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Come Vibe With Me: You’re Like — Really Pretty

Come Vibe With Me: You're Like — Really Pretty

The New Year always comes with folks making big declarations of change. Switching jobs, exploring more, getting rid of toxic folks or traits, and so on. More often than not though the main one is a physical change, namely weight loss. No matter how body positive we believe our generation is, in January my social feeds are flooded with discounted gym memberships, and people posting a scale showing their weight with some sort of disgusted emoji and a promise to keep us updated as the number decreases.

It sucks and I hate it.

In the past, whenever I lost sight of who I was it meant that my usually high confidence in my image was part of the crumbling that took place. I’m suddenly angry at the fit of my clothes, the thought of a selfie makes me ill and I can’t even make eye contact with my reflection when brushing my teeth in the morning. I spoke last week about making my way back to myself and I meant that in every sense, including the physical.

I started feeling fly again and got ready to show the masses just as my feed got flooded with the weight-loss resolutions, and it knocked me for a second — was I actually feeling better? Did I really like this new hairstyle? Was I truly back to loving every fold or curve on my body?

Image shows black woman in bed with long braids wearing a gray. black and white loungewear outfit.
Yeah – I posted it.

I paused and put my phone down and walked to one of the multiple mirrors in my apartment that I used to do a wink/smile combo in, pre-breakdown. I ran my hands through my hair, then over my shoulders and across my stomach, turned and looked at my ass and hips, and turned back around to make eye contact with my reflection that up until now — had been so hard to do.

I stared for a bit, music playing in the background filling up my space — saving me from silence and acting as a filter for intruding negative thoughts. I took myself in and as trite as it may sound, started to smile. My hip dropped, my back arched and I felt that smoldering confidence start to build back up in my core.

Coming back to who you are is a fucking ride and there is always gonna be blocks on the way. But as long as you have a sparkle of appreciation for yourself and the “Not interested” button on IG, you’ll be falling back in love with yourself before you know it.

Happy Sunday cuties.

Y’all Come Look at This

A movie where Black people fall in love and look stunning in vintage clothing? Sign me up 30 times over. I just watched Sylvie’s Love and the stars, Tessa Thompson & Nnmadi Asomugha, chat about the film over on Essence.

Image shows the cover of Essence magazine where two black actors are pictured in black tie style outfits and sitting in a velvet chair.
Wow look at my mom and dad.

I have tried out what feels like a million natural hair tips and tricks and half of them absolutely don’t work, so I am leaving just about all of them behind in the new year and sticking to what I know.

Taylour “Where the band at?” Paige hops into the Bustle booth to talk karaoke, TV, and the all-important coffee order. She also talks about the movie Swallow, which I am OBSESSED with.

Saambhi hilariously and beautifully talks about dating as a Muslim brown babe in the digital age for the crew over at Salty World.

I love Regina King and I long for nothing more to look as entirely beautiful as she does while laying on a suede couch and dishing out infinite wisdom.

Image shows two black people lovingly gazing into each others eyes while standing in front of a yellow New York City Taxicab.

Sylvie’s Love

“Sometimes the right love comes at the wrong time.”

I love a good romantic movie moment filled with beautiful music, gorgeous Black folks and longing looks. Amazon’s latest release Sylvie’s Love gave me every bit of that.

The film centers on the relationship between musician Robert (Nnmadi Asomugha) who falls for pop culture loving Sylvie (our queen Tessa Thompson) after meeting at her father’s record store.

Not only is the story sweet and will have you cuddled up on your couch swoooning, but the score is perfect and Sylvie’s outfits will have you following every vintage IG page in search of the perfect pair of pedal pushers.

Watch the trailer here!

This week on the virtual bulletin board you can help the Trans self-defense fund in Chicago meet their goal of raising $10,000, I love them and they do so many great things like offer free self-defense kits for trans women in need. There is also a help chat line for those who are trans and struggling at home or facing homelessness, send them a message and they will do all they can to help. And here’s a few other lovely things on the bulletin board this week!

If you have anything happening in your city (or virtually) that you think would be a good fit for the community love virtual billboard, send it my way via Instagram! Please remember that anything you send must have a focus on people of color.

Listen to this playlist and feel yourself in every way possible this Sunday and yes — I mean in that way, too (insert terrible wink here).

I just saw that animal idk what it’s called and realised that what I do when I see a pretty thing : actuallesbians

I just saw that animal idk what it's called and

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We’re not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

Pop Culture Fix: Pretty Little Liars Is Getting Rebooted by Riverdale’s Showrunner

Pop Culture Fix: Pretty Little Liars Is Getting Rebooted by

Here’s a Pop Culture Fix I curated just for you! 

+ A Pretty Little Liars reboot is on the way from Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, which feels weird because Pretty Little Liars only ended like 16 minutes ago — and also because, well, the PLL aesthetic birthed the Riverdale aesthetic and now the Riverdale aesthetic is rebirthing the PLL aesthetic? Pretty Little Liars was already a literal nesting doll of wacky horror tropes; I guess now we’re gonna find out what happens when you fold up a ghost like origami!

+ Grey’s Anatomy is gearing up to start production on season 17.


+ Kat Barrell chatted with TV Line about Wynonna Earp season four, the fun parts of playing a bad guy, and what’s next for WayHaught.

+ Alex Jung is back at it — this time profiling Miranda July and chatting about Kajillionaire, missed connections, and Instagram lovers.

+ Well, Sarah Paulson in this Ratched trailer is properly horrifying.

+ Troop Beverly Hills is getting a sequel?! (What a thrill!)

+ Three POC writers quit Netflix’s Grand Army due to racist exploitation and abuse, Ming Peiffer revealed on Twitter when the trailer dropped last week.

+ Meet Quintessa Swindell, a non-binary actor about to take Hollywood by storm.

+ Netflix introduces a free, no subscription required tier for select titles.

+ The best Gabrielle episodes of Xena.

+ If you didn’t want to shell out the extra 30 bucks to watch Mulan this weekend, you can wait until December and watch it for free — “free” — with just your regular Disney+ subscription. (Related: Toward a queer Disney canon.)

+ Gina Torres has joined 911: Lone Star as a series regular.

+ Ashly Burch — who you know as the voice of queer asexual Parvati Holcomb in Outer Worlds, queer protagonist Chloe Price in Life Is Strange, queer-cause-I-said-so Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn, and queer as every character she plays with the Critical Role crew — is on the third episode of Kotaku’s Behind the Voice.

+ Meet the women behind Stacey Abrams’ new documentary, All In: The Fight for Democracy.

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