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The Aggressives (2012) : butchlesbians

The Aggressives (2012) : butchlesbians

Just finished watching a documentary called The Aggressive (2012) on Kanopy about studs, aggressives, butches, masculine-of-center, trans, etc people in New York in the late 90s, early 2000s. I enjoyed it and you may too ! Also great on the note that it centers Black experiences.

Here’s the trailer! Also from their instagram it seems like they’re gonna do an updated documentary soon which is cool.

(Also a heads up: of course no medias perfect: there’s some definite transphobia and fatphobia and anti-Blackness (specifically thinking of when a non-Black person says the n word) so content warning for that)

Mini Lesbian Resources Masterdoc : butchlesbians

Mini Lesbian Resources Masterdoc : butchlesbians

Hi all,

I hope this is alright to post here- this is such a great subreddit and after the interest in the literature Google Drive I thought it might be useful to some.

Basically, it’s a short document which features a list of lesbian-focused publishers, writers, websites, history archives, documentaries and literature I haven’t been able to find for the Drive.

This should be a PDF link:

Lesbian Resources and Media List

Please let me know if there’s something you think I should add to this! Also the link is only valid for 24 hours, so please PM me if you’re seeing this post more than a day after it was created. It’s also in the resources folder of the literature Drive.

I feel so seen by this article : butchlesbians

I feel so seen by this article : butchlesbians


“Sex was never truly an avenue for me to explore, it was a way for women who had never seen anyone like me before to cum without the compromise of fucking a real man. Being the “best of both worlds” makes you wonder why you never seem to be talked about outside of the other masculine creatures they know. Over time, you learn just how alone you are and eventually, you tie your self-worth to just how well you fuck—it’s the only thing people seem to care about, right? You really want to tell people how it feels but it’s a lot more intimidating and a bigger risk to do that than nothing, so you do nothing.”

This resonates with me SO much. Very much like in Mae Martin’s Netflix Show when they say they are a failed version of both girl and boy.

Also this paragraph

“The butch existence is more often than not an ultimate contradiction that you have to navigate. I am a woman but also not one, I have male privilege but not when it counts, I’m predatory but cannot escape predation, I do not get objectified and yet cannot escape a constant cycle of de-personification. The only thing I can cling onto as universally mine and recognized by everyone who knows me is my butchness. Even then, the women I’m with will often suggest feminizing me or in some way, changing the way I move through the world. Even my friends will innocently suggest doing my makeup and while they are well-intentioned people it still offends me just a bit. There’s a sense of total humiliation that comes with invoking makeovers. A reminder of how ugly and mannish the person they see is. Butch sexuality is funny in that way because I’m meant to understand myself as ugly and impossible to find sexually viable as well as be as sexually available as the people around me want—a two-front war between the women who wish to erase my transgressions and their boyfriends who want to erase me from existence.”

Texts like this are so helpful, they explain myself to myself in a way I until recently never could.

How Masculine Lesbians Understand Their Identity : butchlesbians

How Masculine Lesbians Understand Their Identity : butchlesbians

Hi everyone, for my university dissertation I am looking into masculine lesbians and their relationship with their identity. To do this I have made a survey which needs filling out by people who consider themselves to be masculine and sapphic and this seems to be the place! I would appreciate it if you would help me by filling out my survey which I have linked below. Please only do the survey if you are 18+ and if you know anyone else who would be interested in helping me with my research please share the link, I would be truly grateful.

Thank you for your help!


Lesbian Literature Resources! : butchlesbians

Looking for submissions for an art project! : butchlesbians

Here’s a link to a Google Drive containing a collection of lesbian literature, much of which is butch-femme! There are a few books on feminism in there too.

Long live the lesbians!

If anybody has digital / scanned copies of any other books which they’d be willing to add to the collection, or suggestions of where to find free copies of similar books I’d really appreciate it.

Edit: I will approve all requests to view the folder as quickly as I can. Please PM me if you’re not approved within a day. The folder will occasionally be updated with more to read. If you know of anyone who might be interested in the folder, please do feel free to share this post with them or repost this to other forums as I don’t have any other social media.

Edit: thank you for the awards!!!

Gravecleaner, poetry book by Jules Rylan : butchlesbians

Gravecleaner, poetry book by Jules Rylan : butchlesbians

I just finished reading “Gravecleaner” by Jules Rylan (a Jewish nonbinary butch lesbian) and thought I might share it here.

“Gravecleaner” is a poetry” anthology of rebirth through queer identity and trauma recovery” and it navigates topics such as “heartbreak, family conflict, coming out as a lesbian, falling in love, overcoming addiction, trans identity, mental health recovery, and more”.

I truly loved this book❤️. It’s so beautifully written and comforting. If you’re interested in it you can buy it at their Ko-fi starting at 5$: https://ko-fi.com/s/bdbebe25c5

You won’t regret it!✨

discussing the bathroom issue : butchlesbians

discussing the bathroom issue : butchlesbians

Hi everyone I’m new to the thread. I wondered if anyone had recently read the Diva artcile about harassment of butch women in public bathrooms. I was suprised at the negative reaction it received on twitter with many suggesting that trans safety is more threatened and so this issue is irrelevant. I wondered if you all have any thoughts about how to usefully talk about this very real issue for butch women without minimizing the experiences of trans people in gendered spaces. To communicate that this really is an issue for butch women that also needs to be more widely discussed and addressed. https://www.google.com/amp/s/divamag.co.uk/2021/01/19/news-butch-lesbians-are-facing-increasing-harassment-in-public-toilets/amp/

Get a packer, try it out—you will prolly love it, even if you don’t have bottom dysphoria : butchlesbians

Get a packer, try it out---you will prolly love it,

Hey all,

I’m a genderfloating AFAB person who’s been wearing a packer on the regs for a few years now. I recommend them strongly to every AFAB person—just to feel what it’s like—but especially us butch ladies and queers. They’re safe, cheap, and for a little piece of silicone, they can be downright transformative.

