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Vintage gay couples & the new “boys cake check challenge” / Queerty

Vintage gay couples & the new “boys cake check challenge”

If you’re not spending this Valentine’s Day with a lover (or trying to cruise one), try cozying up with your favorite app! And once you’re finished with Grindr, you should probably check out TikTok – here’s some fresh content to get you started:

The “boys cake check challenge” became a thing.

@bluejj09i’m so sorry ab this🤦🏾‍♂️ (get the chain or program i use from the link in my bio) #powerlifting #bodybuilding #fitness #fyp #foryou

♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

A pile of vintage gay photos found daylight.

@paullampkin1970Vintage gay photos Vol 11 @sooozeesooze #vintagegay #lbgt🌈 #viralvintage #gayvintage #loveislove #lifetime_memories #gayphotos #lgbt🏳️‍🌈 #gaylove

♬ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Remastered 2014 – Elton John

Kalen Allen introduced his dog.

@thekalenallenWho knew I’d have a child at this age… ##fyp ##clingydog

♬ original sound – Scott Tavlin

Our future Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona showed his true colors.

@joshhelfgottOur next Secretary of Education 🏳️‍🌈

♬ original sound – Josh Helfgott

TiTi dropped a hot new track.

@blameitonkwayTraffic Jam 🎶🎶 w/ @spence

♬ original sound – Blameitonkway

Stephen Bauer shared with Wendy Williams.

@stepbauer🗽 ##wendywilliams ##wendywilliamsshow ##junglejuice ##gaystuff ##gay

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Andrew Christian went backstage.

@theandrewchristianBackstage flashback with Jon & Arad 🏆 ##gay ##backstage ##abs ##showuswhatyougot

♬ Up – Cardi B

A German police officer served the public.

@__cem___Polizist war nicht begeistert ##deichbrand##fyp##justdancemoves

♬ Originalton – Cem Korkmaz

Todrick Hall broke it down with Brandy.

@todrickBibbity Boppity at the Ball with Brandy something different tho @brandy

♬ original sound – SamariaMartinStudios

And a guy named Austin came out to his dad.

@leeswinkyFound this on my old phone. Glad I pressed record that day. #gay #comeout #dad #comingout #family #loveislove

♬ The Wisp Sings – Winter Aid

Finn Wittrock and Jon Jon Briones challenge our sanity in ‘Ratched’ / Queerty

Finn Wittrock and Jon Jon Briones challenge our sanity in


Handsome men generally drive us crazy. But not like this.

Veteran actors Finn Wittrock and Jon Jon Briones both score another hit with Ratched, the new Netflix horror-thriller series about the famed villainous nurse of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The show arrives on Netflix September 18.

Whitrock, of course, rose to fame with his roles on American Horror StoryAmerican Crime Story: Versace, and most recently, Judy. Viewers will also recognize Briones from American Horror Story and American Crime Story: Versace, as well as from his vast theatrical resume, most notably from his turn in the 2017 revival of Miss Saigon on Broadway.

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Now the pair return to horror with Ratched. In the show, Briones plays Dr. Hannover, the put-upon supervisor of an insane asylum. Wittrock plays Edward Tullison, a mass murderer, and Hannover’s latest obsession. Both characters captivated us, and left us wondering: who in the series is sane, and who is not? For that matter, who is good, and who is bad?

We sat down with the two handsome stars to chat about the show, their roles, and the nature of sanity. Ratched debuts September 18.

 Video edited by David Beerman