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“9-1-1” Serves up a Hot Double Dose of Henrietta Wilson

"9-1-1" Serves up a Hot Double Dose of Henrietta Wilson

WELL it has been a week! RuPaul’s Drag Race arrived at its dreaded annual “sewing challenge” and it was a full bag of tricks, if you know what we mean. Batwoman is ready to fully embody Bat Girl Magic, and every episode gets better than the one before (plus did you hear? We’re renewed for Season Three! More Ryan Wilder for everyone!). Riverdale finally had its graduation episode, five seasons in the making! And Welcome Back to To L and Back, Carly and Riese are tackling The L Word Season Six (ironic, since most of our TV Team agrees that Season Six doesn’t exist! But that’s what makes it fun!)

Ellen Muth and Stockard Channing in The Truth About Jane

Every gay teen owned this shirt in the 90s and 00s. We don’t make the rules.

Over in the land of movies, Heather watched the Lifetime Original Movie The Truth About Jane (the truth is that Jane’s a lesbian! Sorry for the spoilers! We couldn’t wait!) for our Lost Movie Reviews. She also found us an exclusive clip of the film Two of Us, which believe it or not is about two old dykes and is going to be France’s Oscar contender this year. Then she reviewed the entire elder lesbian thriller for us, and if that description doesn’t grab your attention — we don’t know what will.

Drew spent all her (virtual) time at Sundance, our first time being invited to the festival as a publication and we are so proud of her!! Here’s a rundown of everything that she saw:

And of course, as we start a new month, here is Riese’s comprehensive What’s New and Queer and Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO Max in February 2021? for all your streaming needs!!

Notes from the TV Team:

+ After giving the show up, post-Kate/Rana, I’ve been checking into Coronation Street a bit more regularly lately: first because of the stellar performance of out actress Shelley King in a domestic abuse storyline and now because of the budding romance between two teen characters, Asha and Nina. I’m not thrilled about the story’s pacing so far but, still, I’m excited to see where things go. — Natalie

+ Well, Superstore finally decided to take my advice (sort of) and added a lady gay to the Cloud 9 team. It wasn’t who I’d hoped but I will take it. — Natalie

+ Top Chef alum (and perennial No Filter fixture) Kristen Kish has a new cooking competition show on Tru TV called Fast Foodies. It’s a cool premise: a celebrity shares their favorite fast food with three top tier chefs and, in the first round, they do their best to replicate it. In the second round, the chefs put their gourmet spin the dish while still trying to keep that fast food flavor. This is gonna be fun. — Natalie

+ I think we might need to put out an APB for Lisbeth on Nancy Drew, but to be fair the Drew Crew has been a little busy what with the death curse and all. That said, the gayest thing that’s happened in the past few weeks is search for a sea shanty (despite there being plenty of them on TikTok) so I’ll be back next week with a longer update. — Valerie Anne

+ Some very sad breaking news in case you missed it, but it looks like season 4B of Wynonna Earp is going to be its last. My condolences to all the Eapers out there. — Carmen

9-1-1 403: “Future Tense”

Written by Natalie

In her first night of Gross Anatomy lab, Hen starts to question her life choices.

Henrietta Wilson is balancing a lot: she’s married with two children, including a newly adopted precocious toddler, she’s working full-time as a firefighter/parademic during the day and at night, she’s attending medical school. She’s been able to juggle all of it until she arrives in her Gross Anatomy and meets her lab partners, Luis and April Nardini.

Actually, the character’s name is Sydney, but, in an exquisite bit of casting, she’s played by the same actress that played April Nardini of Gilmore Girls infamy. On top of that, she behaves exactly like you’d expect a grown up April Nardini to act (which is, of course, awful). So, in short, I’m gonna call her April.

The sight of the trio’s cadaver leaves Luis feeling a little squeamish and Hen tries to be soothing and supportive. When it looks like Luis is going to vomit before making his first incision, April takes the scalpel and does it on her own. But before she can finish her initial cuts, she faints and collapses on the floor. An ambulance is called but, of course, April refuses to go, dismissing the paramedics as “medical Uber drivers.” When Luis reminds April that Hen’s a paramedic, she offers no apology and instead turns to complete the dissection. She stays ambulatory this time and discovers that their cadaver likely died of cancer. Hen tries to be a supportive friend but April is clearly not here to make friends…she’s just here to work.

Later, April shows up at Hen’s front door. By the time she shows up, it’s been a hectic day — Nia’s chasing Denny around the house, hoping to add to the art she’s drawn on his face, just as the social worker pops in for a surprise visit — so Hen’s not really in the mood for whatever April’s got to say. But, of course, because April has absolutely no home-training, she persists, asking for Hen to cover for her with their GA professor. Hen calls her out for only worrying about herself and then April lashes out, giving voice to all the doubts Hen’s had about pursuing a medical career in the first place. Hen — as nicely as she possibly can with the social worker hovering nearby — shuts the door in April’s face.

After getting a confidence boost from Athena, Hen walks into her next interaction with April with a steely resolve. When April insinuates that Hen doesn’t have the fight to become a doctor, Hen reminds her that as a black lesbian, she has to prove herself in every space she’s ever been in. Hen notices the HRT patch on April’s arm and Hen explains that just prior to starting medical school she had surgery to reduce the likelihood that her BRCA1 mutation would lead to cancer and an early death, as it had for her mother and grandmother. Finally understanding why April’s pushing so hard, Hen softens and invites April to work with her to accomplish their shared goal.

9-1-1: Lone Star 203: “Hold the Line”

Written by Natalie

Hen makes a trip to Texas to help fight the state's firefighters but now, maybe, she wishes she'd just stayed home.

It was a double-dose of Henrietta Wilson this week as she and her Station 118 teammates, Buck and Eddie, head to Texas to battle a wildfire threatening to spread across the state. It’s the first crossover event for the 9-1-1 franchise and, honestly, only the third episode of Lone Star that I’ve watched. I spent the entire first season avoiding it because of my disdain for Rob Lowe but then they added Gina Torres to the cast and, well, a girl can only resist so much.

When the team arrives at the staging site, they’re all dispatched to their assignments: Buck to the fire line, Hen to the base camp medical unit and Eddie accompanying a strike team through the woods to search for some missing youth campers. Eddie’s group navigates the woods on ATVs and is able to locate some of the missing kids. One kid, JJ, remains missing, though; still lost after having ventured out on his own for a solo expedition. The camp’s counselor stumbles onto the scene, after having searched for JJ, with his burnt chest restricting his breathing. Eddie performs an emergency procedure to give the counselor’s lungs room to expand and they send everyone down to the medical unit for additional treatment. With only two hours of daylight left and the wind shifting, Hen worries about the strike team and the missing boy.

