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Gay Madrid – The Globetrotter Guys

Gay madrid - Checa - The Globetrotter Guys

Gay madrid - Checa - The Globetrotter Guys

The main gay area in Madrid is called Chueca and is named after Federico Chueca who could be considered Madrid’s first gay icon.

The area spans about 1km north of Gran Via (one of the main streets) and east to west between Calle Hortaleza and Paseo de Recoletos. The main bulk of gay bars in Chueca are found within ten minutes walking distance of Plaza De Chueca – where the metro station is found.

Chueca is walkable from the ‘city centre’ (Plaza Del Sol) or just a couple of metro stops. It is obvious you have arrived in the gay area given that the walls of the metro station in Chueca are painted floor to ceiling in rainbows!

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What will you find in Chueca?

Being the main gay area in Madrid, Chueca is home to the majority of the gay bars and clubs(20+), many gay oriented shops, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, gay saunas and cruising clubs. There is plenty to do to keep you busy!

It is also where you will find one of the many main stages and performance areas during Madrid Pride as Chueca becomes the focal point of the city and a vibrant hub of activity during this time.

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You Need Help: Why Do I Keep Crushing on Straight White Guys?

You Need Help: Why Do I Keep Crushing on Straight


I’m a bisexual nonbinary Asian who grew up in Asia and currently studying in Vancouver, where is the first time I’m surrounded by many white people my age.

I’ve recently found myself having a pattern of crushing on white guys (the cishet part is also assumed). I’ve had two crushes that did not go well. One led me on and the other I found out he had an aggressive incident in the past.

I’m currently crushing on another guy that I don’t know really well, but now I just feel burnt out on having crushes. I don’t have a lot of experience myself, I don’t know how to date and I come from a completely different culture. I’m just confused why I keep crushing on white guys. Please help.


Hello, fellow bisexual Asian!

I feel you hard on this one. First of all, you’re attracted to who you’re attracted to. As long as you feel safe in that attraction, you can let go of any guilt you may be holding onto. That’s just true across the board.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and think about why you’re attracted to the types of people you’re attracted to. It doesn’t mean that you can’t expand and push the boundaries of your worldview of what makes someone attractive. It definitely doesn’t mean you can’t make a conscious decision about who to actually date.

It just means you can’t necessarily control for whom your heart thumps faster. Such is the central plotline of every lesbian romcom.

Let’s get into the white boy crush thing. It makes perfect sense that you’d be attracted to white guys if you’re living in a place that’s predominantly white. It’s who’s in your dating pool. Additionally, we’ve all been socially conditioned to feel feelings for white guys..or at least know that we should be having those feelings.

Regardless of where you live in the world, the image of the attractive white, cis, straight man is a prevalent symbol of power. White men own everything. White male actors are popular all over the world. There’s no question about whether white men are considered universally attractive. Even if you, like me, generally find most white straight guys annoying, if you’re attracted to men, you’re probably sometimes attracted to white guys.

On top of that, bisexual folks may find themselves in situations where they’re in relationships with straight partners. Heteronormativity is a real thing and it’s frankly quite easy to run into attractive straight people, most of whom will presume you’re also straight and cis, literally anywhere. Straight men are just out in the world approaching women or those they perceive to be women all the time. Some of them are decent, dateable humans, too.

Having crushes on white, cis, straight men may be about proximity more than a pattern. That’s OK. What I read into your question, though, is a concern about what it means to be attracted to straight white men for a queer Asian person. As well as an observation that these potential dates so far have turned out to be not-so-great people and, like, what’s up with that?

A lot of us deal with a personal history of internalized racism. I sure did and do. Growing up, I didn’t just want a white boyfriend, I wanted to be white. I always saw myself through a white lens of beauty and, thus, assumed white boys weren’t attracted to me and also was very, very naive whenever a white boy was attracted to me.

This may not be your experience, growing up in an Asian country. However, you should know this is the way that many white boys in Canada grew up, with racist stereotypes about Asian women, with fetishized ideas about Asian women rooted in colonialization and violent histories, thinking that Asian women are doll-like and passive and being attracted to that imbalance of power. Not all straight white men are gross predators with so-called “Asian fetishes,” but all straight white men were brought up in a white supremacist and racist culture that imbued them with these ideas about Asian women.

