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Just leaving this here : actuallesbians

Just leaving this here : actuallesbians

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We’re not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

Lauren Hough’s first book — *Leaving isn’t the hardest thing* — is now available for pre-order (and is set to be published 2021-04-13) : butchlesbians

Lauren Hough’s first book — *Leaving isn’t the hardest thing*

Lauren Hough is ‘a 6-foot lesbian’ who was

born in Berlin, Germany, and raised in seven countries, and Amarillo, Texas. She’s been an Air Force Airman, a green-aproned barista, a bouncer, a bartender, and, for a time, a cable guy.

That cable guy gig is, perhaps, why her name might ring a bell. At the end of 2018, The Huffington Post published her essay-cum-slice-of-memoir ‘I was a cable guy. I saw the worst of America’. Said essay went rather viral.

She’s written more than that, however. Including:

  • ‘Solitaire, Part 1 and Part 2

    which explores ‘the secrecy and fear, the lies told and the violence experienced by a gay woman serving under Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell.’

  • Work, pray, fear: my life in the Family cult

    which documents some of her experience being raised in ‘the global religious cult that started in California in the 1960s’, The Family.

And, earlier this year, she gave a memorable TEDx talk, ‘A lesbian walks into a bathroom: a lesson on code switching’.

Hough’s first book, an essay collection entitled Leaving isn’t the hardest thing is now available for pre-order, with publication set for 2021-04-13.