In hopes of getting everyone back safely, Hen recommends that the Captain (the aforementioned Lowe) send an infrared-equipped helicopter up the mountain to expedite the search. Captain Strand is reluctant, given the wind speed and the encroaching fire line, but he volunteers to go himself…and, of course, Hen climbs in next to him. Once they’re airborne, Hen’s able to locate JJ using infrared technology and guides them through the process of stabilizing him enough for transport. The wind gusts make it impossible for Captain Stand to conduct the rescue so they leave it to the team on the ground and head back to base…only the wind whips the helicopter around and sends it crashing into the mountain.

Though the pilot sustained some injuries and Strand has a likely concussion, everyone survives. He finds abandoned mineshaft as a refuge from the firestorm. Strand and Hen make small talk about their respective families until the winds outside send a plume of smoke into the mineshaft and force them to take action. Hen plants their jackets outside to alert rescue teams to their position, while Strand sets up the mine’s leftover dynamite to seal them in the shaft. They take intermittent breaths from their oxygen tanks to ensure that they can survive in the unventilated mine.

Worried that they’ll die before someone can get to them, Strand and Hen trade stories of the guilt they carry. He talks about losing his team on 9/11 and even having lost a parademic on his team just recently. Hen can relate: she shares the story of the 16 year old girl she killed with her ambulance. The noxious gas overwhelms and Hen passes out. Thankfully, moments later Buck, Eddie and Strand’s Station 126 crew arrive and rescue the fallen firefighters and the pilot.

All American 303: “High Expectations”

Written by Natalie

Coop goes to see Mrs. Baker for some answers on "All American."

This week on All American, Coop opts not to heed Preach’s warning about staying out of Mo’s business and, instead, tries to investigate on her own. She spots Mo getting into it with a rival gang and when she asks about it, Coop’s once again told to stay out of it. Later, she shares her suspicions with Spencer that something big’s about to go down but he smartly points out that she’s out of the game now so whatever Mo was doing with the rival gang isn’t her business. But still, Coop persists, calling in a favor in exchange for information. Turns out, Coop’s instincts were right, something big is going down: the cops have arrested the guy who shot Spencer James.

The revelation leaves Coop with more questions than answers so she goes to see someone who can give her answers: Mrs. Baker. The newly elected DA allays some of Coop’s concerns — no one snitched on the shooter — but can’t give Coop the information she wants. Baker explains that the shooter, perhaps driven by guilt, just came in and confessed to the shooting. Coop can’t understand why someone would just confess to a case that had gone cold but the DA can’t tell her anything definitive. Still convinced that Mo’s up to something, Coop takes her paranoia to Spencer, just as he’s suiting up for the first game of the season. Maybe Mo threatened the shooter or maybe she threatened his family, she speculates. Unsurprisingly, Spencer is less than thrilled about Coop’s timing.

“Are you serious right now?” Spencer says, exasperated. “I don’t need this right now. Look. I got enough problems of my own, all right? I ain’t got time for your conspiracy theories.”

Undeterred, Coop takes her quest directly to Mo, who is, surprisingly, candid about her involvement. She dismisses Coop’s suggestions that threatened anyone and recommits to cleaning up the neighborhood, her way. Repeating the same thing Coop heard earlier, Mo says, “Tell Spence the neighborhood’s looking out for him,” and suddenly, I’m suspicious about Mo too. If someone was going to plan to get revenge on Coop, a good way to start would be isolating her from the community that cares about her.

Legacies 303: “Salvatore: The Musical!”

Written by Valerie Anne

josie jade legacies

I know they’re cheesy but I don’t care, I will always love a musical episode of TV, and the CW shows always deliver. I especially loved this one because, having seen The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Salvatore: The Musical! is a show I’d watch a full production of without question, especially if these sweet baby angels really starred in it. But, this episode of Legacies was everything that’s great about this show while also being everything that’s disappointing about it. The episode had some lovely twin moments, and had Josie, Lizzie, and Hope all taking a step back and examining their feelings. It had a VERY EMOTIONAL (for me, at least) voiceover from THE Caroline Forbes, telling Lizzie that her brain chemistry makes some things harder for her but that doesn’t mean she’s broken. The combination of the cameo and the words and just thinking about how far Caroline has come, and how far Lizzie has come, made me emotional. Plus, this episode featured more Kaleb which is always the correct choice. But then it also had Landon doing things explicitly against Hope’s wishes and making everything about him and being rewarded for it. It also had Josie getting a glimpse of happiness then having it taken away.

At the end of the episode, Jade goes to see Josie to tell her what a great job she did playing Elena Gilbert in the show. Josie says that she really relates to Elena; everything around her stayed the same while she changed because of this traumatic thing that happened to her. Jade suggests maybe getting out of town, which I would argue is bad advice just because it would mean less Josie for me personally, but before she goes wants to make sure her and Josie shouldn’t date. Technically Jade was her babysitter at one point, but also Jade was stuck in a prison world for a long time, so Josie basically caught up in age, and also Elena dated BOTH Salvatore brothers who were hundreds of years older than her, soooo I don’t see the issue. Josie wants to at least have a real kiss that isn’t dark magic induced though, so kiss they do. I wish I could believe this isn’t the last we’ll see of Jade, but knowing my and Josie’s luck, she’s gone the way of Penelope Park and won’t be back.

Dickinson 207: “Forever — is composed of Nows”

Written by Valerie Anne

sue emily dickinson spa

Just some gal pals having a spa day together, nothing to see here.

I’m just going to say it: I hate that these Dickinson episodes are dropping weekly instead of all at once. Because for the first time ever I am frustrated with it, and part of me is hoping it’ll work itself out but I’ve never had time to be frustrated with it before by nature of being able to see the whole package at once! But last episode when Emily hallucinated Sue telling her she was looking for love in all the wrong places, I thought Emily understood that all these strange emotions she was feeling about Sam weren’t love but this episode she leaned into thinking she’s in love with him even harder. Which she pulls Sue away at the spa to tell her.

Even though she looked at Sue directly in her face and said Sam makes her not able to write, she doesn’t put together that love is what MAKES her write; think of all the poems she wrote to Sue! But just patiently tells her that Emily’s anxiety about being published, about everything changing, it’s all normal.

Eventually she tells her sister that “a man is ruining my life” and Lavinia tells her that doesn’t sound much like her; she’s an independent woman if she’s ever met one. And ultimately it’s her mother that tells her that she doesn’t deserve to feel unwell, that that’s not love.

Feeling better, and with Sue reminding her again she’s in her corner, and emboldened by Sam telling her that her poem will be on the front page, Emily hands over every poem she’s ever written to this man. Because forever is composed of nows… so why not now?

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Episode 1302 Recap: Gottmik Publicly Comes Out as Trans — And Hot

"RuPaul's Drag Race" Episode 1302 Recap: Gottmik Publicly Comes Out

Maybe this really is RuPaul’s Best Friend Race?? After the premiere’s dalliance in psychological torture, we return this week with just about the most wholesome Drag Race episode in the show’s 13 seasons.

