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GaySail – Intimate Gay Cruises Worldwide

Gay Sail Exclusive Saint Martin, Saint Barth - GaySail

Gay Sail Exclusive Saint Martin, Saint Barth - GaySail


At GaySail we organize fifty gay sailing cruises a year, all over the world, for single gay men, couples, friends and private gay groups. We sail in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, the Virgin Islands, St. Martin & St. Barth, Guadeloupe, Bahamas, Tahiti, Seychelles, Thailand, and Brazil. Our cruises can also be clothes optional or nude.

With our team of more than twenty fully-licensed gay skippers and gay cooks, we offer great one to two-week gay sailing vacations around the world. In addition tom our regular GaySail sailing cruises, we also offer a number of GayNudeSail sailing cruises and GaySail Exclusive luxury sailing cruises, on both mono-hull and catamaran yachts.

Each cruise has gay skipper and a gay cook who will prepare breakfast and lunch for the guests.

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Can one of the best gay movies ever not even utter the word “gay?” / Queerty

Can one of the best gay movies ever not even

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a re-watch.

The Opus: X-Men Days of Future Past

Maybe it’s our sadness over the conclusion of WandaVision, but this weekend has us craving some serious mutant action. Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe started raking in the bucks, 2000s X-Men proved that comic book properties had a built-in audience, and could attract big-name talent, make subtle commentary on social issues facing society, and have a degree of verisimilitude that would make even an absurd premise as super-powered mutants seem plausible. The very uneven catalog of X-films that followed hit an epic peak in 2014 with the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film that combined the casts of all the prior movies into one mammoth story.

In the distant future, the world has become an apocalyptic wasteland thanks to mutant persecution by giant killer robots called Sentinels. The few surviving X-Men–led by Magneto (Ian McKellen) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart)–devise a plan to send Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman, jacked as ever) mind back in time to the 1970s. There, he must unite the younger versions of Magneto and Professor X (Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, respectively) to prevent the rogue mutant Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from assassinating a prominent scientist. Should Wolverine succeed, he can prevent the Sentinel wars of the future, and save all mutantkind.

Days of Future Past has one Hell of a cast roster which, in addition to the aforementioned, includes Elliot Page, Halle Berry, Nicolas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Evan Peters, Omar Sy and Anna Paquin. Beyond that, as with the best of the X-movies, the film also works as a queer metaphor: the wisdom passed on by the Wolverine/Older Xavier/Older Magneto team to a younger generation in hopes of preventing a genocide feels a lot like the survivors of AIDS and systemic homophobia warning an emerging LGBTQ generation not to be complacent, lest they suffer the same fate. The movie features a number of prominent queer actors (including McKellen, Page and Paquin), and the shape-shifting powers of Mystique feel like a literal representation of gender and sexual fluidity.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the film comes from gay director Bryan Singer, a man known as much for his personal scandals as his movies. As with any number of other figures “canceled” for their transgressions (Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Roseanne Barr, Brett Ratner, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein), Singer may never work again. That does not, however, negate his creative accomplishments here. While it’s possible to interpret elements of Days of Future Past as reflecting Singer’s personal woes (Professor X’s drug habit is the most obvious), the movie does not try to normalize any kind of sexual exploitation. Contrast that with the work of Woody Allen, who constantly tries to normalize the sexual relations of older men with barely legal or under-age girls in his films. In other words, Days of Future Past does not have any kind of ulterior motive buried in its plot, nor does it constantly remind viewers of Singer’s alleged sexual assaults.

In sum, then, Singer may be a vile person, but that doesn’t make Days of Future Past a vile film, nor does it negate the outstanding work of the other cast and crew that helped make the film a success. Epic, thrilling, and teeming with queer allegory, we suggest giving it a watch to aid with the WandaVision withdrawal, and as the most successful use of the X-Men on the big screen to date.

Note: Days of Future Past exists in two versions, one from its theatrical release, and a longer version known as the “Rogue Cut” which reinserts several deleted subplots. Watch the Rogue Cut; it is the better, more satisfying complete version of the film.

Streams on Disney+, YouTube, Hulu & iTunes.

Canterbury Inn – Gay Friendly Hotel in Ocean Shores, Washington

Canterbury Inn

Canterbury Inn


The Canterbury Inn is a condominium style hotel in Ocean Shores, along Washington’s beautiful Pacific Coast.

Voted one of the best vacation getaways in Washington, Ocean Shores offers six miles of sandy beaches, twenty-three miles of interconnecting freshwater canals and a charming beach town where you can explore and enjoy some great shopping.

Everyone comes here for the ocean in any season. Enjoy:

* Beach combing
* Flying a kite
* Horseback riding
* Clamming
* Enjoying sunsets over the Pacific

Our freshwater canals are ideal for kayaking, water skiing, and fishing, or even for biking along on a beautiful afternoon. They even run through our local golf course.

