned that violence wasn’t the answer. So they decide that the next time they encountered the sea witch, they would appeal to the human inside her. More specifically, the lesbian inside her. So when she shows up, they all start reading her love letters to/from an Englishwoman to her, though it’s not until they say the words they knew by heart that the Aglaeca turned into the lovely visage of Odette.

Nancy reaches for her, tells Odette that she’s not her trauma, she’s not what they did to her. “You are strength and sadness and fear and passion. You were human, you are not forgotten. You are loved.”

Odette leaves in a bit of a storm (in which Nancy and Bess cling to one another JUST SAYING) but it seems their death curse is lifted for now…until they realize the storm knocked loose a harpoon decoration and impaled George. Nancy rushed off and found a magic shroud and brought George back to life, but suddenly the girl who couldn’t make heads or tails of French is singing a French song fluently and Odette is lurking in her reflection, so I think we haven’t seen the last of this lesbian ghostie.

Legacies 305: “This is What It Takes”

Written by Valerie Anne

josie and finch on legacies bein cute

Why yes I AM screaming about how cute this is, thanks for asking.

I still will forever ship Hope and Josie (for example, Josie was the only one to believe Hope before she restored their memories of her after another dip in the Malavore pond) but if I can’t have that, I just want at least one of them to be dating a girl, and it seems like I might get my wish with Josie.

While probably not the one to date Josie, Hope might be starting to find her way back to herself after spending some time in the therapy box. She finds herself in an 80s slasher flick and all her friends are killed off one by one as she searches and searches for Landon. She finally finds herself alone and face to face with the killer and says she lost everything, says the bad guy won, but because she’s Hope Mikaelson, she continues to fight. She bests the baddie only to learn that the killer was Landon. She lost all her friends because she was too focused on her boyfriend. A little on the nose but effective as far as metaphors go.

When Josie goes to orientation at Mystic Falls High, a new player enters the chat. Her name is Finch and her and Josie exchange immediately LOOKS and Finch leads her on a tour of the school. After the tour, Finch calls Josie out on staring at her and Josie asks why Ethan was so shifty with her earlier. Finch admits that she dated Maya and flipped out a bit when she left town, and even though Finch’s whole vibe screamed queer, it was nice to get the facts out of the way right off the bat. Josie, emboldened by the possibility of having something that’s just hers – not her dad’s, not her sister’s, not Hope’s – asks Finch to eat lunch together. They flirt and it’s VERY cute and Finch accepts the offer and as they walk away, Josie briefly loses her cool and smiles all giddy-like. It’s perfectly adorable.

And for the first time in quite a few episodes, I finally have (pardon the expression) hope for the rest of the season.

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Boobs On Your Tube: Vintage Lesbian Poems to Match Vintage Lesbian Kisses on “Dickinson”

Boobs On Your Tube: Vintage Lesbian Poems to Match Vintage

Last Friday of January, we made it and welcome to Boobs on Your Tube!! We’re only two weeks in, but Batwoman is just getting better and better and damn Nic is falling deeper and deeper in love! Is it just Kayla, but are there more murders on Riverdale than usual? The Jules Euphoria special was co-written by Hunter Schafer and Drew dealt with the uncomfortability of really seeing yourself on screen. She also watched RuPaul’s Drag Race and ranked all the queens by Happiest Season characters, just for a little treat.

Over in movies, Natalie’s revisit of Pariah is breathtaking and absolutely worth your time to read this week. Drew revamped our iconic 200 best lesbian, bisexual, and queer movies of all time list to bring in last year’s greatest hits and overall make it less cis, less white, less US/Eurocentric and just.. of a higher quality. It’s amazing and you should revisit. ALSO DREW IS TAKING ON SUNDANCE THIS YEAR!!! And we’re so proud! You can read her first review, of “4 Feet High” (which she described as a monumental work of queer disabled media!!) right now!

Notes from the TV Team:

+ Last week, 9-1-1 returned and combined Ryan Murphy’s usual theatrics, tempered by the realities of life in pandemic for frontline workers. Our favorite firefighter/paramedic, Hen, was there, saving lives but I couldn’t help but wonder: had I just imagined that “Hen goes to medical school” storyline or wasn’t she supposed to be adopting a baby? Well, wonder no more because this week, we got an abbreviated glimpse into Hen’s home life: she’s just starting her med school classes online and she’s got a new adorable toddler to wish her luck on her first day! Awww, Doctor Mama Hen! — Natalie

All American 302: “How To Survive In South Central”

Written by Natalie

Patience and Coop talk to Layla about the music business.