But first! We must wrap up the psychological torture! The queens in the Porkchop Loading Dock are voting one of their own out with lipsticks All Stars-style. They didn’t even get to see each other’s lip syncs so this is based entirely on first impressions. Joey votes Elliott. Denali votes Joey. Kahmora votes Utica. The rest remain anonymous to the viewers but Elliott and Utica tie for the bottom. They do a re-vote and bye-bye Elliott — two Ts, three eliminations, one hour on Drag Race. Impressive stats.

Not to be that girl, but I’ve watched enough Drag Race to know this wasn’t the end for Elliott. Still, the queens seem so convinced! Rosé the Gemini has a comically cold confessional where she’s basically like oh well.

But enough about the losers! Back in the workroom the winners are starting their first real day. Ru pops up on the screen to congratulate them on a job well done and Olivia flashes the cutest little self-satisfied smile!! Have I mentioned I have a crush on Olivia and her smile? I have a crush on Olivia and her smile.

Ru joins them in the workroom and who does he introduce? Elliott! With 2 Ts! Ru gives an inspirational speech about how they’re all winners and how they shouldn’t let anyone make them feel bad about themselves and it’s like okay but you just psychologically tortured them you terrifying fracker.

All of the other queens are immediately paranoid about Elliott and Elliott doesn’t help by immediately talking shit to the shit talker herself, Kandy Muse. This was a big episode for Gottmik re: trans stuff, but I am also very closely tracking her romantic possibilities, and I must say she seemed delighted by Elliott creating drama.

The mini challenge is two runway looks which is often the first challenge in premieres. I always love this, because it acts as a great introduction to the queens’ aesthetics and leads to some truly iconic looks. (Remember Violet Chachki’s reveal??) The first category is Daytime Drama Mama and the queens do not disappoint — especially Gottmik and Symone. Gottmik wears a latex dress with a rainbow on the bottom and a bright blue sky on top. Symone wears a fabulous multicolored suit.

The next category is Nighttime. Gottmik is once again the standout, with a long black dress with a slit up the side and one of her nipples only covered with a pasty. She says that since she had top surgery she loves to have her nipples out and what a gift for us all. Tina says with her outfit she was trying to show her sexy side — it’s helpful when queens explain their high concept looks. Elliott similarly touts her sexiness saying she belongs in a Gentlemen’s Club — I think in this case the gentleman is Tim Burton. (I’m sorry, but if Ru is going to be nice this episode I’m going to be mean!)

The main challenge is a new version of Ru’s song “Condragulations.” The queens will each write a verse and choreograph the number together. We learn that Tina was in a boy band and that Olivia writes music and plays piano! “Who’s ready to be the star student? Me!” she exclaims. Adorable.

No one wants to take charge of the choreography, so Tina takes over by default. Elliott is literally a choreographer, but she is intimidated as the loser of the bunch. I get that, but also she should’ve shown what she can do! And her plan backfires because eventually she does swoop in and her initial hesitation just makes everyone more suspicious of her. Gottmik is thrown when they start choreographing her section because her lyrics start “I was born a girl” and she hasn’t disclosed to the cast yet. She suddenly feels really dysphoric in a way that surprises her and she’s worried it will hold her back.

The next day Gottmik is feeling a bit better and confides in Olivia. Olivia’s so supportive!! She says her pronouns are she in drag, he out of drag and asks Gottmik for hers. Gottmik says hers are the same and she feels clocked when people overcompensate and he/him her in drag. It’s a really nice moment and endeared me to both queens even more. As a trans woman who hangs out in a lot of overtly cis dykey spaces I feel a kinship to Gottmik inserting herself into such an aggressively AMAB space. I’m sure doing it on television is even harder. It makes total sense that she’d have new waves of imposter syndrome-induced dysphoria.

The simmering drama with the newly dubbed “Elliott the Spy” simmers down to nothing after she explains what really happened in the Porkchop Loading Dock. LaLa points out that Elliott got eliminated three times and suspicion sort of just turns to sympathy. The queens are more concerned that the others weren’t actually sent home which is very silly to me, because of course they weren’t. They talk about who they would send home of each other and give the pageant girl answer of saying their biggest threats. The consensus? Tina and Gottmik are the biggest threats. But Olivia thinks they shouldn’t underestimate her.

The new version of “Condragulations” is fun, but the song isn’t great to begin with and the queens don’t quite reach the level of last year’s incredible “I’m That Bitch.” That said, LaLa and Symone were the two standouts and everyone at least did pretty well.

The runway category is Lamé You Stay and once again Gottmik and Symone wow. Symone is dressed as a sexy boxer. Much like her bestie/roommate Gigi Goode, Symone refuses to rest on her looks and instead loves a concept. Personally, I love when people are beautiful and clever, because then I don’t have to admit to being shallow.

Ru, Michelle, and Ross are joined this episode by choreographer Jamal Sims. Michelle has a grey streak in her hair and it really did a lot for me. For some reason all four judges are So Nice. They point out a few missteps among the queens, but mostly their notes are just encouragement and jokes about poppers.

Backstage during Untucked the queens also have a lovefest. Symone gushes over LaLa, Gottmik officially discloses to everyone else to lovely feedback, and everyone talks about how much they love each other. Is this what quarantine has done? Everyone is so starved for human connection that you put a couple of catty drag queens in a room together for a week and they’re ready to elope like Clare and Dale on The Bachelorette??

I don’t mean to sound disappointed. I love to see the queens thrive and get along. And it would’ve felt wrong for anyone other than Elliott to go home this week. Instead having Symone and Olivia lip syncing for the win and $5K was a treat. They’re both sexy and campy and just pure entertainment. And I was thrilled for Symone to get another win.

But I’d be lying if I wasn’t daydreaming of next week when the insecure losers are at each other’s throats — or the week after when the two teams come together. Maybe this is all part of Ru’s long game of psychological torture. Create hierarchies, create alliances, force Gottmik to do another round of disclosures.

I’m sorry I doubted you, Ru. The library will soon be open.

Teleport Us to Mars!! Here Are Some Random Thoughts:

+ Tina mentions that back in New York, Kandy created a lot of unnecessary drama. But Elliott came for her pretty aggressively and she kept her cool. I guess we’ll see…

+ Symone compares her second runway look to The Matrix Revolutions which feels pretty trans to me.

+ An ad for Boy Butter! On TV! You love to see it.

+ The main challenge was sponsored by the Werq the World Tour — Ru never fails to be Ru.

+ When Gottmik disclosed during Untucked, I was so confused, because I felt like her lyrics were obviously a disclosure. But nope! LaLa admits to having no idea from the lyrics that Gottmik is trans.

