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The gays react to Michael B. Jordan’s “Sexiest Man Alive” status / Queerty

The gays react to Michael B. Jordan’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

Following in the footsteps of Brad Pitt, Idris Elba, and John Legend, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan is People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2020. The magazine announced its pick on November 17, commending the actor both on his chiseled body and his pushes for diversity in front of and behind the camera.

“It’s a cool feeling,” Jordan says of the distinction in the magazine’s cover story. “You know, everybody always made that joke, like, ‘Mike, this is the one thing you’re probably not going to get.’ But it’s a good club to be a part of.”

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Following the announcement, one Reddit user celebrated Jordan’s SMA status in a Reddit “appreciation post” on the r/askgabybros forum.

“For the first time I completely agree with the guy they chose to be the sexiest man alive,” that user wrote. “Michael B. Jordan is just so damn sexy.”

Others heartily agreed. “I found him to be so hot in Black Panther. Great choice,” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “I’m all for it,” while someone else observed that Jordan is “deffo sexy” and a different guy reported having “a hard time not being hard for every scene he was in in Black Panther.

Black Panther Killmonger GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

One Redditor even said he has followed Jordan through his career highs and lows. “The first time I saw him was in Chronicle, and he impressed me right then!” he wrote. “I’ve loved him [in] everything, even the Fantastic Fourflop.”

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Others, on the other hand, are relieved that it’s Jordan this year and not a certain past Sexiest Man Alive. “Better than 2017 when it was Blake Shelton’s homophobic basic ass,” one commenter wrote. Another asserted that “nobody agreed with Blake Shelton being chosen.”

And finally, one Reddit user could probably use a crash course in both sports and pop culture: “TBH, I never knew Michael Jordan looked like that and now I have a new crush.”

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The moment after Trump pardoned turkey, reporter asks if he’ll pardon himself / Queerty

The moment after Trump pardoned turkey, reporter asks if he’ll

The annual presidential turkey pardon ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday is meant to be a light-hearted affair, and a way for the White House to project a warm spirit and a sense of normalcy. This year, it is anything but normal.

On Tuesday, President Trump emerged from behind closed doors for one of the first times since losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden, which he has yet to formally concede.

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After the ceremony, a reporter asked Trump: “Will you issue pardons before leaving office? Will you be issuing a pardon for yourself?”

Watch the moment at the 12:45 mark:

Wentworth Miller on why it’s better to use gay actors for gay roles / Queerty

Wentworth Miller on why it’s better to use gay actors

Wentworth Miller in Prison Break
Wentworth Miller in Prison Break (Photo: Fox)

Actor Wentworth Miller has spoken further about the importance of gay representation on screen. Two weeks ago, Miller – who came out as gay in 2013 – took to Instagram to inform fans that he had no plans to return for a mooted sixth season of Prison Break, saying he only wished to play gay characters from now on.

Yesterday, Miller posted an Instagram video of himself kissing the actor Russell Tovey. The two men played love interests Leo Snart/Captain Cold and Ray Tyrrell on the DC show, The Flash, in 2017.

In the accompanying caption, Miller spoke about the power of having two gay actors to play gay superheroes and kiss on screen. He also went on to highlight one of the benefits of casting a gay actor.

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“Leo. The powers-that-be willed him into existence and I was grateful. He didn’t have to be gay but the writers wrote that shit. So we got 2 gay actors playing 2 gay superheroes kissing onscreen… Felt like a moment.

He went on to say that when he read the script, he felt it needed tweaking.

“Where Leo tells Mick and Sara he’s marrying Ray, his original line was like, ‘I just want something normal…’ Gays. Just like us. Except me? I’m not getting married. I didn’t want Leo framing marriage as ‘normal’ for folks (kids) watching. It’s not. It’s homonormative. A ton of queer folks are living full/content lives outside the marriage construct. That line became, ‘I’m looking for a new kind of adventure’ (or some such).”

