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Michigan voter fraud hearing derails as Rudy Giuliani can’t control loony “witness” / Queerty

Michigan voter fraud hearing derails as Rudy Giuliani can’t control

Melissa Carone. Twitter Screenshot.

The denial that is the Trump Administration’s response to their election loss last month continues. As more and more states move to certify their election results, Michigan continued to hold hearings regarding allegations of voter fraud. Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani also visibly struggled to control one witness.

The House Oversight Committee in the Michigan state legislature attempted to question Melissa Carone, a sometime contractor for Dominion Voting Systems. Rather than answer the questions of state officials, Carone attacked them individually, delivered sarcastic answers and even struggled to explain her job duties with Dominion Voting.

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Carone’s star-making moment–her response that caused her to become a viral celebrity–came on Tuesday, as Rep. Steve Johnson, a Republican, tried to pose a question to her.

“We’re not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson noted.

“What’d you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” Carone yelled back, incredulous.

“I’m just saying the numbers are not off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson replied.

“I’d say that poll book is off by over 100,000 [votes],” Carone snapped, citing no evidence to support her claim.

The exchange continued, as Carone alleged that the state saw “120 percent” in the election, despite her having no evidence to support the claim. At that point, Guiliani audibly “shushed” Carone, who ignored his prompt. When Johnson noted again that poll book numbers were not off by 30,000 votes, Carone interrupted him, asking “What’d you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” She also claimed that the state’s poll books contained “zero registered voters.”

Carone went on to claim that she saw poll workers running ballots through machines “thousands of times,” though did not explain how that was possible. Throughout her testimony, Carone’s body seemed oddly loose and wiggly. The Daily Beast also notes that Carone slurred her words, implying that she may have been drunk during the hearing.

It’s important to note that Carone was not under oath during the hearing. She further accused Democrats of conspiring to ruin her life, caused her to lose her job, forced her to move and to delete all her social media accounts. Reporters, however, discovered that her social media accounts are still active.

She had previously attempted to block certification of the election in Wayne County, Michigan last month by submitting a signed affidavit to the courts alleging she’d witnessed voter fraud, and that Dominion Voting Systems had somehow electronically rigged ballots to vote for Joe Biden. A judge in the state found her allegations “simply not credible.”

Atlanta’s first openly bisexual council member charged with fraud then has his steamy photos leak / Queerty

Atlanta’s first openly bisexual council member charged with fraud then

Antonio Brown made history when he was elected to be Atlanta’s first openly bisexual city council member last year. Not only that, he is also the youngest member on the current council, and the first Black LGBTQ person ever elected to the position.

This week, the 35-year-old made history again by becoming the first sitting council member to be indicted in almost 30 years. And, because when it rains it pours, he also had some steamy photos of himself leak online.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a federal grand jury voted to indict Brown on multiple counts of fraud, including wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, and making false statements on a bank loan application.

The alleged crimes began back in 2012, long before Brown ever took office. He purportedly opened several credit cards and made thousands of dollars in purchases, including $60,000 on a car.

In a 2017 credit card application, Brown allegedly gave the bank false information to the bank when applying for a $75,000, claiming he made $325,000 a year when, in truth, he only made $125,000.

“For years, Antonio Brown allegedly sought to defraud a number of banks and credit card companies by falsely claiming that he was the victim of identity theft,” says U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak.

Speaking to reporters, Brown insisted he is innocent and said that he plans to fight the charges. He also announced he has no intention of resigning his council seat.

In a statement, Brown’s colleague City Council President Felicia Moore reminded people that “the indictment only contains charges and the defendant is presumed innocent until otherwise proven at trial. This is a personal matter to be addressed by Mr. Brown as he undergoes due process of the law.”

Then, as if Brown didn’t have enough to worry about right now, yesterday a queer gossip site called Aazios shared steamy photos of him.

It’s unclear how the site obtained the photos, though it seems highly doubtful it had permission to publish them.

The images are mostly half-naked mirror selfies and PG-13 bedroom pics that one might find in someone’s private album on Scruff, though it’s by no means certain where they actually came from. They could just as easily be old Instagram photos that have since been deleted.

Brown has not commented on the photo leak, though he did take to Instagram yesterday to post a generic message about overcoming adversity.

“The people that have walked alongside me know my heart, sense of integrity & relentless passion to fight for the least of these,” he wrote. “God has been preparing me for such a time as this, I’ve overcome greater, my spirit is strong & I place my faith in God’s Plan. Now watch God work.”

Queerty has reached out to Brown for comment. We will update this post if we hear back.