+ Ru jokes that this week there no bottoms, only tops, except the judges. I’m sorry but I refuse to believe Michelle Visage is anything less than a top-leaning switch. I’m actually fully convinced she topped Adore Delano while they were on tour and that’s why Adore was so hurt when she was mean to her on All Stars 2. Is this based on anything but vibes? No. But please don’t take this fanfic away from me.

+ Queen I’m rooting for: Symone (is she the frontrunner now??)

+ Queen I have the biggest crush on: Olivia Lux, Gottmik, and the thought of Olivia Lux and Gottmik together

+ Queen I have weird sexual feelings for that I need to unpack: The grey streak in Michelle Visage’s hair

Also.Also.Also: Your Hot Queer Aunts Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman Are Spinning Stevie Nicks Too

Also.Also.Also: Your Hot Queer Aunts Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman

Hello! I’m back like an entire world hasn’t imploded since we were all last together on Thursday!! In the last five days, The President got COVID (maybe you’ve heard by now lol) and then that was only the beginning of how shit got weird. I was just saying how every day feels like a month and every hour also feels like a month and that’s how you know it’s 2020.

ANYWAY! We all have each other and I have this sunset that’s making the fall leaves look like shiny wrapped candy (or fire, but I prefer candy. The world is hard enough). Let’s see about these links!

Queer as in F*ck You

“It’s hard, but as trans people, we have got to take back our power by not allowing the administration, other people, or society to determine our station in life… By any means necessary, I’m going to blossom.” — Angelica F*cking Ross!

Get into this!! Angelica Ross on Inclusivity in Hollywood, Getting a Buzz Cut, and Blossoming Into Herself BY CRISSLE OF THE PODCAST, THE READ!!!! So much Black Queer and Trans Brilliance!! And on a Tuesday? My god.

Could the Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids Decide the Presidential Election? Advocates Are Putting Money on It. At 57 million strong, how “Equality voters” could be the difference, especially in battleground swing states. (Or at least, that’s what organizers are hoping.)

RIP Soraya Santiago Solla, Puerto Rican Transgender Trailblazer, Who Left Us at Age 72. Death is always sad, but what a full life! May her spirit be at rest.

Belgium Just Appointed the World’s Most Powerful Trans Politician

Maybe you are tired of hearing me checking in on the love story that is Roxane Gay and Debbie Millman, but LALALALA to me they are perfect and I don’t care!!

Saw This, Thought of You

‘A Battle for the Souls of Black Girls’

Super-Concierge Doctors, High-Design Home Classrooms, and Catered Backyard Dinners: Lifestyles of the Rich and Quarantined. You ever stop your day to read a thing? And also it’s so awful that you can’t turn away? It’s a crash on the side of the highway and you know you shouldn’t gawk but also what’s one last look? This is entirely and completely that experience. Also, eat the rich.

Related, probably: Is Mid-Pandemic Travel Creating a Resurgence of the White Saviour Complex?

Still Related, probably: Twitter Thinks 15-Year-Old Claudia Conway Is the Whistleblower of Our Time

How Out-of-Work Strippers Made Their Show Virtual and Are ‘Taking the Power Back’

Was the Commodification of Breonna Taylor Worth It? Let me save you the time, it wasn’t.

Political Snacks

The Last Stand of the Violent, Pathetic Trump Man

How The Two-Party System Obscures The Complexity Of Black Americans’ Politics. Whatever, I’m a nerd. And this is also for nerds. BUT WOW I LOVED READING THIS!

RBG Is a Complicated Figure for Black Legal Scholars. Listen, I happen to really love RBG. But the indomintable Kimberlé Crenshaw had some points, and those points were heard.

Kayleigh McEnany and the Women Who Do PR for White Supremacy. In full disclosure, I read this before it was announced that Kayleigh McEnany had tested positive for COVID, but also the truth is the truth is the truth.

Yesterday, Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito explicitly indicated in a court decision that they want the Court to revisit Obergefell v. Hodges, which declared that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry under the 14th Amendment guarantee to equal protection of the law. ARE YOU PANICKED YET!?!?

But before you get to the five alarm fire, please read this entire Twitter thread by Chase Strangio, one of the brightest queer and trans legal minds of our generation and exactly who I trust to see us through this mess.

The courts will not save us. But maybe, just maybe, we can save ourselves.

Steve Grand’s cuddle buddy, Brad Goreski’s flashdance, & Maluma’s hot day / Queerty

Steve Grand’s cuddle buddy, Brad Goreski’s flashdance, & Maluma’s hot

This week Leslie Jordan learned about WAP, Randy Rainbow apologized for his racist and transphobic past, and the Drag Race community lost a true star too soon. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Steve Grand hugged a friend.

Andy Cohen walked the beach.

Nev Schulman had a drink.

LeBron James read on the bike.

Brad Goreski got a bucket and a mop.

Colby Melvin went maskless in the locker room.

Cristiano Ronaldo watched the sun set.

Eliad Cohen stayed in Miami.

Pietro Boselli showered outside.

KJ Apa bathed in a freezer.

Tyler Posey tested the water.

Garrett Swann got a window seat.

Jack Laugher found a waterfall.

Jon Kortajarena played doubles.

Riyadh Khalaf found his light.

Wilson Cruz stayed hydrated.

Anthony Bowens exercised outside.

Chris Marchant got busy.

Justin Bieber wore pink.

Casey Lee Ross walked his dog.

Matteo Lane sat on the bed.

Michael Turchin rocked a mustache.

Adam Peaty got hungry.

Jake Bain went to the beach.

Maluma dropped an album.

Titanius Maximus was on duty.

Terry Miller got in ice cold water.

Keiynan Lonsdale got comfortable.

And Max Emerson flew away.

58 Smokin’ Hot Queers Were Lusting After

58 Smokin' Hot Queers Were Lusting After

In January, EveryQueer published our first-ever list of queers killin’ it in the LGBT influencer game. This was by far the most popular article of our launch but was by no means exhaustive of all the incredible queer folks doing interesting things in our community. With this article, we aim to highlight movers and shakers in our community, not just fashion models – but hey – a few of them made our list too. 

Important things to know about this list…


This list is not based on purely physical attraction or sexual orientation, but rather on self-expression, outward confidence, charisma, contributions to the queer community, and personality. Of course, these traits are highly subjective and vary person to person but we tried to keep this in mind while compiling our list. 

One of the most important things to remember when reading this article. Here at EveryQueer we reject the traditional standards of beauty. We embrace alternate forms of self-expression, celebrate the uniqueness of body shapes, encourage gender fuckery, and love humans of all races and ethnicities. Our list is trans-inclusive because our mission has always been to be an empowering resource for EveryQueer including masculine and androgynous presenting women, femmes of all stripes, genderqueers, and trans-identified individuals – EveryQueer is here to celebrate beauty in all of its unique forms – including yours.

How did we compile this list?

