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What’s wrong with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon getting naked? / Queerty

What’s wrong with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon getting naked?

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Glittering: Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas may have taken home the Emmy for his performance as Liberace in this biopic, but the movie belongs to Matt Damon who gives an uninhibited performance as Liberace’s on-again, off-again lover Scott Thorson. As directed by Steven Soderbergh, Behind the Candelabra isn’t so much a biopic of the Las Vegas-loving, oh-so-gay pianist as a biography of the very weird relationship between Liberace and Thorson. As Liberace says in the film: “I want to be everything to you, Scott. I want to be your father, brother, lover, best friend.”

That, folks, is a recipe for disaster.

By now the details of Liberace’s final years have become common knowledge: his drug and spending habits, his death from AIDS, and the bizarre narcissism that drove him to own Throson as a kept man and undergo plastic surgery to look more like Liberace himself. Neither Throson nor Liberace comes off well in Behind the Candelabra, and yet somehow, Soderbergh, Douglas and Damon make us love the couple, their hedonistic lifestyle, and even their flaws. Though Thorson & Liberace’s relationship ends on a bitter note, the move doesn’t. Rather, it celebrates the real affection between two men who really did love one another, even when their relationship turned destructive. Featuring outstanding performances from its two lead, as well as Scott Bakula, Rob Lowe and the late Debbie Reynolds, Behind the Candelabra is a film as complicated–and joyous–as the men who inspired it.

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People are seriously creeped by this weird photo of Matt Gaetz nestling Kimberly Guilfoyle’s bosom / Queerty

People are seriously creeped by this weird photo of Matt

People are seriously disturbed by a weird photo antigay Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida posted to his Twitter page this week.

Yesterday, Gaetz took a break from doing whatever the hell he does during the workday to tweet a picture of himself resting his head against the bosom of Kimberly “The Best Is Yet To Come” Guilfoyle, along with the caption: “I will never take a cooler picture than this.”

But judging by people’s responses, Gaetz is perhaps the only person in the world who thinks he looks supercool in the pic…

This isn’t the first time Gaetz has exercised poor judgement in the sorts of photographs he poses for.

In April, he received criticism after being pictured wearing a gas mask on the House floor in an effort to mock coronavirus. Days later, he entered self-quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

And in August, he received criticism after a selfie of him partying with “trysexual” Roger Stone and Joel Greenberg, the former Florida tax collector charged with sex trafficking, circulated on Twitter.

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Matt Bomer says coming out as gay cost him TV and film roles

Matt Bomer The Boys in the Band

Matt Bomer has revealed that coming out as gay cost him film and television roles – but he said that the trade-off was ultimately worth it.

The American Horror Story star came out publicly as gay in 2012 in the best possible way — by thanking his husband while accepting an award for his HIV/AIDS activism.

But Bomer has now revealed that his simple act of courage cost him roles in film and television in the years that followed.

Speaking to Attitude magazine, Bomer said there is a “trade-off” for LGBT+ people coming out in the public eye.

“We’re living in a day and age where there are actors and athletes and public figures who are openly gay and have been unafraid to acknowledge that, but without a question, there’s a trade-off, in my experience,” he said.

“I came out at a time when it was very risky to do so – I had a studio film that was about to premiere, and a television series coming out. But to me it was more important to be my almost authentic self, both for my family, and for myself.”

He continued: “I wasn’t trying to be a role model, nor am I now, but I thought if it could help just one person, then it would be worth it.

“But to say that didn’t cost me certain things in my career would be a lie. It did. To me that trade-off was worth it. But it hasn’t been some fairy tale — no pun intended.”

Matt Bomer set to star in The Boys in the Band.

The actor made his comments during an interview ahead of the release of a Ryan Murphy adaptation of acclaimed queer play The Boys in the Band, written by the late Mart Crowley. 

The film, slated for release on Netflix September 30, is directed by Joe Mantello, and stars Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells alongside Bomer.

In the same interview, Quinto lashed out at the Trump administration for its “patriarchal white male, heterosexual, homophobic, transphobic mentality”.

“Persecution still exists. It has shifted slightly into different factions of our community. With increased trans visibility – huge step forward in the last five or 10 years – there’s come increased violence against trans people – particularly Black, trans women, and trans women of colour,” Quinto added.

“As gay white men, maybe our challenges have diminished slightly, but we owe it to one another to stand up on behalf of each other. Violence against one of us is violence against all of us.”

The Boys in the Band debuted off-Broadway in 1968 and quickly went on to become a seminal play for the LGBT+ community.

The groundbreaking play tells the story of a group of gay men gathering for a birthday party in New York City. It debuted into a world in which LGBT+ people had not yet received anything close to mainstream representation, and it broke new ground in its depiction of queer lifestyles.

The upcoming Netflix adaptation, produced by Murphy, will reunite the cast of an acclaimed 2018 Broadway revival of the play.