Hey guys, I’ve taken the time to do a Google form regarding butch identity and the butch experience in general. I’ve done something similar some months ago, and others advised me to make questions which feel less leading or limiting. That criticism helped me do a better version of my first form and I’d be very thankful if I received any once again with this one, be that positive or negative. I’d like to add that this isn’t for any type of research! What actually moved me was curiosity and that very human need of knowing “am I the only one who feels this way?”. So don’t think there’s some crazy evil alien plan to steal your data please! lmao. I will, in fact, post all the results after a week, because I believe you all would be interested in knowing them. Not all questions are required to answer, so you can absolutely feel free to skip those. Thank you.

EDIT: If there’s a “If so” it is only for the people who answered “Yes” to the question. If that’s not you there’s no need to answer “No”, just skip the question.

(If you wish to know I am butch and 18 years old)