You’re not imagining that the dynamic between white people and Asian partners is uncomfortable. Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, there are a lot of white people who fetishize their Asian partners. Whether someone has a gross self-proclaimed Asian fetish or not, there’s always a worry that they’re interested in what you represent, not who you are. Even when you’ve met a really good, honest, kind white person who doesn’t have a history of fetishizing Asian partners, that worry’s still there.

On top of that, there’s the pressure within some Asian communities to date within your race. Not just the pressure from parents and family, the pressure from the larger world. Look at American celebrity, Constance Wu, and all the unnecessary shit she gets for dating a white man when, in fact, she advocated to delete a line from the film version of Crazy Rich Asians in which her character said she didn’t date Asian men. On top of all the white supremacy stuff, there’s a level of shame in dating a white partner instead of an Asian partner within Asian communities.

Enter you, a nonbinary, bisexual Asian person who’s suddenly getting heart flutters for straight, cis, white men. There could be a lot of things going on. It could be that you are being hit on by white men who are, on a conscious or subconscious level, attracted to Asian partners for racist reasons. It could be that you’re just meeting a lot of white straight guys because they’re literally everywhere around you and it’s cultural pressure that’s making you feel weird about it. It could be that you have some internalized racism or internalized homophobia or internalized transphobia to work through and that has drawn you to see cis white men as super attractive status symbols. It could just be a random occurrence that you have had three crushes on three hot straight guys in a row and maybe your next three crushes will be on hot Asian queer folx.

There’s nothing wrong with you for being attracted to white men. There are things you should watch out for to protect yourself from getting hurt by the wrong kind of white men. Watch out for things like race-based compliments, a history of dating only Asian partners, a history of intimate partner violence, and any sexist or racist behavior.

I don’t know what your queer community looks like for you in real life, but I’m also going to throw in this final bit of advice. Consider seeking out and immersing yourself in queer spaces as often as you can. If there aren’t queer Asian spaces available to you, look for BIPOC queer and trans spaces. You may find your crushes become more varied when you have more options to crush on. Not that racism can’t happen in BIPOC spaces, but you’re less likely to have nagging anxiety around white supremacy. I know finding those spaces in a new place can be hard. If you are still seeking out your queer community, you can start small-ish. Join an online community. Follow more queer and trans Asian folks on social media. Attend a virtual meet-up. You’ll definitely make some new connections and, just maybe, find some new cuties to crush on.

Get intimate with the regular guys of one of world’s gayest cities, Sydney / GayCities Blog

Get intimate with the regular guys of one of world’s

We can’t wait until travel resumes. In the meantime, here’s a chance to travel virtually to Australia for close ups of the guys of Sydney.

The photos for this article were all shot pre-COVID in Sydney, Australia.

GayCities exclusively shares a selection of the photos along with a bit of behind the scenes commentary by Elska Magazine editor and photographer Liam Campbell.

Gary P

Gary taught me about Sydney. Before I arrived, I knew that it had a positive reputation as one of the gayest cities in the world, but that it also had a negative reputation as being home to a lot of racism. Gary inspired me to go out there and be more of a journalist. So I started contacting and chatting with a lot of Aussie POCs and discovered that many feel unwelcome in Sydney. It was so upsetting, but if there is a silver lining to such a terrible situation, it’s that the white men I spoke to about it were also very aware and concerned. Gary does belong there, and it really should be somewhere that’s welcoming to all queer people regardless of where they or their ancestors were born.

Stephen G

My arrival in Sydney was quite surreal. Not only was I groggy after a very long string of flights, but the air was a strange brown-orange color due to a raging season of wildfires (this issue was photographed in late January, 2020). But somehow, as if by magic, rain poured down after I arrived at Stephen’s place for the first shoot of the week. With that rain came a change in the colour of the light to something more cool and flattering; and following the rain the whole city was covered in a thin layer of dirt. Many people had been wearing masks to protect from the ash in the air, and this rain gave us a few days of easy breathing. Little did Sydneysiders know that only a few weeks later would they need to get their masks out again, but this time not because of ash but because of Covid-19. When I look at this picture of Stephen though, I remember this brief oasis of normality and like everyone else hope to get back to that feeling soon.