Individuals were selected based on a nomination system from both our editorial team and our readers. Our staff of 5 selected nominations and reached out to each person individually for an interview to be featured. This article took nearly 6 months to put together because we wanted to give every single nominee an opportunity to have their voice heard alongside their images. Don’t see someone you think should be on here? Nominate them for the 2021 list by e-mailing meg [at] everyqueer.com


Abby is a 23-year-old from Birmingham UK. Abby’s astrological sign is Leo. Abby is in a committed relationship and works in social media and digital content creation. Abby also writes for LGBTQ+ blog Unite UK! Abby looks for honesty, humor and good communication in a significant other and their biggest turn on is someone who proves they support and believe in Abby. 

Follow Abby here: https://www.instagram.com/_abbyrobson/

Ady Del Valle

Ady Del Valle is a 31-year-old, Taurus, from Boston. Ady is currently single and seeks someone who has a sense of humor, is stylish and loves everyone for who they are. Ady is a plus/big & tall model and the biggest turn on for Ady is tall men!

Follow Ady here: https://www.instagram.com/_adydelvalle


Alex is 30, an astrological sign is Virgo! Alex is a single model from NYC. Alex, on what they’re looking for in a significant other, “The best relationship is when you can be lovers and best friends at the same time”. And their biggest turn on is random acts of kindness. 

Follow Alex here: https://www.instagram.com/alexinw0nd3rland/

Alina Augustin

Alina Augustin is currently a student, from Kingston NY. She seeks positivity, kindness, and lots of cuddles in a significant other. Her biggest turn on is Smizing (smiling with your eyes)! Alina is 21, a Scorpio and currently in a relationship.

Follow Alina here: https://www.instagram.com/thetomboynextdoor/

Allison Graham

Allison Graham is a single Sagittarius from Jamaica. Allison works as a visual merchandiser and she seeks self-awareness and emotional intelligence in a significant other. Her biggest turn on is confidence!

Follow Allison here: https://www.instagram.com/shedoeshim/

Anna Davidson

Anna Davidson is 29 and describes herself as a Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, Capricorn rising. Anna is from Seattle, WA and is currently getting her Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy. Anna is in a committed relationship and when asked what she looks for in a significant other, says “someone who is compassionately intentional. Someone who is just as dedicated to self-growth, discovery, & health in all aspects of the world as they are to that of the co-created relationship. Someone with an open heart & mind who is understanding, thoughtful, creative, and passionate. Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves or speak their truth while simultaneously holding the ability to be aware. Someone who can be silly and adventurous and loves to try new things. Someone who is confident in their identities & sexuality & desires & heart. Eek! this is giving me the feels” Her biggest turn on is emotional depth/intelligence/maturity. 

Follow Anna here: https://www.instagram.com/annadfeels/

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is a Canadian gay actor best known for his role on Hulu’s show UnReal. Jeffrey also is a frequent judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race and hosts a podcast called Conversations With Others, and works with the Human Rights Campaign. While Jeffrey isn’t single we love all the thrist traps he posts with his boyfriend Andrew Fitzsimons. If you recognize his boyfriend’s name it could be because he  is a hair stylist to celebrities like the Kardashians and Ashley Graham.

Follow Jeffrey here: https://www.instagram.com/jeffreybchapman/ 


Beks is a Cancer from Columbus, OH. Beks is in a committed relationship. Beks is 29 and is a data and processing nerd. When asked what they look for in a significant other, Beks says, “Patience, open communication, a good sense of humor, someone who knows how to pack for a vacation and can just make the call on what to order from Seamless. Overall, honesty and balance, feel free to hang out with your friends without me and trust when I do the same, know that it’s okay to need time to decompress after a long day, and know that we will both be here for each other regardless of what miles fall between us or the type of day that we had.” Their biggest turn on is “Watching someone you admire talk about a topic they are truly passionate and knowledgeable about. The excitement is contagious and it’s all the better if I’m learning something as well.”

Follow Beks here: https://www.instagram.com/instabeks/


Bly is a 33-year-old, Aquarius, from Rochester New York. Bly is a Master Barber and Cidery Owner and is engaged to be married! Bly looks for Realness and Someone that makes them laugh uncontrollably, in a significant other and their biggest turn on is someone who follows their passions. 

Follow Bly here: https://www.instagram.com/life_of_bly/

Bonnie Love

Bonnie Love is a 39-year-old from Virginia. Bonnie is in a committed relationship and seeks “Someone who creates a safe and loving space for vulnerability and someone who lifts me up to be the best version of myself” In a significant other. Bonnie is a Libra and is an entrepreneur with a specialty in real estate and hemp. Bonnie’s biggest turn on is humility. 

Follow Bonnie here: https://www.instagram.com/Onlylove.liveshere/

Breanne Williamson

Breanne Williamson is 28 and when asked what they look for in a significant other, says, “Someone who can make me laugh and is unapologetically themselves.” Breanne is a YouTuber / Instagram Blogger / Podcaster in Vancouver, Canada. Breanne’s biggest turn on is “Hey Babe, can I take you for a beer?”

Follow Breanne here: https://www.instagram.com/BreanneWilliamson/

Briana Dunn

Briana Dunn is a construction worker from Suffolk County, NY. Briana looks for someone who is humble in a significant other. Briana is a 26-year-old Libra and their biggest turn on is “Sound of cracking a can of Coca Cola open”

Follow Briana here: https://www.instagram.com/Briana_dunn/

Indya Moore

Indya Moore is an Afro-Latina trans model and actress who slays with their portrayal of Angela Evangelista on FX’s Pose. There’s no limit to their talent and success. Last year they were a sought after cover girl and stared in their own Louis Vuitton Campaign. They’re obviously stunning but it’s their activist nature and constant genuine care for trans and queer communities of color that will keep us coming back for more.

Follow Indya here: https://www.instagram.com/indyamoore/

Brittaney Brannock

Brittaney Brannock has an astrological sign of Aries and is from Boston, MA. Brittaney is a songwriting/musician and is 24 years old. When asked what they look for in a significant other, Brittany says, “I look for someone who has passion and drive for what they believe in. Someone who is inclusive of all ideas and ways of living. A kind soul, and eyes that tell a story. And Of course, a beautiful smile!” and their biggest turn on is when someone knows an amazing coffee shop!

Follow Brittaney here: https://www.instagram.com/brittaneybrannock/

Casie “Tynee” Goshow

Casie “Tynee” Goshow is a 32-year-old Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher and has worked with artists such as Karmin, Lil T Jay, Lil Jon, Chris Brown, etc. “Signed to BLOC Talent in NYC. Owner and designer of Goshow Yourself apparel, a brand that is unisex and focused on positivity and activewear. My main passion is teaching the next generation of kids about hip hop dance, the industry and how they can become the best version of themselves from the inside out.” Casie is married to her wife and looks for “someone who is supportive of my career (because it is crazy) and dreams. I want my partner to be confident in themselves so that we can both shine together” In a significant other. Casie’s biggest turn on is a “smile. You can tell so much about someone by their smile.” Casie is from Harleysville, PA and is a Leo. 

