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Cops show up at Kellyanne Conway’s house following disturbing videos of alleged child abuse / Queerty

Cops show up at Kellyanne Conway’s house following disturbing videos

Kellyanne Conway‘s year is off to a pretty rocky start.

Not only did her husband purportedly walk out on her, but she’s been accused of child abuse by her daughter, Claudia, and now she might be under police investigation.

Last week, 16-year-old Claudia posted a series of disturbing TikTok videos accusing her mother of physical and verbal abuse.

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One of the videos shows Kellyanne calling Claudia an “ungrateful bitch” and saying, “You’re never gonna record another f*cking thing in your life! It’s going in for a forensic analysis!”

In another one, a fearful Claudia tells followers “there’s nothing that can really be done” about the situation, saying she’s tried “everything” and that she’s “probably going to get in a lot of trouble for this.”

24 hours after the videos hit social media, the cops showed up at Kellyanne’s front doorstep.

OK! reports:

A member of the Alpine Police Department tells OK! that officers responded to Conway’s home at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 20, in response to a “juvenile matter,” and that this matter is now under investigation.

No further details were given as per law, which shields juvenile records from public view. OK! was able to learn, however, that it was a third party who reported the incident, and not the juvenile in question. Police would not reveal, however, who was under investigation.

Claudia later posted a video of an officer visiting their home and her mother telling him her daughter was just “upset” because she had a “tough call with her school” and that they are considering going to family therapy.

The video has since been removed from Claudia’s TikTok page, although it can still be viewed on TMZ.

It’s unclear what exactly is going on inside Kellyanne’s home, but it’s clearly a very unhealthy and toxic situation.

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Kellyanne Conway’s estranged husband’s belongings are being sold on Ebay, daughter says / Queerty

Kellyanne Conway’s estranged husband’s belongings are being sold on Ebay,

Kellyanne Conway‘s daughter, Claudia, dropped a major bomb over the weekend when she announced on TikTok that her father, George, had walked out on the family. Now, the 16-year-old says she’s auctioning off all his belongings on Ebay.

“my dad dipping this morning saying he wants nothing to do with w our family and leaving for good,” 16-year-old Conway said in a TikTok video the other day.

When a fan commented that they hadn’t seen George in a while, Conway responded, “yeah me neither lol.”

In a followup TikTok video posted yesterday, Conway said she plans to sell off her father’s possessions to the highest bidder.

Modeling his clothing inside his walk-in closet, Conway stated her intention to auction off all her dad’s “shit on eBay,” including his prized collection of vaping cartridges.

“We got mint, menthol, and tobacco,” Claudia wrote. “Take your pick.”

Last week, Claudia turned her mother into a laughingstock when she posted a video of herself dancing to a Donald Trump diss track.

When Kellyanne realized she was being filmed, she looked very uncomfortable and quickly leapt up from where she was sitting. Moments later, the video cut away.

Neither Kellyanne nor George have commented on their marriage or any future plans for their family.

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Kellyanne Conway destroyed on Twitter for telling domestic terrorists she emboldened to “just stop” / Queerty

Kellyanne Conway destroyed on Twitter for telling domestic terrorists she

As domestic terrorists breached the U.S. Capitol yesterday in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to urge them to please “stop, just stop.”

“STOP. Just STOP. Peace. Law and Order. Safety for All,” the pro-Trump propagandist tweeted.

Conway followed that up with another tweet sharing an article about Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s office being ransacked by the MAGA militia she helped build during her years spent working for Donald Trump.

“This is not appropriate, not legal and not funny. Get out,” she wrote.

There are sooooo many things we’d like to say right now, but perhaps it’s better if we let others do the speaking for us.

First, there’s Conway’s teenage daughter, Claudia, who posted this video to TikTok asking her mother how it feels to have failed at, frankly, everything.

Now let’s take a look at some of the responses to Conway’s tweet…

Our personal favorite is this response from Mary Trump…

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Kellyanne Conway joins Trump in testing positive for coronavirus

Kellyanne Conway joins Trump in testing positive for coronavirus

Kellyanne Conway at a White House news briefing in January 2020 (Alex Wong/Getty)

The former senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is the latest member of Trump’s inner circle to test positive for coronavirus after attending a Rose Garden event last week.

The crowded ceremony in which Trump announced his anti-LGBT+ Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, is already being called a “super spreader” event after at least seven guests tested positive for the virus.

Conway, 53, was seen mingling closely with attendees, touching her face and wearing no mask during the ceremony.

“Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19,” Conway announced on Twitter less than a week later. “My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians.

“As always, my heart is with everyone affected by this global pandemic.”

However, it was actually Conway’s daughter Claudia who first broke the news. The outspoken 15-year-old, whose parents recently booted off social media for expressing liberal, pro-LGBT+ views, took to TikTok to share her mother’s symptoms.

“My mom coughing all around the house after Trump tested positive for COVID,” she wrote to her 900,000 followers as she lip-synced the lines “that’s weird, that’s suspicious”.

“Update my mom has COVID,” she added on Friday night, half an hour before her mother made an announcement. “I’m furious. Wear your masks. Don’t listen to our idiot f**king president piece of sh*t. Protect yourself and those around you.”

Claudia also posted another controversial video, which has since been deleted, that blames her mother for refusing to wear a mask and in turn infecting the whole family.

Claudia’s strident left-wing views have repeatedly brought her into conflict with her parents. In August Kellyanne Conway announced she would be stepping down from her political role to focus on her children, saying she wanted to give them “less drama, more mama”.

Before her resignation she was the highest-ranking woman in the White House and one of Trump’s most anti-LGBT+ advisers.

In 2002, Conway complained that the media reported too much on LGBT+ issues and too little on gun rights, claiming that gay rights were “not important to Americans”.

She added that the media had pushed changes in the public school curriculum, and said that “they’re so worried now about how many mommies Heather has that [the teacher] runs out of time” to teach basic civic lessons.

According to GLAAD, in 2017 Conway gave the keynote speech at the Family Leadership Summit, an event hosted by anti-LGBT+ group The FAMiLY Leader, which describes LGBT+ people as “practicing distorted sexual behaviour”.

In the same year, she spoke alongside Trump at the anti-LGBT+ hate group Family Research Council‘s Values Voter Summit.

Conway has also been accused of supporting conversion therapy.