Miller went on to ask, “Would a straight actor playing Leo push for that change? Have that conversation with the (straight) writers and (straight) director? Maybe. I did bec I had to. It reflects my lived experience. I’m having those conversations 24-7. Not just on set.

“I should note I had the weight – and will – to push for rewrites. Not every actor does. #privilege.”

He says he also questioned another part of the script.

“Last tweak: The sc where Leo and Ray argue while Ray changes. The first draft called for me to ‘blush and turn away’ at the sight of a shirtless Ray. Hello. They’re lovers. Pretty sure it was the person who wrote that sc who wanted to blush and turn away.”

A day earlier, Miller also returned to the issue of him not rejoining Prison Break. Since his first announcement a couple of weeks ago, some fans have speculated that the show’s creators might tempt him back by making his character, Michael Schofield, gay.

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Miller appeared to pour cold water on this idea. He also dismissed further speculation that Scofield might enter into any sort of relationship with the character T-Bag, who is shown having sex with men in prison but is also a racist, pedophile, murderer, and rapist. Millers suggests T-Bag should not be considered gay representation.

“Forgive me,” said Miller on Instagram. “I need to put my finger on something. In and around the ‘reveal’ I’m gay IRL, don’t wish to play straight parts etc., I saw dozens of comments suggesting Michael leave Sara for T-bag. Or that T-bag will be ‘looking’ for Michael/me.

“Is it possible, to some folks, T-Bag = “gay” rep on PB? Maybe the ONLY rep on TV in their part of the world? Forget the homophobes + zealots (bec fuck them) – for the queer kids, the queer adults who will never come out bec coming out = death in their part of the world… is T-bag the best they can expect?”

He went on to say that Hollywood sends out messages to viewers, whether intentional or not, which is why he believes so strongly about bringing authentic LGBTQ representation to the screen.

“Stories matter. Balanced, responsible storytelling matters. You never know who’s watching. Or where.”

This weekend, prepare to serve some gayness with your Thanksgiving / Queerty

This weekend, prepare to serve some gayness with your Thanksgiving

A person cutting a cake

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Flying Turkey: Lez-Bomb

This delightful Thanksgiving comedy didn’t get enough attention when it debuted two years ago. Writer/director Jenna Lorenzo stars as Lauren, a thriving lesbian professional who invites her girlfriend (Caitlin Mehner) home to meet the family on Thanksgiving. There’s just one problem: she’s not out to her family. What begins as a slightly awkward Thanksgiving buffet of eccentric relatives (including Bruce Dern & Cloris Lechman and Bruce Dern as Lauren’s grandparents, and Steve Guttenberg as her nutty uncle) turns into a full-on circus when Lauren’s friend Austin (Brandon Michael Hall) shows up, and the family mistakes him as her boyfriend.

Lez Bomb doesn’t have the high production value usually associated with this caliber of performers, though it does benefit from a very funny script and Lorenzo’s calm professionalism behind the camera. As a director, she knows how to get the most out of her cast. Pair that with a hearty side of queer affirmation, and the resulting comedy is a very entertaining one. With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we recommend it as an appetizer to real-life holiday shenanigans. Critics often label movies that fail to take off a “turkey.” In this case, the turkey certainly does fly.

Streams on Tubi, Amazon, YouTube and VUDU.

This weekend, boldly go where no queers have gone before… / Queerty

This weekend, boldly go where no queers have gone before…

Pictured (l-r) Anthony Rapp as Lt. Commander Paul Stamets and Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: James Dimmock/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the Weekend Binge. Every Friday, we’ll suggest a binge-able title designed to keep you from getting too stir crazy. Check back throughout the weekend for even more gloriously queer entertainment.

The Boldly Going: Star Trek Discovery

Yes, we admit it: we’re really big nerds here at the Weekend Binge. Not that we’re ashamed–finding LGBTQ themes and characters has always been one of the great strengths of the sci-fi and fantasy genres. This weekend, we celebrate one of the more recent achievements in the genre: the welcoming of LGBTQ characters to the world of Star Trek with Star Trek: Discovery.