Follow Casie here: Personal: @BgirlTynee , Clothing Line: @goshowyourself , My wife and I: @elyse_and_casie

Charlotte “CB” Glasser

Charlotte “CB” Glasser is an Aries from Boston, MA. Charlotte is a Strategic Marketing and Player Development for Wynn Resorts’ Encore Boston Harbor. Single and looks for “It’s all about face first but from there they have to be smart, and loyal and all-around fantastic!” In a significant other. Charlotte is 31 and thinks a sense of humor is the biggest turn on. 

Follow Charlotte here: https://www.instagram.com/cbglasser/

Danielle Cooper

Danielle Cooper is the founder of She’s A Gent, an amazing fashion blog that focuses on queer Black masculine fashion. From sporty streetwear to dapper suits, Cooper’s style is unmistakably on-point. Danielle is an avid traveler who showcases her outfits on her blog from around the world. If you don’t know Danielle from the world of content creators, you may have seen her as Wanda on the most recent season of Pose on FX, a drama series about queer ballroom culture in 1980s New York.

Follow Danielle here: https://www.instagram.com/daniellecooper/


Chloe Mason

Chloe Mason is 29 and from a little town in Illinois called Herrin. Chloe is a model and children’s book author who says they look for patience, Drive, Confidence and a wicked sense of humor! In a significant other! Chloe is an Aquarius and their biggest turn on is being an intellectual and discussing hard topics and deep thoughts is sexy. 

Follow Chloe here: https://www.instagram.com/chloealexandraxo/


David is a 19-year-old Gemini. He is a single barista from Massachusetts. He looks for companionship and his biggest turn on is someone who isn’t afraid to feel emotions. 

Follow David here: https://www.instagram.com/Torbazorb14/

Deanna Petrucci

Deanna Petrucci is a physical education teacher and sports coach, from Smithtown, NY. When asked what she looks for in a significant other, said, “I look for a woman who above all, is kind. Someone who treats me and others well, and is honest, smart, witty, and confident. Being with someone I can just have fun with and who can make me laugh is also really important!” and the biggest turn on is “My girlfriend telling me we’re having tacos for dinner..” Deanna is 33 years old and an Aquarius!

Follow Deanna here: https://www.instagram.com/Deyonce15/

Debbie Lemonte

Debbie Lemonte, a wedding and portrait photographer from Jamaica, says, honesty, respect, and support are what she seeks in a significant other. Debbie is currently single, 32 year old and their biggest turn on is intelligence. 

Follow Debbie here: https://www.instagram.com/thelocdbella/ 

Doreen Pierre

Doreen Pierre is an HR professional, Freelance Creative, and Community Events Producer from Elizabeth, NJ. Doreen is a 27-year-old Pisces and when asked what they look for in a significant other, says, “I look for someone who is a boss in their own right, someone I can bounce ideas off of, someone who is loving, kind, caring, and thoughtful, someone who loves to laugh and keeps me on my toes. I don’t mind a little spice! Lastly, I look for someone who is self- accountable and will challenge me in my own accountability.” Doreen says their biggest turn on is “soft, yet intentional physical touch, alignment in thoughts, a good kisser, and a savory meal to seal the deal.”

Follow Doreen here: https://www.instagram.com/itsdoreenpierre/

Emma Herrera

Emma Herrera says “I look for loyalty, fun personality and someone who is always willing to be adventurous and creative” when asked what they look for in a significant other. Emma is a 25-year-old Libra from San Francisco but currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Emma is a UX and Visual Designer and says their biggest turn on is “Someone who knows how to COOK or knows their way around a kitchen. Watching someone sexily cook up a meal is such a big turn on and it’s an even bigger bonus when it tastes amazing.” 

Follow Emma here: https://www.instagram.com/emma.herrera15/

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is a DJ from Raleigh, NC. Fannie looks for honesty in a significant other and their biggest turn on is confidence. Fannie is currently in a committed relationship and is a 32-year-old Sagittarius. 

Follow Fannie here: https://www.instagram.com/djfanniemae/

Gabriella Meghan

Gabriella Meghan says “What I have looked for and found, is somebody that makes me laugh until I cry, somebody who is spontaneous and adventurous, and somebody who is independent and driven!” when asked what she looks for in a significant other. Gabriella is in her twenties and does “I write poetry (have published two books), and own a subscription box company called Clarity Box. I am also pursuing my Real Estate license, have my Bachelor’s degree in Peace & Global Studies, and my Masters in Secondary Education (which I used for a few years before rerouting my life to incorporate more of my passion)” for work. Gabriella’s turn on is an intelligent conversation and she currently lives in Arizona. 

Follow Gabriella here: https://www.instagram.com/gabriellameghan/

Garnet Rubio

Garnet Rubio is a 24-year-old Model. Garnet wants honesty in a significant other and is currently single. Garnet is a Leo from San Antonio Texas and their biggest turn on is someone who plays video games!

Follow Garnet here: https://www.instagram.com/garnetrubio/

Jeremy O’Harris

Last year, Jeremy created one of the most talked-about plays in the theatre scene with Slave Play. Though his work causes controversy, it deeply inspires discussion. He is fashion eye candy, a salient Gemini who rolls with a very cool-kid group of friends and wields a funny brain that translates well on Instagram stories. Jeremy’s next play Daddy will star all your faves (Tommy Dorfman, Alan Cumming, Hari Nef).

Follow Jeremy here: https://www.instagram.com/jeremyoharris/ 

Genevieve Danger Berrick

Genevieve Danger Berrick identifies as a Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising, Cancer moon. Genevieve is a Writer / Editor / Educator. All the feminist and queer things, with a solid side of anti-violence work. Born in England, raised in Singapore and is now been in America for over 8 years. Genevieve is 39 and says “Queer as a verb, with an engaged relationship to gender” when asked what they look for in a significant other. Genevieve’s biggest turn on is “Passion, consent, smashing the patriarchy / systemic injustice”. 

Follow Genevieve here: https://www.instagram.com/googligug/

Giza Portella

Giza Portella is a 37-year-old Aquarius from Lima, Peru. Giza is single and looks for “Someone who is self-sufficient in the joy factor. Someone who can enjoy the togetherness that co-creating in a relationship can bring but who isn’t dependent on me.” What turns Giza on is “The intimate type of eye contact where words are not needed to be exchanged. Just a mesmerizing smile to go with those breathtaking eyes.” 