Wanna start by saying that I don’t have bottom dysphoria (and FTR, wearing one didn’t change that at all; if anything, it made me appreciate that I can have both sets of genitals!). I bought it kind of on a whim. Regardless of my intentions when I bought it, looking back, it was SUCH a brilliant idea.

As someone who struggles with internalized misogyny and their butch identity, wearing a packer has been mind-altering, and it changed my life in a lot of ways. I didn’t realize what a difference it would make to my perspective to have something down there. It makes me think differently when out in the world. In a way, it makes me empathize so much with dick-havers. As a pussy-haver, it’s easy to completely forget about that area of your body when out and about. But when you’re wearing a packer, that soft pressure and heat is juuuust enough sensation to call your attention to it unexpectedly. I notice different things, I feel more confident somehow. It increases my butch energy by tenfold. I can’t explain it except to say it’s so dang fun!!

As for which kind to get, I’ve got about 8-9 different ones I’ve acquired over the years. My favorite by far is called Mr. Limpy by the brand RodeoH (https://rodeoh.com/products/mr-limpy-small-3-5)… it’s perfectly soft and squishy, so much fun to reach down and play with. I like the smallest one from that line, cuz it’s the least heavy on my hips (some weigh a lot!), it doesn’t make my crotch go numb from the pressure of wearing it all day, and it doesn’t create a huge bulge in my pants—that makes it easier to go stealth, so I feel confident when out and about and don’t feel unsafe. Silicone retains heat (they also sweat in hot weather, FYI) so it feels like part of your body after 20 mins or so, and if you’ve got a sensitive clit, certain ones actually transmit vibration to your clit if you wear it in the right spot… meaning it legit feels like a dick. Whew. So fuckin cool. It also felt empowering to choose a small one for myself, as “my dick”… cuz you know, fuck that shit about penis size that men obsess over. Small dicks are dope, and my little one is perfect for me.

Please make sure to get a good pair of packer underwear to avoid UTIs, that shit is no joke. It gets sweaty AF to keep it against your skin, especially on hot days, and they can catch against your pubes/slide around uncomfortably. Packer undies hold them in place, especially if you’re someone who moves around a lot. That brand RodeoH makes some dope 100% cotton packer undies that I wear as regular undies every day, even when I’m not wearing my dick.

Feel free to ask any questions, like I said I’ve been doing it for a few years now and it’s added so much depth to my understanding of my gender identity. If you’ve got a pussy, and especially if you’re kinda butch, do yourself a favor and play around with a packer, you’ll be glad you did! <3

Tig Nataro: action hero : butchlesbians

Tig Nataro: action hero : butchlesbians

Tig Nataro plays Marianne Peters, ‘a badass helicopter pilot’ in Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead’.

And she’s talking about the experience in this EW article by James Hibberd:

Nataro came to the role in an unusual fashion. Principal photography on the film had wrapped when Chris D’Elia, the actor who originally played the pilot role, was accused of sexual misconduct (to use the anodyne phrase).

Snyder then asked for Nataro, specifically (ie, no audition) and, when she said yes, she shot all her scenes green-screen so her performance could be digitally plugged in to the existing footage.

I’ve got mixed feelings about Zack Snyder. I get the feeling his heart is mostly in the right place, but his execution just never seems to get it right, at least for me.

That said, he says nothing but good things about Nataro in the above article. And Nataro comes over as having enjoyed both the experience and the role.

Also, the ‘First look’ isn’t just a tease. The article is headed by a great medium-shot of Nataro in full combat gear hanging off a rotor control rod and looking every inch the butch action hero1.




  1. Yes I’m aware this word has both a masculine and feminine form in English. I’m using the masculine form only partly in deference to Nataro’s presentation in the photo.

    Mostly, I’m using it because I’m a fan of the trend in English for abandoning masculine and feminine noun forms for gender-inclusive forms.

    And, yes, it’s not a good thing that the gender-inclusive form is invariably the previously masculine form. But, and speaking as a non-native English speaker and writer who’s primary languages are more deeply gendered than English, I’ll take what I can get on this front. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

looking for a n/b friendly surgeon : butchlesbians

looking for a n/b friendly surgeon : butchlesbians

hey guys, does anyone have any advice for seeking surgeons when it comes to top surgery/aggressive breast reduction?- after finding out miles berry hasn’t made other people I know feel uncomfortable I’m looking for a new surgeon. It cant be outside of the UK as that’s where I live, and preferably in the south east, and someone who is accustomed to trans/nb bodies and who would be willing to a procedure where a little amount of breast tissue is left (probably an A cup) instead of full blown top surgery, (think shane from the L word). I have some photos of the results I would like- https://www.genderconfirmation.com/gallery/aggressive-breast-reduction/

is any one has any sugguests hit me up!