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NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is Having Masked Sex

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is Having Masked Sex

Welcome to NSFW Sunday!

La Muxer Diosa and Zoie Blackheart

La Muxer Diosa and Zoie Blackheart in Crash Pad Series episode 281

Pink & White Productions founder and Crash Pad Series director Shine Houston is rewriting the rules of great queer porn. Here’s how she got started:

“By acting on her desire to see queer, trans and gender-nonconforming performers of color in porn, Houston tapped into a hugely underserved audience looking to see their own sex lives and fantasies reflected back to them. All the while, their bodies were treated with care, respect and even reverence, which again, left a powerful impression. In an impassioned post, blogger Black Thighs writes, ‘[Houston’s] work is important simply because it speaks to desire — the desires of Black womxn — and unclenches desire from pain and from shame, as our desire has always been conditioned.’”

Blair and Megan Reeves

Blair and Megan Reeves in Crash Pad Series episode 279

At Zora, Adrienne Maree Brown discussed emergent strategy, pleasure activism, what Black liberation looks like for Black women and more:

“Emergent strategy and pleasure activism really go together. Folks see all the ways that we normally experience and find pleasure and connection are not happening because of the pandemic. We are also being called into action, both online and in the streets. Being able to tune in and take action together is actually giving us a deep sense of connection, of being a part of something larger than ourselves. When you see people standing in their dignity it feels like a good touch, right? I want to keep feeling that. That feels and looks irresistible.”

Daisy Ducati and Ella Nova

Daisy Ducati and Ella Nova in Crash Pad Series episode 186

Here’s how to be a better top.

Conflict is (still) not abuse.

At Mel, Penny, a Toronto-based escort and lawyer, writes about staying safe as a sex worker in the pandemic, noting, “masked sex is a lot less awkward than you might think.”

At the Cut, Raven Leilani, author of Luster, discussed the best sex she ever read.

It’s time to pour one out for “can I buy you a drink?.”

Oh Joy Sex Toy reviewed the Ranger X, a dildo with three layers of silicone (!), calling it “easily the closest to a real life ‘feel’ I’ve ever come across for a dildo.”

Is this the new dating timeline?

If you have the means, privacy and opportunity to sunbathe naked at your own home, I sincerely encourage wearing sunscreen. Co-signed, a full-body sunburn from 2016 that I will never forget.

What will happen to our online relationships and worlds when we go back to in-person interactions?

Here’s how to give your partner a massage.

NSFW ASMR is hot shit.

At Salty, Kimberley Spill wrote about how cannabis allowed her to sit with sexual trauma and learn how to make time for her body.

FKA twigs is supporting (UK) sex workers during the pandemic and you can, too.

Dylan Ryan and T.Pfister

Dylan Ryan and T.Pfister in Crash Pad Series episode 306

At Salty, Mia Schachter wrote about how being an intimacy coordinator for film and TV shows made it easier to embrace having boundaries in bed:

“[Intimacy Coordinators are] much like stunt coordinators: we’re there to make the scenes look real and stay safe, but our domain is emotional safety within sex and nude scenes. We practice many forms of consent on set so we can ensure that it’s ongoing. In order to assist others in finding their boundaries, I had to get much more in touch with my own. At the same time, I was learning to listen to my gut and what my body needed. Through my healing, my body reawakened and I had this job that meant something. I had less to prove than ever. I didn’t need to convince anyone that I was good at communication, intimacy, or sex. As I entered back into the dating world, I anticipated feeling empowered to say ‘no,’ or ‘slow down,’ or ‘I’m not comfortable with that yet.’

I was right: this deeper knowledge of myself helps me say when I’m not ready in situations where I might have pushed through nerves at other times in my life. And if anyone tries to convince me that I don’t know myself in these circumstances, they can go fuck themselves because I’m certainly not going to.”

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is In An Intimacy Bubble

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is In An Intimacy Bubble

Welcome to NSFW Sunday!

The Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives is a way to get your NSFW game fix and also donate to the Okra Project at the same time! “The titles offered include Christine Love’s lesbian BDSM game Ladykiller in a Bind, Pillow Fight’s immensely popular queer visual novels We Know the Devil and Heaven Will Be Mine, Fiction Factory Games’s Arcade Spirits, Lunaris Games’s Errant Kingdom, and a demo for Perfect Garbage Studios’s upcoming adult game Love Shore,” writes Ana Valens at the Daily Dot.

Betty Blac and Kitty Stryker

Betty Blac and Kitty Stryker in Crash Pad Series episode 132

How can you start dating and fucking during covid-19, especially as things get worse and worse? Therapist Moushumi Gose writes:

“The idea is to find an intimacy buddy, or as the Washington Post called it, the support bubble. Meeting up and (safely) finding an intimacy buddy is a small suggestion for those who are struggling with loneliness and isolation. If we can safely introduce a new partner or buddy into our bubble, this can help stave off some of the long-lasting psychological effects of extended isolation.

Please note that this is different from feeling pressure around meeting up. I have heard that there is a lot of that going around on dating sites. If you are comfortable staying at home, and not feeling the need to bring anyone else into your bubble, then you most certainly should not. Do not to fall prey to peer pressure around meeting up.”

Byron DuBois and Daizy Blaze

Byron DuBois and Daizy Blaze in Crash Pad Series episode 296

Here are a few single-panel NSFW comics.


Here’s how to talk to your friends – and potential partners and anyone else – before a no-mask hangout. (Please consider looking at the rate of cases in your area and making a decision based on that before considering this.)

Here’s a review of the Jack stroker and packer.

If you’re in a position to have pool sex, you still need to use protection.

Dylan Ryan and T.Pfister

Dylan Ryan and T.Pfister in Crash Pad Series episode 306

Did you recently break up with your boyfriend because you’re more gay than not but feeling weird about that? Did you recently break up with anyone and it’s hard now and you don’t know how to live with the choice to leave? At Jezebel, Brandy Jenson writes:

“The problem for most people is not a lack of self-knowledge, but a lack of will to do anything with it.

You’ve already done something about what you know, and that’s commendable. Taking actions that comport with what you’ve learned about yourself or the world is also called living with conviction and a lot of people don’t do it because it’s scary and difficult and not always much of a comfort. Conviction won’t dance with you at weddings or make you soup when you’re sick. You can’t share any inside jokes with your conviction. It’s also, unfortunately, no guarantee at all that you will find what you want simply because you have finally identified it.

Four years after leaving my marriage I have been miserable in ways I couldn’t have imagined. There have been moments I’ve felt so lonely and stupid and late to any chance at happiness that I sort of understand what the trad wives are on about. But I would make the same choice every time, because along with misery there is also joy and possibility and the knowledge that insofar as any of us are truly able to do what we want with our lives I am doing something with mine that feels honest.”