It’s hard to believe Trek had been voyaging through space for more than 50 years before it finally got openly queer characters in one of its incarnations. Thankfully, said characters–not to mention the actors playing them–more than make up for the wait. Star Trek: Discovery dives into the Trek universe roughly 10 years before the adventures of Captain Kirk. The Federation has constructed an experimental new ship called Discovery with the ability to jump massive distances across the universe thanks to the work of its gay chief engineer, Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp). Actor Wilson Cruz plays Stamets’ longtime partner, Dr. Hugh Culber, as Discovery ventures out onto her maiden voyage.

Each season of Discovery follows a new story arc. The first deals with an accidental war triggered by Discovery‘s second officer, Michael Burnham (Soniqua Martin-Green). The second follows Discovery’s investigation into the appearance of a mysterious “angel” and the rise of a rogue AI trying to (what else?) conquer the galaxy. Season 3, now halfway through its run, jumps more than 1,000 years into the future, with Discovery arriving in a time when the Federation–the force of hope and justice in the galaxy–has fallen after a mysterious event known as The Burn.

Besides Rapp & Cruz, Discovery also features a memorable turn by gay comic Tig Notaro as a sarcastic engineer, a rival of Rapp’s Stamets. Season 3 also introduces Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander as the first transgender & non-binary characters in Trek history–a welcome addition as well. Start the series from the beginning, or jump in at the start of a new season. Either way, Star Trek: Discovery offers bold adventures where LGBTQ people have never gone before.

Streams on CBS All Access & Amazon.

Naked Party / Queerty TV

Naked Party / Queerty TV

Michael and Michael get naked with strangers… what could possibly go wrong?


Created & Written by Michael J. Feldman and Michael Rachlis
Directed by Annika Kurnick & Ian Alda
DP/Editor: Russell Lee Cramer
Produced by Mikhail Makeyev

Malcolm Barrett, Russell Lee Cramer, Nunzio Fazio, and Annika Kurnick

Associate Producers: Fanny Pierre & Stuart Pomper

Edited by Russell Lee Cramer

Production Designer: Brianna Johnson

Stunt Coordinator: Aimee Jo Sears

Michael Goldstein … Michael J. Feldman
Michael Rosenblatt … Michael Rachlis
Greg … Kit Williamson
Justin … Blake Cooper Griffin
Jason … Peter Stickles
George LeSass … Navaris Darson
Peter … Jimmy Fowlie
Chuck … Christian Lee Herrod
Darrin … Jared North
Spencer … Adrian Anchondo
Parasite Guy … Phil Walker
Friend of Parasite Guy … Jordon Sorenson
Partygoer Who Met Delta Burke … Michael Bernardi
Marvelous Mrs. Mazel Guy … Reginald Middleton
Defender of Blind Peter … Derek Ocampo
Other Defender of Blind Peter … Shane Billings

Naked Party Attendees: DeAndre Rashard, Andre Taylor, Randy Salviejo, Trevor Glenn Barber, Zackary Dean Gurnavage, Daniel Richard Flohr, Matthew Aaron Campbell, Eric Sarich, Luke Vinciguerra

First Assistant Director: Matt Marlin

Second Assistant Directors: Martin Elicea, Irina Storozhenko

First Assistant Camera: Walter Dandy

Second Assistant Camera: Raul Martinez

Steadicam Operator: Di Lio

Art Director: Amanda Hume

Costume Designer: Chanele Casaubon

Make-Up / Hair: AJ Bourque

Music Director / Sound Design / Sound Mixing: John Spiker and Nate Scott

Colorist: Russell Lee Cramer

Assistant Editor: Aristides Zamora

Sound Mixing / Boom Op: Corey Baker

Script Supervisor: Emily Blake

Gaffer: Alex Dumas

Key Grip: Ben Sherman

Best Boy Grip: Michael Gray

Best Boy Electric: Sydney Bennett

Grips: Casey Rich, Joseph Guttierez, Jim Lovaglio

Opening Titles: Mathew Francis

Theme Music
Lizzy Loeb, Christina Loeb, and Michael Garner
Courtesy of Desert Palms Music