Follow Giza here: https://www.instagram.com/giza212/


Hutch is a 31-year-old Scorpio. Born and raised in NYC. He does Props/art direction/production design for a film for work and says “I look for complexity and brilliance in my partners, with a strong attraction to faggots, femmes, and other non-binary folks. I look for passion and integrity, a filthy mind and a deep ability to care for other people.” When asked what he looks for in a significant other. What turns Hutch on is “Radical softness; anti-oppression; serenity; fierce awareness of self.”

Follow Hutch here: https://www.instagram.com/hutchasaurusrex/

Tangina Stone

Tangina Stone is a talented singer and producer with a growing fan base all over the world. A queer Black woman who’s signed to an “all-womxn indie label,” she’s passionate about making a positive difference in the music industry. “[I want to] strengthen the connections that I have with womxn creatives in my field and contribute to my industry in a way that makes it better for all of us — and release my best work yet,” she told Teen Vogue. Her music is magical, ethereal, alternative R&B. Follow her IG to stay up to date on new music and shows, plus peeks into her personal life (ahem, cute lesbian love story alert).

Follow Tangina here: https://www.instagram.com/stoneblu/

Ivanka Dekoning

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Ivanka Dekoning is a 32-year-old Gemini from the Netherlands. Ivanka is a Social Media Manager for Saks Fifth Ave. & LGBTQ+ Fashion Influencer. Ivanka looks for Loyalty in a significant other and says Confidence, humor, and style are their biggest turn-ons. 

Follow Ivanka here: https://www.instagram.com/ivanka.dekoning/

Jenna Howieson

Jenna Howieson looks for “A love for travel & adventure, someone who has goals and is empowered to go for them… and a nice butt ;)” in a significant other and she says passion and motivation are her biggest turn-ons. Jenna is 27 from Scotland and is an Inclusion & Diversity Leader at Skyscanner. 

Follow Jenna at https://www.instagram.com/thejennaway/

Kelley Moreno

Kelley Moreno looks for a wild soul in a significant other. Kelley is currently not single, a 24-year-old from Texas,  and is an Aquarius. Kelley teaches school abroad and says their biggest turn on is deep conversations.

Follow Kelley here: https://www.instagram.com/withkelley/

Kelsey Stacy Pearson

Kelsey Stacy Pearson is 29 from Vicksburg, Mississippi. Kelsey is a writer and social media influencer and says “While my wife and I have a lot in common, she also compliments me in so many ways. She’s my best friend, my accountability coach, my travel partner, my protector, and my love!” when asked what she looks for in a significant other. Kelsey’s biggest turn on is good style! Kelsey is a Taurus!

Follow Kelsey here: https://www.instagram.com/kelseystacypearson/

Janet Mock

Janet Mock is one of the most well known transgender rights activists in the world. At 37 years old she’s a writer, television host, director, producer and public figure. In the world of TV she’s most well known as a writer, producer, and director on FX’s Pose. Pose is an award-winning TV series that follows the lives of several transwomen of color living in New York City during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Her second book, Redefining Realness, shot to the top of the charts and became a New York Times bestseller. She is a contributing editor for Marie Claire and a former staff editor of People magazine’s website. While Janet is happily married we knew this list wouldn’t be complete without her stunning inner and outer beauty.

Follow Janet here: https://www.instagram.com/janetmock/

Kim Cosentino

Kim Cosentino is a Taurus from New York. Kim works in a family-owned business and is 24 years old. When asked what they look for in a significant other, says, “Someone who is kind, caring, loving, goal-oriented, funny, outgoing”. The biggest turn on is feeling appreciated. Kim is currently single. 

Follow Kim here: https://www.instagram.com/Kimmichalfitness/


LadyHood is an entertainer from Melbourne, Australia. 35 years old and an Aquarius. When asked what they look for in a significant other, says, “Kindness and the libido of an 18-year-old boy”. Confidence is LadyHood’s biggest turn on. 

Follow LadyHood here: https://www.instagram.com/ladyhoodmusic/


Liam Mayhugh

Liam Mayhugh describes himself as an Aries sun, Leo moon, Capricorn rising. Liam is 26 from Lexington, KY. Liam is currently single and looking for “someone who will appreciate my sarcasm, is considerate of others, and gets as excited to learn about random things as I do (ie. someone who will watch how it’s made, and weird youtube tutorials with me)”. Liam is a ceramicist and his biggest turn on is watching someone really nerd out about something they’re into.

Follow Liam here: https://www.instagram.com/liam.mayhugh/

Lindsay Rodabaugh

Lindsay Rodabaugh is a designer and photographer from Lock Haven, PA. 29 years old and looks for “Spontaneous adventure, extrovert energy, lots of jokes, and a good power suit ;)” in a significant other. Lindsay is an Aries and humor is their biggest turn on. 

Follow Lindsay here: https://www.instagram.com/lindsayrodabaugh/


Liz is a 33-year-old, Capricorn, from Black Forest / Germany. Liz is a preschool teacher and when asked what their biggest turn on is, says, “It‘s the whole package: her laugh blows my mind and her eyes shine bright. I don‘t have a special type of woman that I prefer, tall or short, big or skinny – doesn‘t matter when she‘s special.” Liz is currently not single but looks for “I love when she has a good sense of humor and is able to laugh about herself. She is empathetic, respectful and honest.” in a significant other.

Follow Liz here: https://www.instagram.com/Leopartig/

LP Poglitsch

LP Poglitsch is a 30-year-old, Leo, from the Chicago Suburbs. LP works for an education non-profit and also does some modeling. When asked what they look for in a significant other, LP says, “Some traits that I value in a significant other are: kindness, passionate about social justice, love for cats, sense of humor/ability to laugh at my ridiculous jokes, and willingness to grow (both individually and together).” And their biggest turn on is confidence. 

Follow LP here: https://www.instagram.com/Queerlydapper/

Mack Dihle

Mack Dihle is from Metro-Detroit, Mack is single and a 37-year-old, with an astrological sign of Cancer! When asked what Mack looks for in a significant other, says, “I look for genuine kindness, reciprocity with great communication, and looking at life challenges with humility and a sense of humor. It’s wonderful to find someone where we both can be 100% ourselves…with all of our quirks, imperfections and have a skill set they take pride in doing well. Love muscley legs too…extra credit points ;)”. And Mack’s biggest turn on is “Witty sense of humor that looks at the world with a glass half full, where you can talk for hours and it flies by. As if you’d known each other for years.”

Follow Mack here: https://www.instagram.com/mackdihle/


You may recognize Max for their role at the HER app or maybe its as a mover and shaker for London Queer Fashion Week? Or maybe because they’re a sought after androgynous fashion influencer? There are so many reasons to simp. When we asked, Max says they seek positive energy, compassion, loyalty, patience, the curiosity to travel & experience new things in a significant other. Max is a 28-year-old Taurus from London, UK and says lips and lipstick is their biggest turn on. Max is currently single.

