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NASA Named Landing Site after Octavia Butler. One Step Closer to Our Queer Space Colony Dreams!

NASA Named Landing Site after Octavia Butler. One Step Closer


Let’s read some things!

Queer as in F*ck You

Ok so first! When I said we were going to read some things, we ARE! GOING! TO! READ! SOME! THINGS! And I have some excellent essays for you!

“I don’t feel like an elder but to have gotten to this place in my life means that I survived and I did so because women who probably didn’t feel like elders when they met me, rose to the occasion.”

Let’s start with this piece from Roxane Gay about coming-of-age in the 90s and finding yourself a queer elder before your 50th birthday absolutely broke me into pieces. I had to physically lay down mid-essay because it was so good and too much. It’s your must read!

And then moving from a legend to a legend-in-our-own-making, the one and only Dani Janae was published in Refinery29 this week and you absolutely need to make this your other must read! How lucky are you:

“I came out as bisexual at 12 years old, after years of sweating when beautiful Black women would come on screen in music videos. The first lesbians I saw had been the lovely, iconic, mostly white, and all thin cast of Showtime’s The L Word. Watching this show, all I could think was: That can’t be me. I don’t look like these women. “

I’m Fat, & That Makes Using Dating Apps Difficult by Dani Janae for Refinery29

And oh what’s that now!?!? Autostraddle writers making big waves everywhere!?!? Get ready for Kayla’s newest entry in what I’m calling her growing collection of devastatingly mean gay girl short stories:

“This is her favorite game. I bet you I could jump over that fence. I bet you I could hit that sign with this peach pit. I bet you I could make you come five times in a row. I bet you I could make that bartender flirt with me. I bet you I could chug this, shotgun that, shoot cheap whiskey without a chaser. I bet you I could swim out to that post in less than two minutes.

I bet you I could kill you out here and get away with it. This one is new.”

Field Games byKayla Kumari Upadhyaya for fugue

AHHHHHH!! Welcome to ‘Octavia E. Butler Landing.’ NASA has named the landing site of the agency’s Perseverance rover “Octavia E. Butler Landing,” after the science fiction author.

Drag Kings Are Ready to Rule. “Blurring gender boundaries has allowed for more freedom in online pageants — and soon, it’s hoped, back in the clubs.”

Torrey Peters (Detransition, Baby — have you read it yet? You should!) Wants a Punk Utopia for Trans Girls and a Cuisinart Mixer

How a Queer and Trans Latinx Gardening Collective Is Working to Reverse Food Insecurity in Atlanta

Trans History You Never Learned in School

The Radical Queerness of Dolly Parton

From Heather: “this is bonkers lesbian music video and i love it so much” Allison Ponthier’s “Cowboy” Video is a Campy Tribute to Her Texan Roots

Saw This, Thought of You

Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon Is a Sumptuous Fantasy — but It Makes a Mess of Southeast Asian Culture. Himani highlighted this quote in particular: “Perhaps the biggest tell that Raya isn’t the representation Southeast Asian Disney fans deserve is that many of them won’t actually be able to watch it with the rest of us — because Disney+ is currently only available in three Southeast Asian countries.”

S.P.O.R.T.S! NWSL announces Challenge Cup details

More S.P.O.R.T.S! Fans Can Buy Cutouts for Women’s Final Four. All proceeds go to the Pat Summitt Foundation, the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and the San Antonio Food Bank.

Queen Sugar and This Is Us, both in their fifth seasons, integrate the pandemic in their scripts. The differences between how they do so highlight the staggering differences in how COVID actually affects white communities and communities of color.” Even Television Is Showing the Racial Disparities of COVID-19

The Pandemic Has Changed Me. but How Will We Collectively Heal? This comic will gut you in the most eloquent, poignant ways.

My God, I love this. I Created ‘Call Your Elders Day’ to Lift Up My Loved Ones

Political Snacks

That’s it! No political snacks today! IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!! 🎉

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Also.Also.Also: Megan Rapinoe and AOC Joining Forces to Fire Up Your Dreams, Definitely Save America

Also.Also.Also: Megan Rapinoe and AOC Joining Forces to Fire Up

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!!

A gif of the meme "Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me" from the television show "Scream Queens"

I am so happy to be back with you!! I’ve missed so you greatly. Today ended up being more hectic than I originally planned, so I’ll keep this short. But WOW DID I MISS YOU! Haha, did I say “miss you” enough yet? Also thank you so much to Natalie for keeping the link roundup going through the hot hot summer.

Let’s do this!

Queer as in F*ck You

AOC/Rapinoe!!! ALERT!! ALERT!!


I love all the people in this trailer and look forward to being fully glued to my screen and thinking smart thoughts about the future of our country with them! Also(also.also.)… much respect to my favorite congresswoman for all of her intellectual and political prowess, but wow AOC looks like a stone cold babe here. (I’m sorry! It had to be said!)

And speaking of babes..

Photograph of Alexis De Veaux (writer, speaker, activist) and Sokari Ekine (visual scholar, writer, activist, educator) © Delphine Diallo

Alexis De Veaux and Sokari Ekine, photographed by Delphine Diallo. See more of Delphine Diallo’s portraits.

Lived Experience: Delphine Diallo’s Powerful Portraits of LGBTQ+ People Aged Over 50. This was actually published in February, but it’s burned through all my social circles this week. And for good reason!

Alison Bechdel on the Pioneering Queer Cartoonist Who Inspired Her Career

An Afro-Latina Trans Sex Worker in Colombia Died After Paramedics Failed To Take Her To The Hospital. Fuck this.

‘We’re Living in Fear’: LGBT People in Italy Pin Hopes on New Law

‘Am I Bisexual?’: A Guide to Dating Women for the First Time in Adulthood

Minneapolis Protests: How the City’s Queer Musicians Are Thriving

Saw This, Thought of You

An absolutely gorgeous tribute to summer, and this summer in particular. The Magic of Black Girls’ Play

This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and there’s a beautiful spread with feature profiles from Wendy Lu: I’m Disabled & I Refuse To Be Your Inspiration (FYI, one of the of the features is of Jillian Mercado, of modeling, activism and — relevant to our collective interests, Generation:Q fame!)

Today was Emmy nomination day and What the Hell Do Latinx Actors and Shows Have to Do to Get an Emmy Nomination? I’m LIVID!!! (Looking for your gay Emmys coverage, including a rant ahem, my very clearly articulated anger about Pose’s shut out? We’ve got you covered.)

Saw This, Thought of You: Sportsball Edition

Natalie didn’t want to say goodbye and leave you all empty handed!!

+ World Rugby is considering a proposal to ban trans athletes under the guise of “safety;” Wales’ first gay inclusive rugby team calls the effort “wholly unjust and abhorrent:” Cardiff Lions criticise plans to ban transgender women from women’s rugby

The first ever NWSL Challenge Cup came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday and crowned a first-time champion:

+ NWSL’s unlikely Houston Dash give sport its first coronavirus-era champion

+ How the Orlando Pride turned a curse into a blessing

+ NWSL tells players to save a date for a return as Challenge Cup wraps up

+ Report: Samantha Mewis moves to Manchester City, possibly joined by Rose Lavelle

+ Few people have done more to elevate the women’s game than David Stern and now he’ll have a place among the pantheon: Women’s Basketball HOF to induct David Stern

+ The Mystics needed a center, and Alaina Coates, a former No. 2 pick, needed another chance; The former South Carolina Gamecocks star netted 6 points, 9 rebounds in her debut for the Mystics.

Brittney Griner: What it means to wear Breonna Taylor’s name on my jersey

The WNBA makes sure #SayHerName includes trans women

In “Men Also Play Sports” news: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the starting right guard for the Kansas City Chiefs and the first player to opt out of upcoming season. In the letter explaining his decision, Duvernay-Tardif writes, “If I am to take risks, I will do it caring for patients.” Oh, did I forget to mention that the Superbowl winning lineman is also an MD?

In “Who Could’ve Predicted This? Oh, Wait, Everyone” news: Is their season in jeopardy? What the Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak means for the team — and MLB

After a 2018 Florida referendum sought to restore voting rights to ex-felons, the governor stepped in to prevent registration by felons who hadn’t yet made monetary restitution for their crimes. Critics said the move was akin to establishing a new poll tax but the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court disagreed. Now basketball’s greatest player is stepping up to ensure ex-felons aren’t denied the franchise.

Meanwhile, LA Clippers guard Lou Williams broke out of the NBA bubble last week for “personal reasons” which, seemingly, included picking up wings at Magic City in Atlanta: NBA: Lou Williams to Miss Clippers’ Opening Games, Quarantine for 10 Days

Political Snacks

‘She Had No Remorse’: Why Kamala Harris Isn’t a Lock for VP. He’s literally still mad because she beat him in the debate, and then when asked about it: She laughed at him!! (Note: this story would only make me more likely to be want to vote for Kamala. Just saying.)

Biden Says He Will Choose His Running Mate Next Week. I don’t have the emotional wherewithal to survive this.