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Meet the 21-year-old con artist who scammed ‘Gays For Trump’ donors out of cash / Queerty

Meet the 21-year-old con artist who scammed ‘Gays For Trump’

Twitter screenshot

Supporters of the GoFundMe account “Gays For Trump,” a group that purported to raise money from LGBTQ donors for the Trump campaign, must feel a bit scammed. The New York Times reports that the group was actually just a front for a 21-year-old delivery driver collecting donations from gullible supporters.

Josh Hall of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania created the Gays for Trump GoFundMe as well as an accompanying Twitter account as a means of raking in cash for the Trump campaign. Beginning in February, Hall began mixing QAnon conspiracy theories and off-color remarks in his Tweets to attract support. He also began dummy accounts for Trump’s family and political appointees, including Robert Trump, the president’s brother; Barron Trump, the president’s teen son; and Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus coordinator.

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Hall even impersonated Trump’s sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau. One of his tweets even drew the attention of Trump himself, who replied to a tweet with a “Thank you Elizabeth, LOVE.” Even Trump himself didn’t realize the account was fake.

“I’m a big Trump supporter, but I’m thinking, ‘He’s got to know that that’s a parody,’” Hall said of his fake accounts. “How does he not know?”

Hall amassed 160,000 followers between the fake accounts.

“There was no nefarious intention behind it,” Mr. Hall told The Times. “I was just trying to rally up MAGA supporters and have fun.”

Hall, who identifies as bisexual, admits he began the accounts after struggling to hold down a job. The more incendiary his remarks, the greater his followers and donations. In all, Hall raised $7,384 in a GoFundMe account for Gays for Trump. He claims to have never withdrawn the money from the account, though GoFundMe says otherwise.

At the time of this writing, all of Hall’s dummy accounts, as well as his own personal account, have been suspended. The exposure of Hall and his GoFundMe scheme is just the latest scandal in the ongoing debate over the spread of online misinformation. Critics continue to claim social media giants Twitter and Facebook don’t do enough to weed out fake accounts designed to sew chaos and confusion online. Earlier this year, both sites began tagging or blocking dubious posts–a move which itself drew criticism.

In a sea of Karens, meet the “anti-Karen” / Queerty

In a sea of Karens, meet the “anti-Karen” / Queerty

Cleansing the palate of elitist folks unaware of their own racism or entitlement, one New York woman has opted for tolerance and human decency. Imagine that. After a video of her ranting against bigotry went viral, the internet has dubbed her “anti-Karen.”

User Ashely Sarro uploaded the brief video to TikTok of an unidentified woman on her front porch. Hopping about and flailing her arms, she launches into a cry for common sense and acceptance.

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“Black lives do f*cking matter,” she proselytizes. “Science is real. Love is love, bitch. Gay pride, OK? Women’s rights are human rights. And the virus is not a hoax.”

Already the video has circulated on Reddit and TikTok, the latter of which has earned it more than 487,000 likes.



This weekend, meet the world’s youngest sex therapist / Queerty

This weekend, meet the world’s youngest sex therapist / Queerty

Sex Education

Welcome to the Weekend Binge. Every Friday, we’ll suggest a binge-able title designed to keep you from getting too stir crazy. Check back throughout the weekend for even more gloriously queer entertainment.

The Uproarious: Sex Education

Asa Butterfield and the ever-awesome Gillian Anderson lead this Netflix comedy about the son of a famous sex therapist…who sort of becomes the default sex therapist for his private high school. Butterfield plays Otis, said teen, as a man so overwhelmed by sex he doesn’t really stop to explore his own sexuality. That becomes more and more difficult as he begins to feel an attraction to Ola (Patricia Allison), a beautiful young woman in his class.

Sex Education makes fun of high school sex comedies with its own frankness, as well as its constant satire of the public’s sexual ignorance. (Season 2 sees an outbreak of “airborne chlamydia,” sending parents into a panic). The show also benefits from a storyline involving Otis’ best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), a gay Nigerian immigrant struggling to reconcile his queerness with his family and culture. Neurotic and sexually frank as its main character, Sex Education plays like an anathema to the work of John Hughes…or possibly the show he was never bold enough to make.

Streams on Netflix.