Follow Max here: https://www.instagram.com/theyrequeer/


Magdalena is a 31-year-old Director of Business Development in pharmaceuticals. A Leo from Poland and she says she looks for someone who can laugh at her jokes. Which coincidentally was her wife’s Tinder opening line. Ignorance is Magdalena’s biggest turn-off. When she’s not working or exploring NYC she’s upstate NY with her wife working on their brand new home renovation project. 

Follow Magdalena here: https://www.instagram.com/Magda_lena88/

Makenna Misuraco

Makenna Misuraco says Sense of humor, family-oriented, determined and hardworking is what they look for in a significant other. Makenna is currently single and is from New Jersey. Makenna is a writer who says small gestures are their biggest turn on. 

Follow Makenna here: https://www.instagram.com/makenna.mis/

Mason Fitzpatrick

Mason Fitzpatrick is a dog trainer, originally from Tampa Florida. Currently single and 29 years old. When asked what they look for in a significant other, Mason says honesty, compassion, and trust. Mason is a Virgo and says selflessness is their biggest turn on. 

Follow Mason here: https://www.instagram.com/Fitzpattymac21/

Mel Corkery

Mel Corkery is a 35-year-old, Capricorn, originally from Philadephia. Mel works “I’m on the Behavior Team at the Pennsylvania SPCA Headquarters, which consists Of four kickass womxn. Animal Behavior is insanely intricate and amazing and I’m so crazy blessed to love what I do and how rewarding it is every day.” Mel looks for “Confidence, independence, passionate about something they love, communication and honesty.” In a significant other. And says intelligent conversations are their biggest turn on. Mel is currently single.

Follow Mel here: https://www.instagram.com/corkadoo/

Michelle Rabinovich

Michelle Rabinovich says someone who has a passion for something they do in their lives whether it’s their career, a hobby, volunteering, and/or building community is their biggest turn on. Michelle is 36, born in Des Moines, Iowa and raised in Upland, California. Michelle looks for “Respects themself, as well as myself. That entails (mine and their) feelings, needs, mind, body, and boundaries and also knows how to communicate them all. A great smile helps as well. Lucky, to have that in my partner” in a significant other. Michelle is a Capricorn and Director of Preconstruction for a Commercial Construction Firm.

Follow Michelle here: https://www.instagram.com/Mishmish12/

Mikaela Herres

Mikaela Herres is originally from Florida and currently in a relationship. Mikaela says “I look for someone who is respectful, loyal, open and transparent, passionate, family-oriented, funny, and down-to-earth.” when asked what they look for in a significant other. Mikaela is a Social Media Manager & Content Creator and is a 25-year-old Capricorn. Confidence and Independence are Mikaela’s biggest turn-ons. 

Follow Mikaela here: https://www.instagram.com/mherres18/

Mindy Dawn Friedman

Mindy Dawn Friedman is 50 and originally from Long Island, NY. She is a Product Owner at Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) and says “Humor, smarts, boundless curiosity, loyalty (we are one team), good listener, ability to compromise, family values, kind-hearted, a commitment to the greater good, open heart and mind, and always striving (and supporting me) to do and be better in this world.” is what she looks for in a significant other. Mindy’s biggest turn-ons are Confidence, intelligence, and a unique sense of personal style. Mindy is a Capricorn and is currently not single. 

Follow Mindy here: https://www.instagram.com/dappermindy/

Nina Kossoff

Nina Kossoff is a 28-year-old social impact brand strategist. Originally from Pickerington, OH and is a Leo sun / Pisces moon / Sagittarius rising. Nina looks for “Someone who knows how to be their own person so that being together is a conscious and active choice, not a co-dependent need.” in a significant other. And says “Someone being smart and hilarious, something my SO 100% is.” is their biggest turn on. 

Follow Nina here: https://www.instagram.com/ninakossoff/ or here: https://www.instagram.com/themshealth/

Reyna ( Rey ) Montgomery

Reyna (Rey) Montgomery is in the Modeling and Entertainment Business. Currently single and says “I look for someone who is just as fun, funny & ambitious as I am. Not only that, but I look for authenticity and loyalty. If you are true to yourself that means you are in love with yourself and that’s something I want to be a part of.” when asked what they look for in a significant other. Reyna is a 24-year-old Gemini. When asked what their biggest turn-ons are, Reyna said, “I have a lot of those, but I would say my top non-sexual turn on would be being affectionate; it is the ultimate sign of intimacy & caring.” Reyna is originally from Columbus, OH.

Follow Reyna here: https://www.instagram.com/reynamontgomery/

Sannie Pedersen

Sannie Pedersen is a 30-year-old model, originally from Denmark. Sannie looks for “somebody who is completely and comfortably themselves. Someone that makes me laugh and that loves to have long intense discussions about everything and nothing. Somebody brutally honest.” in a significant other. Sannie is in a complicated relationship and says Intelligence is their biggest turn on. Libra is Sannie’s astrological sign.

Follow Sannie here: https://www.instagram.com/sanniepedersen/


Sherri “Switz” Mikus is originally from Pennsylvania but is currently living and in love with Brooklyn. Sherri is a manager and a 34-year-old Scorpio. Sherri is currently single and when asked what they look for in a significant other, says, “Someone who is easy going, adventurous, and honest.” “A woman who is on her grind shares her passions and a great cook.” is Sherri’s biggest turn-ons. 

Follow Sherri here: https://www.instagram.com/switztagram/


Tanja is a photographer, originally from Vienna. Tanja is currently single, 26 and looks for “If she knows what she wants in life. Someone who sometimes gives me the argument. If she has painted fingernails.” in a significant other. Tanja is currently single and says “If she has humor. When she can laugh at herself. Is empathetic. If she smiles a lot.” are their biggest turn-ons. Tanja’s astrological sign is Virgo.

Follow Tanja here: https://www.instagram.com/messner_tanja/

Tia Curtis

Tia Curtis works as Financial services by day, plant hobbyist by night. Tia is in a committed relationship and says she looks for “A divine sense of self-worth and humility. Humor, adventure, optimism. Fierce but tender. Loyalty.” in a significant other. Tia’s biggest turn-ons are “self-awareness. like we all have toxic attributes, nothing sexier than acknowledging your flaws, owning, and working on them. Growth and evolution.” Tia is 29, a Taurus and originally from Asbury Park, NJ. 

Follow Tia here: https://www.instagram.com/revolu_tia/

Torey Tomsovic

Torey Tomsovic is a nanny and social media marketer. She looks for “Traits that I myself don’t naturally have. A goofy/silly sense of humor. Patient. Relatability. High EQ. Tidy. A decently high sex drive.” in a significant other and “Gravitates towards kids and being highly business-oriented” are her biggest turn-ons. Torey is 27 and (mostly) from Wisconsin. A Capricorn and currently in a relationship. 

Follow Torey here: https://www.instagram.com/toreytomsovic/

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