Rhett P

One of the most fun aspects of doing my job, other than the travel, is meeting so many people. In every city I visit, I usually meet upwards of a dozen local men who I then spend a few hours with, walking around their neighborhood, basically just hanging out but with a camera. Rhett was one of those guys who I just got on with instantly. I can be quite shy, but he cracked my shell instantly, and soon we were bantering and joking with each other. The only problem was that at first, I felt a little uncomfortable about how open I could be. That’s because he was just so masculine that it made me feel a bit like I was back in high school with the jocks and bullies. So I just told him about my first impression, and he laughed – “Don’t worry, I’m gay.” That instantly put me at ease, and also reminded me that I need to snap out of being nervous about straight guys, or anyone. If anyone has a problem, I should be unafraid to defend myself. Rhett told me about his own struggles as a trans, gay man, and he really inspired me to be more fearless.

Dan C

In most cities I visit, I tend to avoid tourist areas. When I did an issue in London, there were no shots of Big Ben or Tower Bridge; when I did an issue in Los Angeles, there was no Hollywood sign in the background of any pictures. Instead, I just like to focus on everyday ‘authentic’ neighborhoods, but in Sydney I just couldn’t resist doing one clichéd setting. That’s because I just really wanted to see the Sydney Opera House, and since I only had four days in the city and fourteen photoshoots to do, I’d have no time for sightseeing unless I combined it with work. Dan was gracious enough to drive me over to The Rocks, and then we did some shots with the Opera House, by Circular Quay, and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The best, or most interesting, shot of all though is one I can’t share here, it’s in the print mag if you want to see it. In that pic, Dan is sitting on a bench under the bridge, and something sort of pops out of his short shorts. I warned him, but he said he didn’t mind if I took the photo anyway. I shouldn’t have been surprised at his attitude – he wrote his story about being a keen nudist after all.

Rhodes H

With Rhodes, we met first in the heart of Sydney’s gayest district, Darlinghurst. There we grabbed some shots in and around the main drag, Oxford Street, before going back to his place for the second part of the shoot. This part is often the most challenging because you don’t know what a person’s home will be like – if it will be big, bright, or inspiring. In Rhodes’s case, he had a really small flat, basically just one room with a washbasin and a single small window. It was going to be a tough job, but we decided to just black out the window, turn all the lights off, and use a table lamp to cast a spotlight on him, creating shadows while he moved around on the bed. Despite the initial worry I had when I arrived at his home, it turned out to be one of the most fun and interesting shoots I’d ever done.

Richard S

It was unbelievably hot in Sydney, and my shoot with Richard was the hottest – just over 40 C (104 F), even at 10 am when we met. This was at the end of my week of shooting, and it was also the end of a brief respite before the wildfires reignited (my last shoot, later that evening with John A created some of the ‘ugliest’ outdoor images everywhere, not because of him but because of the dirty sky, which smelled strongly of burning and made it difficult to breathe). Anyway, I remember rushing our photoshoot, at least the outdoor part, and that as soon as we got to Richard’s flat, he turned the fans on and I stood in front of one to cool off while he fetched me something cold to drink. I ended up blocking that fan for myself throughout the shoot, while Richard kept cool by getting undressed, definitely one positive side to doing a nude photo session!

Timur S

Whenever I meet someone who’s lived in other countries, I get so excited and you can’t shut me up. Timur was originally from Kazakhstan, but also lived in Moscow and Shanghai before finally settling down with his new husband in Sydney. Naturally, I was asking for advice about doing an issue in Elska in Almaty and beyond. He didn’t really have a lot of advice for Kazakhstan though, but he knew plenty of guys in Russia and China who he knew would love to take part. If only I could actually travel again! I don’t know when I’ll be able to shoot another Elska, but I will be waiting impatiently until I can, and I look forward to presenting more local boys and local stories from more cities soon.

