Well hi there, friend! Here is your Wednesday Pop Culture Fix, before a (hopefully) long weekend! 

+ Finding Forester is getting a TV reboot, but!

“The project will follow along the same lines as the Gus Van Sant-directed film, in which Connery plays an eccentric author who finds himself the mentor of a young Black teen, Jamal, played by Rob Brown. But, one of the big differences between the film and the TV show will be that Connery’s character will be retconned into a ‘reclusive lesbian author whose career was ruined by a public scandal.’ Also, both characters will be Black.

+ The sexiest chess locations in The Queen’s Gambit.

+ Emily VanDerWerff watched and dissected the Frozen movies with a kindergartener.

+ As Carmen noted in Also.Also.Also yesterday — along with a brief marriage proposal — Chika, Brandi Carlile, and Phoebe Bridgers Bisexual are all nominated for Grammys. Also? Rachel Maddow!

+ Make room for messy bisexuals on-screen.

+ Amber Riley’s big year — finally! — continues: She’s got a new musical comedy called Dream in the works at ABC.

+ Heather Matarazzo and Shannon Purser on playing lesbian icons in Equal.

+ Jenna Lyons is back.

+ Never Have I Ever has started production for season two.

+ Kristen Stewart hopes Happiest Season feels cathartic for queer viewers.

+ Autism rights activists are asking Sia to cancel her seriously ableist Music movie.

+ The Transgender Film Center is offering grants to trans filmmakers. I, for one, am excited to see what Drew does with her money. 🙂

+ Wowowow! Here’s a movie you haven’t heard about in a long time: The funny, stylish Jennifer’s Body was an unjust victim of Diablo Cody backlash.

+ Javicia Leslia yelling “fuck yeah!” while doing stunts for Batwoman is everything I wanted to see today.

More stunts:



Okay bye!

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