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If all financial traders were this naked, we’d have a booming economy / Queerty

If all financial traders were this naked, we’d have a


Welcome to the Weekend Binge. Every Friday, we’ll suggest a binge-able title designed to keep you from getting too stir crazy. Check back throughout the weekend for even more gloriously queer entertainment.

The High-Strung: Industry

HBO just announced a second season of this new drama coming down the pipeline next year. As such, we recommend giving the first season–which debuted in November–a look. Industry follows a group of young upstarts in the world of London finance. Call it a 21st-century Bonfire of the Vanities or Wall Street. The show makes the wise choice to focus on several women and gay men as its primary characters, which gives it a refreshing feel. Let’s face it; this story has been done with hetero male leads over and over ad-nauseam.

The show’s gay storylines, including that of Gus (David Jonsson), one of the young investors, his married (to a woman) sometime boyfriend Theo (Will Tudor), and Gus’ roommate Kenny (Connor MacNeil), are all handled as well as any other. Industry distinguishes itself with a hard-boiled look at the world of finance: does everyone in the industry have some kind of sociopathic personality disorder? The characters manipulate one another with money, drugs, sex (yes, including gay-for-pay set-ups), blackmail and just about anything else, postulating that maybe sociopathy is a prerequisite to success in the biz.

Loaded with beautiful people, chic settings and enough full-frontal male nudity to make Tom of Finland blush, Industry has no shortage of drama or queer themes to keep it compelling. Scandalous, stylish and downright brutal at times, we offer up Industry as a way to spend a weekend…and as an incentive to stay out of the financial world.

Streams on HBO Max.


Naked Party / Queerty TV

Naked Party / Queerty TV

Michael and Michael get naked with strangers… what could possibly go wrong?


Created & Written by Michael J. Feldman and Michael Rachlis
Directed by Annika Kurnick & Ian Alda
DP/Editor: Russell Lee Cramer
Produced by Mikhail Makeyev

Malcolm Barrett, Russell Lee Cramer, Nunzio Fazio, and Annika Kurnick

Associate Producers: Fanny Pierre & Stuart Pomper

Edited by Russell Lee Cramer

Production Designer: Brianna Johnson

Stunt Coordinator: Aimee Jo Sears

Michael Goldstein … Michael J. Feldman
Michael Rosenblatt … Michael Rachlis
Greg … Kit Williamson
Justin … Blake Cooper Griffin
Jason … Peter Stickles
George LeSass … Navaris Darson
Peter … Jimmy Fowlie
Chuck … Christian Lee Herrod
Darrin … Jared North
Spencer … Adrian Anchondo
Parasite Guy … Phil Walker
Friend of Parasite Guy … Jordon Sorenson
Partygoer Who Met Delta Burke … Michael Bernardi
Marvelous Mrs. Mazel Guy … Reginald Middleton
Defender of Blind Peter … Derek Ocampo
Other Defender of Blind Peter … Shane Billings

Naked Party Attendees: DeAndre Rashard, Andre Taylor, Randy Salviejo, Trevor Glenn Barber, Zackary Dean Gurnavage, Daniel Richard Flohr, Matthew Aaron Campbell, Eric Sarich, Luke Vinciguerra

First Assistant Director: Matt Marlin

Second Assistant Directors: Martin Elicea, Irina Storozhenko

First Assistant Camera: Walter Dandy

Second Assistant Camera: Raul Martinez

Steadicam Operator: Di Lio

Art Director: Amanda Hume

Costume Designer: Chanele Casaubon

Make-Up / Hair: AJ Bourque

Music Director / Sound Design / Sound Mixing: John Spiker and Nate Scott

Colorist: Russell Lee Cramer

Assistant Editor: Aristides Zamora

Sound Mixing / Boom Op: Corey Baker

Script Supervisor: Emily Blake

Gaffer: Alex Dumas

Key Grip: Ben Sherman

Best Boy Grip: Michael Gray

Best Boy Electric: Sydney Bennett

Grips: Casey Rich, Joseph Guttierez, Jim Lovaglio

Opening Titles: Mathew Francis

Theme Music
Lizzy Loeb, Christina Loeb, and Michael Garner
Courtesy of Desert Palms Music

End Credit Music: “Shake It” by Della Swiss

Production Assistants: Harrison Kemp, Michael Martino, Jamel Northern

Alternate Grip: Andy Bean

Craft Services: Debbie Jhoon

Set Photography & Videography: Alon Borten, Pat Sheehan
Daria Suvorova

Special Thanks
Robin Goldberg & Bruce Giuliano, Arnold Rachlis & Ruti Braier, Ronald & Shelley Feldman, Parv Cheena, Terri Bernardi, Erica Copeland, David Silverstone, Kevin Biegel, Jocelyn Towne, Peter Stickles & Michael Carbonaro, Benjamin Roth, Andrew & Amanda Weeks, Matthew Tevenan, Brandon Icarus & Jen Liu, Matthew Seidhoff & Rick Rankin, Theresa Rife, Fanny Pierre & Jess McKay, Frank Kwok, John Elder, Carlos Saavedra & Kevin Blanchette, Tina Huang & Mickey Pentecost, Faye Kolhonen, Chris Schmidt, Paul Grellong & Laura Stupsker, Stuart Pomper, Adam Rachlis, Debbie Jhoon, Dom Burgess, Seed & Spark, Velvet Green Music.


What’s wrong with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon getting naked? / Queerty

What’s wrong with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon getting naked?

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Glittering: Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas may have taken home the Emmy for his performance as Liberace in this biopic, but the movie belongs to Matt Damon who gives an uninhibited performance as Liberace’s on-again, off-again lover Scott Thorson. As directed by Steven Soderbergh, Behind the Candelabra isn’t so much a biopic of the Las Vegas-loving, oh-so-gay pianist as a biography of the very weird relationship between Liberace and Thorson. As Liberace says in the film: “I want to be everything to you, Scott. I want to be your father, brother, lover, best friend.”

That, folks, is a recipe for disaster.

By now the details of Liberace’s final years have become common knowledge: his drug and spending habits, his death from AIDS, and the bizarre narcissism that drove him to own Throson as a kept man and undergo plastic surgery to look more like Liberace himself. Neither Throson nor Liberace comes off well in Behind the Candelabra, and yet somehow, Soderbergh, Douglas and Damon make us love the couple, their hedonistic lifestyle, and even their flaws. Though Thorson & Liberace’s relationship ends on a bitter note, the move doesn’t. Rather, it celebrates the real affection between two men who really did love one another, even when their relationship turned destructive. Featuring outstanding performances from its two lead, as well as Scott Bakula, Rob Lowe and the late Debbie Reynolds, Behind the Candelabra is a film as complicated–and joyous–as the men who inspired it.

Streams on HBO Max, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube & VUDU.