Liam Campbell is editor and chief photographer of the indie print mag, Elska, a project that involves traveling around the world, getting to know some regular local guys, and introducing them and their city to the world through honest photography and personal stories.

Elska Sydney is out now in a limited edition print version and in an e-version. A behind-the-scenes companion zine called Elska Ekstra Sydney is also available from the Elska website.

Madrid Gay Shopping – The Globetrotter Guys

Addicted & ES Madrid

Addicted & ES Madrid

When it comes to gay shops in Madrid, the majority are focused on clothing and apparel showcasing some of the best gay clothing brands around such as Addicted and ES Collection.

Madrid’s gay scene is unapologetically sexualised, so it’s no surprise that these shops reflect that scene. The list gay shops in Madrid below focuses on shops found in the gay area of Madrid, Chueca. This is also where you will find the majority of the gay bars and clubs in Madrid.

It is definitely worth checking out these gay shops and picking up some new gear when visiting Madrid, we don’t have many of these shops on offer at home in the UK!

Gay Shops in Madrid

One of our favourite brands for swimwear, Addicted and ES Collection are both high quality Spanish brands. The shops sells everything from underwear, to swimwear, t-shirts, vests/tanks, shorts, jeans, sports gear and Addicted now also has a fetish collection.

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Madrid Gay Bars – The Globetrotter Guys

Madrid Gay Bars - The Globetrotter Guys

Madrid Gay Bars - The Globetrotter Guys

The main gay area in Madrid is called Chueca and is named after Federico Chueca who could be considered Madrids first gay icon. The area spans about 1km north of Gran Via (one of the main streets) and east to west between Calle Hortaleza and Paseo de Recoletos. The main bulk of gay bars in Chueca are found within ten minutes walking distance of Plaza De Chueca – where the metro station is found. 

Chueca is walkable from the ‘city centre’ (Plaza Del Sol) or just a couple of metro stops.

It is obvious you have arrived in the gay district given that the walls of the metro station in Chueca are painted floor to ceiling in rainbows!

However, it’s not all about Chueca as you will find gay bars scattered all across the city as far as Lavapies. Equally, when it comes to large gay events and parties in Madrid, the venues are sometimes scattered around but easily accessible.

What Are Madrid Gay Bars Like?

If you have travelled to Spain before you will know they do things differently here. Whereas your night might start at 10/11pm in the UK or US, the main gay bars and clubs in Madrid are just opening their doors at 1/2am, getting busy at 3am and continuing until 6/7am in the morning.

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Gay Alaska – The Globetrotter Guys

Gay Alaska - The Globetrotter Guys

Gay Alaska - The Globetrotter Guys

Alaska is somewhere that has been on our bucket list for a very long time. Whilst our knowledge is limited to glaciers, snow-capped mountains, whales and grizzly bears, every photo we see of the incredible landscape and wildlife just makes us more eager to visit!

Whilst a lot of the states in America are well-known for being either very gay-friendly, or the complete opposite, ‘gay Alaska’ wasn’t something we knew anything about.

To find out more, we spoke to local gay guy Victor, from Anchorage. Here’s what he has to say about being gay in Alaska.

Hi Victor! Can you first please introduce yourself to our readers? Tell them a little bit about yourself – where you are from / your hobbies and interests etc.

Hi guys! I’m Victor. I’m 36 years old, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, but I’ve also spent a significant amount of time at Alexander Creek. Alexander Creek is a tiny community off the road system, meaning you can only reach it by boat, sea plane or snowmachine (we don’t call them snowmobiles in Alaska).

I have been married twice. The 1st time was to a woman, and I have two biological daughters. I have been with my husband, Eric, for just over six years now. We were married in Alaska in 2016 and I’ve never been happier.

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Now there’s video of Jerry Falwell Jr. with his pants unzipped and partying with shirtless guys / Queerty

Now there’s video of Jerry Falwell Jr. with his pants

Hey, remember that weird picture of Jerry Falwell Jr. with his pants open that was circulating on social media earlier this week? Well, now there’s a video to go along with it!

A little backstory: For no apparent reason, the Liberty University President tweeted a photo of himself this week on a yacht with his fly unzipped and his pants wide open. Beside him was a woman, not his wife, also with her pants wide open.

