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Inspiration Across the Generations on National Coming Out Day

Inspiration Across the Generations on National Coming Out Day

Could you use something uplifting right now? I sure could—and a short new video that celebrates LGBTQ elders and youth champions is putting a smile on my face this National Coming Out Day.

“Be You” reminds us of the incredible age diversity of the LGBTQ community as participants answer the question “What makes you, you?” It’s a project of SAGE: Advocacy and Services for LGBT Elders; GenderCool, a movement to showcase stories of transgender and non-binary youth; and Dell Technologies. The elders include “Mama” Gloria Allen, a 74-year-old Black transgender woman who transitioned before Stonewall and later, in her 60s, started a charm school for transgender youth in Chicago. The youth include Gia, a rising 17-year-old high school senior who transitioned before the start of eighth grade and then was named captain of her co-ed middle school’s championship cross country team. She’s also her high school’s second highest-ever field hockey goal scorer and has held numerous leadership positions in her student government, the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, the Peace Project, and Family, Career and Community Service Leaders of America.

Watch the video below, then learn more about the elders here and about the youth (and other GenderCool champions) here.

For another great short video today, check out “Proud Parent,” by PFLAG and Oreo, about a young woman bringing her girlfriend to meet her straight parents for the first time. While I usually focus on queer parents, this is too sweet a story to miss. (And yes, say what you will about corporate America, but many companies have supported LGBTQ people by funding our organizations, supporting equality-minded legislation, and giving us benefits even before the government did.)

Looking for some National Coming Out Day (or any day) tips on coming out after parenthood?

On the eve of National Coming Out Day, ABC News’ James Longman wants you to be brave / Queerty

On the eve of National Coming Out Day, ABC News’

“When I was growing up, I had virtually no one to look to in the public eye, where I could say to myself, ‘Wow, he managed it, I might not have to be in the dark forever.’ So if you’re reading this, wherever you are, know that your experience, as unique as it may feel now, has been shared by millions through time. Some have had it worse, others have had it easier. But there is a community waiting for you, with love and understanding. You’ll feel as though your life has only just begun. Each of you who makes that brave step makes it possible that in the future, the next 16-year-old boy with really bad skin, who wore fleece way too much, would be proud of himself, rather than ashamed. No more crying in the kitchen, it’s time to go out into the sunshine.”–ABC News journalist James Longman, in an essay for Yahoo! detailing his own coming out. Longman encourages anyone closeted or questioning his sexuality to come out on National Coming Out Day

10 Amazing national parks of Hungary. Which one is the best?

10 Amazing national parks of Hungary. Which one is the

The Balaton area in Hungary is well-known and well-visited by Hungarians, as well as tourists. Balaton Uplands National Park is the area on the North shore of Lake Balaton and it consists of 6 different landscape protection areas.

Some parts of this park have been called ‘the most beautiful landscape in Hungary’ by poets, painters, and writers.

In this park, you can find wetlands, grasslands, caves, and weird rock formations.

Of all the Hungarian National Parks, Balaton Uplands probably has the most diversity to offer for visitors. There’s a lot of things to see and do, like underground lakes, Little Balaton lake with all it’s wildlife, the Balaton wine region, castles on top of a lookout hill, …

Balaton Uplands National Park covers a diverse area of more than 570 square kilometers.