Remember back when we met Coop? Only her friendship with Spencer kept the threats from bullies and gangsters at bay…and now, two years later, she’s walking into her senior year at South Crenshaw with unrivaled swag. Still, though, the threat still lingers with Tyrone’s sister hanging around and Coop beelines to see Preach to find out what Mo’s really up to. Preach has no idea — he thought Coop and Mrs. Baker were behind his release — but pledges that he’ll find out and handle the situation.

The next day at school, Coop slides next to Patience and wants to open up her first check as a professional musician together. Patience records the event for prosperity but Coop is shocked to discover that the check is a few zeroes short of what she expected. She leaves to confront Layla in Beverly Hills but she assures her that nothing’s amiss; in fact, after all the expenses of Coop’s tour, Layla lost money on the deal. Coop’s skeptical — maybe scamming artists is the family business — and invites Layla to find out what her father did to Patience.

Confused, Layla confronts Patience for answers but she’s reluctant to give them since she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Layla insists — after all, they’re friends outside the business — and Patience finally relents. She urges Layla to take a listen to the latest song from JP’s new singer, Lil’ Jewel. Sure enough, when Layla and Spencer gives the song a listen, she recognizes it as a song that Patience probably wrote. Suddenly, everything clicks for Layla: why Patience left the tour early and why Coop thinks she’s stealing from her.

Armed with some advice from Spencer, Layla approaches Coop and Patience directly. She sets Coop straight about the realities of the music business, namely that if she wants to play bigger venues (and make more money), she needs to put out an album. Layla tells Coop that she doesn’t appreciate being accused of stealing and if there’s no trust in their relationship, Coop is free to leave. Then Layla turns to Patience, apologizes for what her father did and invites Patience to join her label. Just as Spencer predicted, Coop respects Layla for being so direct: “there’s the badass bitch I signed with!”

Coops spots Preach and asks what he learned about Mo. Preach believes Mo’s schtick about making amends for her brother’s transgressions and urges Coop to leave the situation alone. After two seasons of seeing Coop at work, I’m willing to be leaving things alone definitely won’t be happening.

S.W.A.T. 408: “Crusade”

Written by Natalie

Erika, Tan and Chris joke between missions on "S.W.A.T."

Back at the start of the season, S.W.A.T.‘s executive producer, Aaron Rahsaan, promised that the show’s resident bisexual badass, Chris Alonso, would experience “an emotional kind of whirlwind that’s going to test her in a way that she hasn’t been tested before.” Through seven episodes, it seemed like the Tactical Leadership Institute — the competition that drove a wedge between Chris and her teammates — was the “whirlwind” and, frankly, I was underwhelmed. But this week the whirlwind actually came…and suddenly, the suggestion that Chris would be tested like she hasn’t been before felt like a profound understatement.

After securing a murder suspect who led them on a lengthy pursuit, Hondo suggests the team ends the day with a cold beer. Chris demurs; she and Erika are still moving into their new apartment and she wants to get unpacked before their housewarming party. But before anyone can unpack or have that beer, the team (AKA 20 Squad) rushes to another shooting. They arrive just in time to pull a store owner from a burning building.

The next day, the team discovers that both shootings are connected to a string of attacks against minority owned businesses. Commander Hicks suspects the suspects are tied to a white supremacist group that the FBI’s been tracking, a theory Hondo and Tan confirm when they interview the suspect. Once another white supremacist shows up with the same iron cross tattoo — his attempted mass shooting thwarted by an ex-cop — the team traces the tatto back to its artist and head out to apprehend him.

Because Deacon had a family obligation, Chris’ new roommate, Erika, joins 20 squad for the day. She endears herself to the team easily: taking a friendly ribbing from Street and Tan and impressing Hondo by taking down the suspect. Erika discovers a secret door in the tattoo parlor leading to the white supremacists’ church. Chris suggests getting a geofence warrant to track the phones of white supremacists who “worship” there on Sundays (this, coincidentally, is the same method being used to track down the Capitol insurrectionists).

The warrant turns up the identities of two additional members of the white supremacist group. The team’s able to capture the first, just before he starts shooting a Jewish community center, but the second is determine to go down fighting. Chris and Erika hear movement upstairs and make their way towards the suspect. Suddenly, shooting starts…the roommates duck behind a wall for cover and Chris alerts the team that the suspect is shooting down from the attic. The boys join the firefight and Tan gets hit. Hondo and Street lay down suppressive fire — which ultimately kills the suspect — so that Chris and Erika can get Tan to safety.

When the roommates get Tan outside, Chris checks his wound and the bullet just grazed him. Suddenly, Erika gets woozy and realizes that she’s been hit too. She barely gets the words out before she collapses in Chris’ arms. Chris tries to save her but, ultimately, Hondo has to pull her away. Erika Rogers, one of two female members of SWAT, one of the few black members of SWAT and Chris’ friend and roommate, dies from her gunshot wound.

Legacies 302: “Goodbyes Sure Do Suck”

Written by Valerie Anne

hope from legacies looking up at the supernova

“When will my storyline return from the war?”

The first two seasons of Legacies were fantastic and magical and gay and it was about three strong young women and their super squad but now…I know it’s only two episodes in but all of the women have been sidelined for the men (boys?) and even Hope, the most badass of them all – like, literally of everyone ever, as the only tribrid in history – is only defined by her relationship to a (boring) man. Also, we had to put Raf in a prison world to save his life because of some of the tomfoolery of the Necromancer. And while I’m glad that there’s one less point on Hope’s love polygon, I wish it was Landon that got sent away instead. I liked Raf. And while it was a beautiful sendoff to that sweet boy, I missed the Monster of the Week aspect we usually get. I will say, however, I am HERE for Alyssa trying to rule as queen of the underworld. Long may she reign. ALSO, next week is the musical episode, which promises to be a hilarious parody of one (if not both) of Legacies’ parent shows and should prove to be a great time.

Dickinson 2-6: “Split the Lark”

Written by Valerie Anne

emily and sue kiss on dickinson

‘Cause no one ever tells you when you’re young
Love’s not like the books, the films, or the songs
We’ve been livin’ in a lie for far too long
And we’re tired of pretending
There’s no such thing as a Hollywood ending

This week on Dickinson, Emily and her family made their way to the opera to see the international singing sensation Adeleide May. Emily is still infatuated by Sam Bowles, the man who is making her dreams come true, but he seems a little standoffish. Sue calls Emily a sensitive artist and insists Sam let her sit in his VIP box with him, and frankly doesn’t take no for an answer. Once alone, Emily continues to be effusive toward her editor but he comes clean that the reason he’s holding her at arm’s length is because the letter she wrote to his wife was a bit unhinged and read a lot like a confession of love. Emily is confused; the only people she’s ever shared her poetry with are Sue and the late Ben Newton, and they got her so well that she never considered someone could so misunderstand her intentions. Sam understands where Emily is coming from, how she got up in the romance of the poetry and the publishing, but reminds her that everything she’s feeling is coming from her own self, not anywhere else. Throughout the opera, Emily can’t help but be riveted by Adelaide and instinctively stealing glances at Sue across the theatre. So entranced is she that eventually Emily imagines Sue singing one of Emily’s poems, Split the Lark. It’s beautiful and stunning and moving and I would listen to Ella Hunt sing all day every day.

Since Sam excused himself early, when the opera is over, Emily steals his backstage pass and sneaks off to meet Adelaide. At first the soprano thinks Emily is the wardrobe girl and complains about her fans and not having energy for them; “They love me so much it’s like they want to kill me.” But Emily is so overwhelmed by her own emotions she still can’t see how they affect others, and ends up spewing them all over Adelaide. Adelaide decides to be real with Emily, telling her about how it’s all an act and she doesn’t even feel the things she’s singing anymore. Adelaide takes Emily by the hand and leads her to the stage. Emily thinks she wants to be famous, wants to be seen, but Adelaide doesn’t think that’s really what she wants. She asks her to look closer at that desire, which prompts Emily to hallucinate Sue again. To ask herself what the true, deeper meaning is behind this yearning for fame, where this misplaced crush on Sam truly comes from. Imagined Sue says Emily craves meaning, beauty… and love.

And so Emily imagines kissing Sue, dressed to the nines and center stage in an empty opera house. When she snaps back to reality it seems she is already beginning to see anonymity in a new light, as the usher tells her he’ll report her if she doesn’t leave the theatre and she smiles and says he doesn’t even know who she is.

All boobs are good boobs : actuallesbians

All boobs are good boobs : actuallesbians

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We’re not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

Boobs on Your Tube: “The Chi” Celebrates Queer Black Joy in The Season 3 Premiere

Boobs on Your Tube: "The Chi" Celebrates Queer Black Joy

The TV drought continues, but we’re not giving up! This week, Valerie Anne recapped the last episode of Legends of Tomorrow‘s fifth season. Carly and Riese dropped another episode of To L and Back. Natalie shared her list of top ten favorite lesbian movies. Drew shared some of her favorite trans web series to watch after Disclosure. And Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe joined the call of Black athletes for racial justice at the ESPYs.