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Chicago for Gay Families – 2TravelDads

Chicago for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

Chicago for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

The USA has several cities that are known around the world as being iconic or embodiment of America. We think of New YorkSan FranciscoSeattle and Chicago. Traveling to Chicago is really awesome and totally easy to do in two or three days; you could even have an unforgettable Chicago experience in one day if you were really in a pinch and wanted to. It’s an easy, walk-able city with unlimited potential and plenty of things to do.

There are so many things to do in Chicago, and you really can’t do them all on one trip. For your first trip, or if you’re traveling to Chicago on a tight schedule, these are the best ideas to make sure you explore the city and really get a feel for this incredible town.

To get familiar with the layout of the city, take a look at the map below. You’ll see that Chicago is on the shore of Lake Michigan, so there are several activities and sights very near each other since they’re all in that Magnificent Mile neighborhood, between Michigan Ave and the Lakefront Trail. We don’t include the Shedd Aquarium or Field Museum on our things not to miss in Chicago, but they’re close by too, so easy to add to your list.

By Chris and Rob – Full Story at the 2TravelDads

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George Takei really wants to send this gay man to space / Queerty

George Takei really wants to send this gay man to

Actor, activist and pop culture icon George Takei thinks it’s high time we had a gay man in space. He also thinks he knows the perfect candidate: Jon Carmichael.

On February 28, Takei tweeted out his endorsement of Carmichael, a New York-based astrophotographer, on his grassroots campaign to be the first openly gay man in space.

“First gay man to go to space?” Takei wrote. “I certainly can relate to that dream! Jon’s story is truly inspired. To my LGBTQs and allies, can we make this young man’s day with a RT barrage? Let’s give it maximum warp and help send Jon on that mission!”

Takei also included a retweet from Carmichael, announcing his bid to land a spot on the Inspiration4, a SpaceX experimental rocket designed to ferry private citizens to space. Inspiration4 offers three spots to space tourists who can earn a spot on the ship by sharing an inspirational life story. Carmichael hopes that his life as an adventurer, a gay man, and his advocacy in favor of St. Jude Children’s Hospital–a facility designed to treat kids with cancer–will earn him a spot.

“Hey @Twitter fam!,” he wrote. “There’s a chance I could be the first gay man to go to SPACE! Please watch my story for the #Inspiration4contest and RT – if this tweet takes off, I could too! Help support @StJude by ordering a print at my @Shift4Shop store! joncarmichaelgallery.com”

Replying to Takei’s endorsement, Carmichael wrote: “I believe representation is important; when I look back when I was a child/teenager who was terrified to come out, felt that I was less-than and would never amount to anything, had I seen an openly gay person being selected to go to space, it would’ve changed everything for me.”

Though it was not well known during her time as an astronaut, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, was a lesbian.

Rock Cottage Gardens B&B Inn – Gay Friendly Bed & Breakfast in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Rock Cottage Gardens B&B Inn

Rock Cottage Gardens B&B Inn


Welcome to the Rock Cottage Gardens Bed and Breakfast Inn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Our private property includes five Thomas Kincade-like, charming rock cottages and a small wedding chapel.

Our main house residence has a formal living room and dining room where our guests can gather.

Each of our guest cottages has a two person hot tub, and there’s dedicated off-street guest parking, surrounded by six beautiful garden areas and a fountain pond – a quiet, idyllic place where our guests can relax. We’re just an easy ten-minute walk to downtown Eureka Springs, where you’ll find some great boutique shopping, art galleries and fantastic local restaurants.

All of our cottages also include:

* Gas fireplaces
* AC & heating
* Queen beds
* Showers
* Cable TV
* WiFi internet access
* Mini-refrigerators
* High quality Egyptian sheets
* Luxurious bath towels, bath salts, and spa robes
* Glycerin soaps
* In-room coffee service
* Free water & soda daily.

The inn has been awarded the annual Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence every year since 2011, and The Talk of Town 5 star lodging awards. Our guests love the privacy of the cottages, the peacefulness of our gardens, the fantastic three-course breakfast and the convenient location close to downtown.

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Gay Crete – The Globetrotter Guys

Gay Crete - The Globetrotter Guys

Gay Crete - The Globetrotter Guys

Crete was one of our first vacations as a gay couple and although there isn’t a huge gay scene in Crete we felt very welcome on this beautiful island and have returned since! Crete is the largest island in Greece offering everything from beautiful soft sand beaches, to rich historical sights, a thriving nightlife scene and mountains inland to explore by car.

During our trips we had no issues being gay in Crete and felt particularly comfortable around the touristy areas.

Gay Crete has thousands of visitors from all over the world every year and gay travel around Greece in general is very popular with the likes of Mykonos and Athens for example. In our Gay Crete Travel Guide we have put together the shortlist of the places we have stayed and visited, investigated what the gay scene is like and put together some unmissable trips for your visit!

Where to Stay in Gay Crete

We have been to Crete twice and being the largest island in Greece there are a lot of places to stay.

