Hey all,

I’m a genderfloating AFAB person who’s been wearing a packer on the regs for a few years now. I recommend them strongly to every AFAB person—just to feel what it’s like—but especially us butch ladies and queers. They’re safe, cheap, and for a little piece of silicone, they can be downright transformative.

Wanna start by saying that I don’t have bottom dysphoria (and FTR, wearing one didn’t change that at all; if anything, it made me appreciate that I can have both sets of genitals!). I bought it kind of on a whim. Regardless of my intentions when I bought it, looking back, it was SUCH a brilliant idea.

As someone who struggles with internalized misogyny and their butch identity, wearing a packer has been mind-altering, and it changed my life in a lot of ways. I didn’t realize what a difference it would make to my perspective to have something down there. It makes me think differently when out in the world. In a way, it makes me empathize so much with dick-havers. As a pussy-haver, it’s easy to completely forget about that area of your body when out and about. But when you’re wearing a packer, that soft pressure and heat is juuuust enough sensation to call your attention to it unexpectedly. I notice different things, I feel more confident somehow. It increases my butch energy by tenfold. I can’t explain it except to say it’s so dang fun!!

As for which kind to get, I’ve got about 8-9 different ones I’ve acquired over the years. My favorite by far is called Mr. Limpy by the brand RodeoH (https://rodeoh.com/products/mr-limpy-small-3-5)… it’s perfectly soft and squishy, so much fun to reach down and play with. I like the smallest one from that line, cuz it’s the least heavy on my hips (some weigh a lot!), it doesn’t make my crotch go numb from the pressure of wearing it all day, and it doesn’t create a huge bulge in my pants—that makes it easier to go stealth, so I feel confident when out and about and don’t feel unsafe. Silicone retains heat (they also sweat in hot weather, FYI) so it feels like part of your body after 20 mins or so, and if you’ve got a sensitive clit, certain ones actually transmit vibration to your clit if you wear it in the right spot… meaning it legit feels like a dick. Whew. So fuckin cool. It also felt empowering to choose a small one for myself, as “my dick”… cuz you know, fuck that shit about penis size that men obsess over. Small dicks are dope, and my little one is perfect for me.

Please make sure to get a good pair of packer underwear to avoid UTIs, that shit is no joke. It gets sweaty AF to keep it against your skin, especially on hot days, and they can catch against your pubes/slide around uncomfortably. Packer undies hold them in place, especially if you’re someone who moves around a lot. That brand RodeoH makes some dope 100% cotton packer undies that I wear as regular undies every day, even when I’m not wearing my dick.

Feel free to ask any questions, like I said I’ve been doing it for a few years now and it’s added so much depth to my understanding of my gender identity. If you’ve got a pussy, and especially if you’re kinda butch, do yourself a favor and play around with a packer, you’ll be glad you did! <3