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Entertainment Weekly’s 2021 Pride is a Masterclass of QTPOC Beauty

Entertainment Weekly's 2021 Pride is a Masterclass of QTPOC Beauty

Today’s craving? (I know you were wondering) It’s achocolate chip cookie and guacamole. Not together. But you know what I mean!

Queer as in F*ck You

Four covers of the Entertainment Weekly 2021 Pride Issue, from Left to Right: Lil Nas X in green, Mj Rodriguez in shimmery silver, Lena Waithe in pink, and Bowen Yang in blue

Do I love an entire QTPOC Pride issue? Sure the fuck do!

Entertainment Weekly released their new Pride covers with Lil Nas X, Mj Rodriguez, Lena Waithe, and Bowen Yang. And ok I don’t usually get hype over these things — Pride comes every year after all — but these photos are simply gorgeous and you MUST know.

Also(also.also), Lena Waithe’s cover story was written by Tre’vell Anderson and their partner, Texas Isiah, did the photoshoot. Which lead to this extremely cute moment:

How Alison Bechdel Pushes Herself to Turn Her Life Into Art

The story of a lesbian couple ‘adopted’ an older friend into their family so that they can legally take care of her as she ages has just left me FULL of emotion, Couple ‘Adopted’ Their Elder Friend, And Now They Live as a Family

Refuge, Comfort, and Feeling “Held”: What “Home” Means to LGBTQ Organizers by Sam Manzella for Apartment Therapy

“My wife and I (lesbian moms together) have been invited to her cousin’s wedding. She’s marrying the son of a former Republican statewide official who, in the early 2000s, turned the power of his state against gays, especially gay parents.” What’s a Good Wedding Gift for Homophobes?

And speaking of weddings, I super super loved this: From Best Friends to Platonic Spouses

Former ESPN Reporter Says Kim Mulkey Tried to Get Her Fired after a Story Accused the LSU Coach of Telling a Star Player to Hide Her Sexuality. “After Kate Fagan reported that Kim Mulkey urged Brittney Griner to hide her sexuality at Baylor, Fagan said the Hall of Famer asked ESPN to fire her. ”

This Is the Music I Needed As a Queer Teen, you know how “girl in red” has become a code for “is she gay” among Gen Z? Get ready to be introduced to thee girl in red about her song “Serotonin” and vulnerability. (And while we’re here: “girl in red Wants to Follow Her Impulses” by Rachel Charlene Lewis for Bitch Media)

Saw This, Thought of You

Why Indoor Dining Still Makes Public Health Experts Nervous (for Now)

Sort of related? I’ve found the precise “how” of how Americans are getting vaccines and how it’s intersecting with other socio-economic needs, who doesn’t have access, and why, to be important and fascinating: The Era of Mass Vaccinations Is Ending. “To reach the remaining holdouts, America’s approach to vaccine distribution is going hyperlocal.”

From our resident sportsball expert Natalie, “This is going to be awesome” (I gotta say, I agree!) 1996 USA Women’s Basketball Team Set For ESPN 30 For 30 Doc

Ro wanted to know: “Do we still like animal news around here? Because I found some socialist donkeys.” Feral Desert Donkeys Are Digging Wells, Giving Water to Parched Wildlife

I have such a respect for Deb Willis, a true groundbreaker of Black visual imagery and art curation, so yeah I listen to anything she has to say: Reimagining What Monuments Can Be

Political Snacks

States Passed 28 Anti-Abortion Bills in 4 Days. Here’s What to Know about the Surge in Legislation.

As Biden Vows to Have Transgender Kids’ Backs, Advocates Want More Concrete Actions. Talk is cheap.

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup: Entertainment Edition

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup: Entertainment Edition

Even in the middle of summer, things are happening! This week’s roundup is heavily (but not exclusively) about entertainment news—lighter fare, perhaps, but also touching on the important topic of representation.

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

Entertainment and Media

  • Netflix’s new show The Baby-Sitter’s Club includes an episode in which one of the main characters is asked to sit for a young transgender girl, played by 9-year-old transgender actress Kai Shappley. Netflix writer and trans woman Rose Dommu said the episode “made me cry happy tears.”
  • Watch Tall Tales with True Queens, a free, short film that looks at the phenomenon of Drag Queen Story Hours.
  • TLC has premiered “My Pregnant Husband,” which shares the journeys of two transgender couples on their way to parenthood.
  • IndieWire interviewed Doc McStuffins creator and lesbian mom Chris Nee about her deal with Netflix that “positions her well on her way to becoming the Shonda Rhimes or Ryan Murphy of kids TV.” Among other things, Nee related why she pushed for the inclusion of a same-sex family on Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins in 2017 (about which more here): “I said, ‘I’m constantly doing press, talking about how important it is to see yourself onscreen and what that means to kids, and yet I can’t talk about my own family. I just said ‘I’m done, we’re putting a same sex family on the air.’”
  • The Butson-Luthier family—two dads and their 9-year-old daughter—have become the first family with gay dads to appear on a reality-based Disney show, the Disney Channel’s Disney Fam Jam.
  • Has it really been 10 years since The Kids Are All Right, the movie about a two-mom family in which one of the moms has an affair with their children’s sperm donor? Variety spoke with writers Lisa Cholodenko (a Real Lesbian Mom) and Stuart Blumberg, along with the film’s stars, about their reflections on the movie. Love it or hate it, this was the first major feature film to center an LGBTQ family, and one with older kids, no less.
  • GLAAD’s 2020 Studio Responsibility Index, which looks at LGBTQ representation in films, notes that there were only two LGBTQ-inclusive animated and family films in 2019, but the inclusive moments were “incredibly minor.” They opine, “Film should look to the boom and success of queer and trans representation in all ages programming happening on TV.” (Hear, hear!)

Family Stories

Politics and Law


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