Notes from the TV Team:

+ The season two finale of DC Universe’s animated Harley Quinn series dropped today, and it was SO GOOD. I’m going to write a full post about the whole season on Monday, since I’ve missed so many blurbs because I was out of the office. You can join DC Universe for a free 7 day trial and watch all of season two. You should! — Heather

+ I’ll have a full recap of The Chi‘s new season after I’ve seen a few more episodes… but this week’s premiere (which you can watch in its entirety on Youtube) is a jarring showcase of the juxtaposition of black pain and black joy. This, of course, is the black joy:


The black queer joy. — Natalie

+ The queer fan convention QFX is having their virtual Cloud Con this weekend. Panels for Marvel’s Runaways, One Day at a Time and Utopia Falls already happened, and this weekend will have panels for Wynonna Earp and more. All past and future panels will be on the QFX Cloud Con Twitch! — Valerie Anne

+ Apparently there’s “no such thing” as a recap of a trailer so here I am in the notes section of Boob Tube to because I couldn’t NOT tell you that WYNONNA EARP IS COMING BACK. They finally, finally, finally, after two years of fighting and hoping and wishing and dreaming, finally released a Season Four trailer. And it. is. glorious.

The trailer is everything I dreamed in more, showing old faces and new, hitting all the right beats, and making my Earper heart soar all over again. In it, Nicole Haught says, “God I’ve missed you, Waverly Earp,” and so much same but about all of them. Season Four officially starts again for six whole brand new episodes on Sunday, July 26th. ONE MONTH FROM TODAY! My recaps and I will see you there. — Valerie Anne

Written by Natalie

It’s a wrap — literally — on Kat’s time in the loft; she’s packing up her stuff and moving in with Jane. As they are wont to do, the move brings up a lot of memories: the couch that she bought after her first promotion and binged The L Word on when she was questioning her sexuality (#relatable) or the table from which she launched her campaign. The girls wrap her up in bubble wrap and dissolve into laughter as they embrace.

At work, Kat’s finding ways to utilize the skills she honed at Scarlet into promoting The Bell: after hearing about one member’s work with a domestic violence shelter — which she left a lucrative gig in finance to take — Kat wants to share the story with a wider audience. She pitches the idea for a podcast to her boss who seems skeptical, but greenlights a pilot episode. Excited about the development, Kat rushes to share the news with her best friends. After tossing out puns that might work as podcast titles, Sutton recommends that Kat reach out to Alex for his advice on how to make it into the podcast game.

Can I say: it makes sense for the activist within Kat to come to the fore, irrespective of where she’s working, but I wish they’d taken another tact with it. The Bold Type has always struggled to give Alex something to do other than being of service to our three main characters… and, with one notable exception, his venture into podcasting has been the only storyline that’s just about him. But here we are, ten episodes later, and Alex’s is back, using his knowledge to provide help for Kat. Ugh. Do better The Bold Type, do better. But I digress…

Alex schools Kat on all things podcasting, even recommending the proper microphones to buy, but Kat’s short on cash. He offers to buy them for her or even let her borrow some of Scarlet‘s extra equipment, but Kat declines his offers. He pushes to find out what’s causing Kat’s cash flow issues and discovers that she’s paying $300/month to store her furniture. Alex recommends that she recoup her storage fees and sell her stuff instead.

“I can’t do that, I already lost Scarlet and my apartment and my 401(k) and…,” Kat admits, pausing to collect herself before adding, “The only thing I do know is that I can’t lose anything else, so selling my stuff is just not an option.”

But when she donates some old clothes to the domestic violence shelter, Kat comes to appreciate the need for reinvention and reconsiders her decision to sell her things. She calls Alex for help and, with his assistance, she’s able to sell all her furniture and earn enough money to get her podcast off the ground… and, thanks to Jane, Kat’s beloved couch has a new home in their shared apartment!

Written by Valerie Anne

sterling hugs jess

Bye, Sterling. I know you were engaged to Jess but we hardly knew ye.

I feel a little bad about complaining in the last Boob Tube that Jess was gone because they made up for it this week, and we spend the first bit going over where Jess and Sterling were during the events of the last episode. Mostly, to be honest, Jess and Sterling were just lazing around in bed.

But then when Jess is out buying tampons, Sam bursts into Sterling and Jess’s apartment and threatens her ex, forcing Sterling to leave with her. But Sterling maces Sam and gets away, stealing Sam’s car and hearing a voicemail from Nia on Sam’s phone about Murphy and Felix being in danger. So she goes to pick up Jess, who is horrified to learn that Sterling worked for Nia and that the one person left in her life who hadn’t betrayed her did just that. Jess says SHE’LL go help Murphy, and tells Sterling not to follow her in a clear, firm voice we’ve never heard her use before.

After we get to the part we already saw, Jess saving Murphy, Murphy lets out this sad, apologetic, “Jess,” and Jess finally lets down her steely walls and wraps Murphy in a big hug.

The team ends up burying the bodies in the woods, which just never goes well, but these kids haven’t always been the best decision-makers. The whole time, Sterling leads the charge, clearly no stranger to the hiding-a-body game, but everyone is so cold because they hurt their Jess. Murphy is mad, Jess is mad, Sterling is annoyed. But in the end, Jess thanks her for helping them and says a somewhat amicable if not permanent sounding goodbye.