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Parkland survivor takes on MyPillow Guy with rival LGBT-inclusive brand

Parkland survivor takes on MyPillow Guy with rival LGBT-inclusive brand

Parkland survivor David Hogg plans to launch his own LGBT-inclusive pillow company with the specific goal of driving Mike “MyPillow Guy” Lindell out of business.

Hogg, now a 20-year-old gun control advocate, announced on Thursday (4 February) that he and progressive tech entrepreneur William LeGate would be teaming up for a new bedding venture challenging MyPillow.

“This pillow fight just got very real,” he declared on Twitter.

It appears that the business idea started as a joke between the pair, but Hogg later confirmed they’d decided to go all in. He tweeted a list of goals for the future company which included supporting progressive causes and hiring formerly incarcerated Americans.

That alone would be more than enough to set their rival company apart from MyPillow, but Hogg went a step further.

When responding to a troll who sent him an explicit homophobic meme, the young entrepreneur simply turned into another business idea.

“Anybody interested in a Pride limited edition pillow?” he asked.

“If we sold this pillow we could give all of the profits from it’s sale to LGBTQ orgs and Sex Ed. These trolls are awesome, they’re free advertising and they have great ideas, keep them coming guys.”

He added that he and LeGate “can and will run a better business and make a better product all with more happy staff than Mike the pillow guy while creating US based Union jobs and helping people. This pillow fight is just getting started”.

It’s hard to know exactly what the MyPillow Guy thinks of this development, because his persistent claims of voter fraud saw him permanently banned from Twitter this week. We’ll all sleep a little easier for it.

London mayor candidate attacks LGBT-inclusive education

London mayor candidate attacks LGBT-inclusive education

London mayoral hopeful David Kurten is campaigning for election as the only candidate who opposes LGBT-inclusive education, which will soon be compulsory across the UK.

As British schools wrestle with whether to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kurten chose this moment to argue against what he sees as “indoctrination by the progressive, cultural Marxist and LGBT lobbies”.

In a “disgraceful” speech at the London Assembly, the former UKIP education spokesperson described the parents and schools challenging the progressive curriculum as “heroic” and “absolutely right”. He suggested they should be allowed to restrict children from learning of the existence of LGBT+ people.

Kurten, who has previously made comments linking homosexuality to childhood sexual abuse, expanded on his views in a blog post calling for LGBT-inclusive legislation to be rolled back in favour of free speech.

“In bowing to the demands of the mostly-childless LGBT lobby, the Westminster elite has again proven it is wholly out-of-touch with the vast majority of parents and grandparents who do not want the state to undermine traditional family and faith values by forcing children to learn about homosexual relationships and transgenderism at an age which is too much too young,” Kurten said.

He accused “the fake-Conservative government” of “deliberately usurping the role of parents” by imposing a set of values that he believes are anti-conservative, anti-family and anti-faith.

David Kurten wants to scrap the Equality Act.

Kurten claimed that many educational programs which confront homophobic bullying are actually “LGBT propaganda materials” designed to sow confusion in vulnerable children and undermine family values.

He called for the Equality Act and other pro-LGBT+ legislation to be overhauled or scrapped altogether, along with a “root and branch reform” of the education regulator Ofsted to change its focus from an “illiberal-leftist obsession with ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’”.

Kurten’s views were stridently condemned by Labour’s Leonie Cooper, who said of his London Assembly speech: “How disgusting, how disgraceful.

“I know it’s part of your platform that you’ve just launched standing as an independent against political correctness… sometimes you say things and we laugh at you because all you want to talk about is running flags for Brexit, [but] this is the kind of pernicious, disgusting statement that has no place in this London Assembly.

“I cannot wait until both the Brexit party and UKIP fail to meet the 5 per cent threshold and you are gone from this chamber.”

More than 30 leading charities and campaigners have warned that protests against LGBT-inclusive education echo the damaging rhetoric of Section 28, and that such teaching “is crucial in building a society based on tolerance and respect”.

They are supported by national and international research which shows that LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education “overwhelmingly” benefits children and society, resulting in less risky sexual behaviour, increased use of contraception and improved attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health.

Last year MPs voted 538 to 21 in favour of introducing the teaching across the UK. The progressive curriculum will be compulsory in all schools from September 2020 — well before the London mayoral elections in May 2021.

PinkNews has reached out to David Kurten for comment but had not received a reply at the time of publication.