With lock down relaxing and a new way of visiting places occurring, we decided it was time to spread our wings a little and venture to one of our favourite places in Dorset. Just an hour away, Lyme Regis is a gorgeous place to enjoy the beach, local businesses and fossil hunting.

Smiles lyme regis
C and M lyme regis

When we arrived, our little dude had only one thing in mind, fossil hunting. So instead of heading to the popular part of the beach, we took a left and headed towards the cliffs and a popular area for fossil hunters.

Lyme regis sea
Walking to the rocks

Lyme Regis is a fantastic place to go fossil hunting if you have any budding fossil hunters wanting some easy discoveries. It is also home to Mary Anning, an interesting woman, that discovered the first complete Ichthyosaur in 1810-1811 with her brother.

rocky walk

The best area for fossil hunting is located a short walk from the main high street. It is accessed by some stairs that get cut off by high tide, so be careful and check tide times before heading off on a long fossil hunt. The tide had started to come in as we finished fossil hunting, so we had to jump over the sea at the bottom of the steps to avoid wet feet.

LARGE ammoite
fossils lyme regis
holding fossils

We hadn’t been on the beach long before our little dude had found his first ammonite of the day. It was a beautiful fossil set within a giant rock. It spurred him on and soon he had one he could fit in the palm of his hand. Both Clara and I got hunting too and managed to find a couple for him too. Clara became a pro hunter and managed to find some gorgeous ones under a massive rock.

I see you lyme regis
showing ammonite
double ammonite
family lyme regis

If you spend long enough on the beach, you are almost always guaranteed to discover at least an ammonite. Even if it is one within a giant rock. It is a beach we will certainly be returning to, in fact since writing this we have revisited with friends and found even more fossils.