Welcome back to No Filter! This is the column where I tell you all about the fun and exciting celesbian happenings on Instagram! Let’s party!

Well hello to you too Gigi, I love the shoe!

Okay, so yes, this is very late but COME ON THIS DAMN COUPLE UGH! Again, I am famously too single for this!

Something about… just looking at Tessa Thompson makes my heart literally stop beating in my chest and then I start blushing and feeling faint? Is that… normal?

I straight up lol’d at “lesbian hand rub”

Tell me baby why don’t you love me, when I make me so damn easy to love?

The Auntie Agenda continues apace!

Une petite music moment from Clay, I think so!

Legends supporting legends!

Nothing but love for Haley, always.

King Princess is *checks notes* yep, on brand!

Okay but actually do swipe through because it is very funny!!!