The first time we stayed in Hersonissos and the second time we split our time between Stalis and Malia. In both cases we made sure to explore as much of the island as possible.

Full Story at The Globetrotter Guys

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Gay Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Gay Area * Nightlife – wolfyy

gay Puerto Vallarta

gay Puerto Vallarta

Mexico’s classic gay travel destination, Puerto Vallarta lures the LGBT community with ritzy beach clubs, budget-friendly hotels and animated gay nightlife. This small city is a frequent choice for Americans and Canadians, especially in winter.

Before visiting Puerto Vallarta, I never fully understood what specifically makes this destination so attractive to gay men. Gay friends and acquaintances of mine always raved about Puerto Vallarta. I quickly found out why.

Puerto Vallarta is so popular because the city is quite conducive to groups of gay travelers. The gay scene here is physically compact. This makes things super easy for friends to coordinate plans.

gay area in Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta Gay Area

The Puerto Vallarta gay area starts in Zona Romántica and continues southward to the border of the Amapas neighborhood. Most of the gay-friendly establishments and nightlife is within the five or so city blocks from the waterfront.

I highly recommend staying in the Puerto Vallarta gay area. It’s convenient and you’ll never run out of things to do. Furthermore, meeting up with friends should easier here since there are so many hotel and resort options in close proximity. You’ll have tons of options for restaurants, shopping and beach clubs, all within a 5-minute walk.

There’s much more to know about gay PV, so continue to wolfyy’s Puerto Vallarta gay guide to find the best hotels, resorts, experiences, and gay nightlife venues. Plus, local travel tips!

Puerto Vallarta Gay Travel Guide on wolfyy – by Louis Lafata

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Ballycommane House & Garden – Gay Owned Bed & Breakfast in Durrus, Co. Cork, Ireland

Ballycommane House & Garden - Gay Owned B&B Near Dublin

Ballycommane House & Garden - Gay Owned B&B Near Dublin


Hidden away in the rolling green hills of West Cork and surrounded by lovely gardens, Ballycommane House is a charming Irish country home on the Wild Atlantic Way, the perfect place to stay while visiting Mizen Head, Sheep’s Head and the Beara peninsula. You’ll also find some wonderful sandy beaches close by where you can swim in the summertime. 

Ballycommane House is perfect for relaxation. The house has panaoramic views of the Irish landscape and well-tended gardens. From our B&B, you’ll see sheep grazing on green pastures, cultivated farms, thick forests and wild-open hills dotted with ancient Irish stone houses. The countryside exudes an enchanting Old World charm.

The hosts are not Irish but they follow the Irish tradition of home-away-from-home culture to provide you a relaxing, enjoyable stay. 

Ballycommane House has been tastefully renovated over time to meet modern living standards, but it retains its rustic charm. Our gorgeous landscaped gardens, filled with subtropical vegetation and outdoor seating areas, welcome relaxation and contemplation – a tranquil environment we all need in these chaotic times. The extensive gardens cover three-and-a-half acres and offer an array of colour and an abundance of flowers, mature shrubs and trees. Heated by the warm waters of the Gulf stream, exotic plants from all around the world thrive in our mild climate. Our gardens are open all the time, with benches and outdoor seating areas where you can sit, chill and enjoy the quiet.

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Gay Fort Lauderdale – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Fort Lauderdale - The Nomadic Boys

Gay Fort Lauderdale - The Nomadic Boys

Over the past few decades, Fort Lauderdale has evolved massively to become the gay capital of Florida as well as one of the top LGBTQ destinations in the USA. The city has everything to suit all LGBTQ travellers including clothing-optional male-only resorts, gay beaches, many gay events taking place throughout the year and of course the gay scene of Wilton Manors!

We’ve been several times to Fort Lauderdale, either as a stopover for a cruise, or to go to one of the many gay parties they have here throughout the year like “Wicked Manors” on Halloween. We always love coming here, particularly as it’s a 365 day destination. There’s always something happening and you’re almost always guaranteed gorgeous sunny weather.

This is our detailed gay guide to Fort Lauderdale featuring highlights from the gay scene of Wilton Manors, the best gay beaches, events and gay hotels to stay. Read why we included Fort Lauderdale in our detailed guide to the best vacation places in the world for LGBTQ travelers.

Is “Gay Fort Lauderdale” Really Gay Friendly?

Fort Lauderdale has evolved so much over the past few decades to become one of the gayest places in the entire country, especially Wilton Manors. It’s so gay that in the 2010 US Census it was ranked as the second gayest place in the USA after Provincetown for most gays couples per 1,000.

Even the community leaders of Wilton Manors are predominantly gay. The city’s first openly gay mayor was John Fiore who was elected in 2000. He was then succeeded by Jim Stork in 2002, making Wilton Manors the first city in the United States to elect two consecutive openly gay mayors. More recently, Justin Flippen was the openly gay mayor of Wilton Manors, who sadly died in early 2020 from a brain aneurysm.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys