FIRSTLY thank you so so much for making it possible for us to finally be here, where we’ve hit our goal and are able to look forward toward the work we’re going to do from now through July! When we set out to raise the funds we needed to fill the gaps in our budget (there because of a sharp drop in ad revenue due to the pandemic), we were more than a bit freaked out by the number. I’m sure you were, too. But, we still did it — you did it. Thank you for this gift of time.

Speaking of time, daylight savings came into 2021 kicking and screaming and now that the world is re-opening it’s light during dinner hour for some reason, I am reminded of how nice it might be to take a “Have a Nice Gay!” tote to the farmer’s market or to sit in a park with a “The Gay Agenda” journal. Do you want everyone to know your opinions on queer media?? We have stickers and a BUMPER sticker! We also have queer magnet sets, and the Read a F*cking Book set, with words from various queer writers, really belongs in queer history archives.

These perks came with a contribution built in because they are a part of our fundraiser. THANK YOU to everyone who’s given to get perks so far! And now that we’re at the finish line, for one 24 hour period only, we are having a sale so that you can get more of these perks at a reduced, celebratory rate, and still you will be helping us fund our work FOR EVEN LONGER. This is your last chance to get these limited edition cuties. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Get your gay items today!

Take Me to the Sale!