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Politico reports that the woman’s name is Kathleen Stone and her Facebook page lists Liberty University as her employer. The photo was purportedly taken during a costume party on a yacht last weekend.

The image was shared across Falwell’s social media platforms, but was only up for a few minutes before he deleted it, though not before a screenshot was taken and widely circulated across the internet.

Now, video from the costume party has also surfaced and it offers a truly bizarre glimpse into what the staff at Liberty University does in their free time.

The video is supposed to be a parody intro to the show Trailer Park Boys, highlighting each of the partygoers dressed up as a different character, with Falwell as “Julian.”

It shows inebriated guests getting drunk, dancing, lounging around, and pretending to smoke cigarettes. In the background of one shot are a bunch of empty red Solo cups one might find at a college house party.

All of this is deeply ironic given that Liberty University prohibits alcohol consumption for all students on or off campus.

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In an interview with a local radio station in Lynchburg, Virginia, Falwell explained the story behind the viral photo, saying the woman he is pictured beside is his “wife’s assistant,” adding, “She’s a sweetheart and I should never have put it up and embarrassed her.”

As for why they were posing together with their pants open, Falwell explained, “She’s pregnant so she couldn’t get her–she couldn’t get her pants up. And I was like, trying to like–my–I had on pair of jeans that I hadn’t worn in a long time so I couldn’t get mine zipped either. And so–and so–I just put my belly–I just put my belly out like hers.”

“We were on vacation. And, anyway, long story short it was just in good fun. That’s it.”

He added, “I’ve apologized to everybody. And I’ve promised my kids I’m going to try to be–I’m gonna try to be a good boy from here on out.”

Watch the truly, truly bizarre video below. We should warn you that it cannot be unseen. 

You guys to? : actuallesbians

You guys to? : actuallesbians

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We’re not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

South African Wildlife Sanctuaries – The Globetrotter Guys

South African Wildlife Sanctuaries - The Globetrotter Guys

South African Wildlife Sanctuaries - The Globetrotter Guys

Without a doubt, one of the main draws of visiting South Africa is the native wildlife.

Almost as soon as you picture visiting South Africa – or Africa as a whole – images of iconic animals spring to mind – lions, zebras, elephants, rhinos, buffalo and cheetahs to name just a few.

Of course, the best way to view the local wildlife is in the wild. There are countless safaris to choose from, allowing you to see these animals in their natural habitat, such as Sanbona which we visited near to Cape Town.

However safaris can be quite expensive, span for a few days and there is of course no guarantee of sightings. So, for a lot of people, whether you are on a budget, or limited time, the next best alternative to see native wildlife is by visiting a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. 

Choosing a South African Wildlife Sanctuary

When it comes to choosing among South Africa wildlife sanctuaries to visit, there are a few things to take into consideration.

  • First, where is the sanctuary located – is it easily accessible to where you are based or staying?
  • Secondly, what can you expect to see there? Does the sanctuary have permanent residents, or do the animals change?
  • And for us, most importantly of all, is the sanctuary ethical – and how so?

As we were lucky enough to spend 3 months in South Africa during 2019, we managed to visit quite a few different sanctuaries.

Full Story at The Globetrotter Guys

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Guys list their favorite gay saunas around the world (for when covid is over) / Queerty

Guys list their favorite gay saunas around the world (for

Someday (hopefully) soon, quarantine practices will be phased out, and we’ll be free to travel around the world.

On Reddit, users are listing their favorite saunas, prompted by a guy asking for steamy recommendations.

“Maybe you’re like me — deprived of human touch since the pandemic and reminiscing about your past ways,” the original poster wrote, kicking off the conversation. “While gay saunas are not for every guy, I miss going to safe places to meet men and just feel liberated.”

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Here are the saunas commenters recommended, illustrated with Instagram pics geotagged at each location.

The Babylon, Bangkok, Thailand

Der Boiler, Berlin, Germany

Sauna Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Sauna Paraíso, Madrid, Spain

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Sauna Hispalis, Seville, Spain

Sauna Condal, Barcelona

Steamworks, Chicago, USA