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Cynthia Nixon is getting the last laugh on Twitter after being smeared by Andrew Cuomo in 2018 / Queerty

Cynthia Nixon is getting the last laugh on Twitter after

The majority of House Democrats from New York are calling on Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign in the wake of mounting sexual harassment allegations being made against him and his botched handling of COVID-19 deaths at state nursing homes.

And everyone’s talking about Cynthia Nixon.

As you may recall, the Sex and the City actress ran against Cuomo for the Democratic nomination to be Governor of New York back in 2018. But after being outspent 10-1, called an “unqualified lesbian” by another female politician, and accused of being an anti-Semite in a campaign mailer sent to heavily Orthodox Jewish communities, she lost by a whopping 30 points.

In 2019, Nixon told Time she never really expected to win the nomination, calling her odds “very, very small,” given Cuomo’s strong political ties and deep pockets. “It was very scary,” she said about going up against him. “It was very hard on me. It was very hard on my family.”

But it looks like she may be getting the last laugh now that his political career appears to be over after a sixth woman has come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Nixon’s name has been trending all afternoon on Twitter.

Here’s what people are saying…

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Tired as we are? How about a good ‘ole comforting laugh? / Queerty

Tired as we are? How about a good ‘ole comforting

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Comfort Food: Mean Girls

Since we currently feel like we’ve been steamrolled by American politics, we’ve decided to take a peaceful jaunt back to the era of high school politics, with one of the great comedies about political nastiness.

Mean Girls, of course, won great reviews and became a major hit when it debuted back in 2004. The film follows the arrival of wide-eyed innocent Cady (Lindsay Lohan) into an upper-middle-class high school, and the vicious fellow females she encounters from the outset. The Plastics, led by the uber-nasty Regina (Rachel McAdams), dominate student life with their mixture of snark, beauty and cunning manipulation. A war of sorts ensues as Cady and Regina both try to assert their personalities within the high school dynamic, with both women becoming more and more superficial and vicious as a result.

Lindsay Lohan may have become a household name based on the success of Mean Girls, though the film’s real legacy comes from its announcement of Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried as up-and-coming starlets, along with Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett. Both Franzese and Bennett would go on to successful acting careers, and become outspoken, out-gay advocates. Writer Tina Fey too would find herself pushed into a higher echelon of Hollywood writers, as the film developed a cult around it that has only expanded over time.

Witty, deep and oh so fetch, Mean Girls is exactly the kind of comfort food we need this weekend. Enjoy it along with a very tall glass of wine.

Streams on YouTube, Amazon, VUDU and iTunes.

Pop Culture Fix: Lexa Gets The Last Laugh on “The 100” Series Finale

Pop Culture Fix: Lexa Gets The Last Laugh on "The

A Pop Culture Fix upon you this day, my friends! 

+ Hey, guess who came back for The 100 series finale, kinda? Lexa! Kinda! I actually think it was an avatar of Lexa maybe. I’ve read several recaps and it sounds like a little bit of a mess to be honest, but, I think(!) the point is that Clake manifested Lexa in her imagination to be the judge of her afterlife and then they walked on the beach together. Or something. Anyway, Lexa lives on in Clarke’s heart and mind and that’s more than you can say for Bellamy who she stabbed in the gizzard a few episodes ago. 🏄‍♀️

+ The secret history of video game music’s female pioneers.

+ Miranda July’s enduring love for the weirdo in all of us.

+ Bex Taylor-Klaus has joined the new ABC procedural, Triage, “a character-driven medical drama that follows pioneering surgeon Finley Briar (Fitz-Henley) over three distinct decades at the same hospital.” They will play “Leonora/Leo, the gender fluid youngest first-year intern at New York Trinity and mentee of Finley (Fitz-Henley).”

+ !!!!!!!!!!

+ Speaking of Ryan Murphy projects, he’s making a Jeffrey Dahmer drama because of course he is.

+ Chelsea Tavares, who plays Patience on All American, has been promoted to series regular for season three!

+ Sanam Yar profiled Lili Reinhart in the New York Times this weekend. If Lexa hadn’t risen from the grave (kind of), surely I would have made this into the Pop Culture Fix headline: “She first began to question her sexuality around the fifth grade, she said. ‘I remember Googling ‘Playboy’ and ‘boobs.’ I wanted to see women, I was so interested. And then just kind of, as I got older, I was realizing that I was attracted to these women. I wanted to look like them, but I also was attracted to them.’”

+ Warner Bros. will be adapting a feature film based on Black, Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith’s comic series where only Black people have superpowers. It’s a really good comic!

+ Before Korrasami, Avatar’s creators hinted at a queer romance between… Momo & Appa!? 

+ The 100 sequences that shaped animation.

+ Gugu Mbatha-Raw on Misbehaviour, “San Junipero,” and becoming a pop star for Beyond The Lights.


+ How to dress like your favorite Schitt’s Creek character.

+ Here’s how SNL and Kate McKinnon paid tribute to RBG.

+ Taraji P. Henson will host a talkshow on mental health on Facebook Watch.

+ Hulu’s First Day shows trans kids they’re not alone.

+ Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is back so soon and AV Club has an exclusive clip!

+ Vampires vs. The Bronx thrusts a wooden stake into the heart of gentrification.

+ Carmen agrees!

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