End Credit Music: “Shake It” by Della Swiss

Production Assistants: Harrison Kemp, Michael Martino, Jamel Northern

Alternate Grip: Andy Bean

Craft Services: Debbie Jhoon

Set Photography & Videography: Alon Borten, Pat Sheehan
Daria Suvorova

Special Thanks
Robin Goldberg & Bruce Giuliano, Arnold Rachlis & Ruti Braier, Ronald & Shelley Feldman, Parv Cheena, Terri Bernardi, Erica Copeland, David Silverstone, Kevin Biegel, Jocelyn Towne, Peter Stickles & Michael Carbonaro, Benjamin Roth, Andrew & Amanda Weeks, Matthew Tevenan, Brandon Icarus & Jen Liu, Matthew Seidhoff & Rick Rankin, Theresa Rife, Fanny Pierre & Jess McKay, Frank Kwok, John Elder, Carlos Saavedra & Kevin Blanchette, Tina Huang & Mickey Pentecost, Faye Kolhonen, Chris Schmidt, Paul Grellong & Laura Stupsker, Stuart Pomper, Adam Rachlis, Debbie Jhoon, Dom Burgess, Seed & Spark, Velvet Green Music.


Ivanka implies she might be moving to the moon or Mars, Twitter overwhelmingly approves / Queerty

Ivanka implies she might be moving to the moon or

Another day, another embarrassing tweet from Ivanka Marie Trump.

Yesterday, the soon-to-be-ex White House senior advisor shared a video of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission lifting off from the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida.

We are going to the Moon soon and Mars thereafter,” Ivanka tweeted. “America, and our President @realDonaldTrump, dreams big and shoot for the stars!”

To be clear, by “we” Ivanka wasn’t talking about herself or her family. She actually meant the team of astronauts–Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and Soichi Noguchi–currently en route to the International Space Station, where they will spend the next six months. Also, the Trump administration had nothing to do with the mission.

Twitter was quick to support the idea of Ivanka and her family leaving Earth after Joe Biden assumes the presidency on January 20, 2021…

Unfortunately for many, Ivanka will not be moving to the Moon or Mars come January.

CNN reports that she and Jared are actually thinking about relocating back to New York, where they were once prominent figures in Manhattan’s social scene prior to 2016, attending the Met Gala each year, making appearances at major fashion events, and rubbing elbows at all the biggest society events.

“[The President] was so awful and divisive about New York, saying it’s a nightmare or that it’s empty, or a has-been,” says Jill Kargman, a former acquaintance of Ivanka and Jared. “No one here is going to forget that. To even come back here after everything he’s said, it’s not going to work.”

The rest of Twitter seems to agree…

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What’s wrong with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon getting naked? / Queerty

What’s wrong with Michael Douglas & Matt Damon getting naked?

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Glittering: Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas may have taken home the Emmy for his performance as Liberace in this biopic, but the movie belongs to Matt Damon who gives an uninhibited performance as Liberace’s on-again, off-again lover Scott Thorson. As directed by Steven Soderbergh, Behind the Candelabra isn’t so much a biopic of the Las Vegas-loving, oh-so-gay pianist as a biography of the very weird relationship between Liberace and Thorson. As Liberace says in the film: “I want to be everything to you, Scott. I want to be your father, brother, lover, best friend.”

That, folks, is a recipe for disaster.

By now the details of Liberace’s final years have become common knowledge: his drug and spending habits, his death from AIDS, and the bizarre narcissism that drove him to own Throson as a kept man and undergo plastic surgery to look more like Liberace himself. Neither Throson nor Liberace comes off well in Behind the Candelabra, and yet somehow, Soderbergh, Douglas and Damon make us love the couple, their hedonistic lifestyle, and even their flaws. Though Thorson & Liberace’s relationship ends on a bitter note, the move doesn’t. Rather, it celebrates the real affection between two men who really did love one another, even when their relationship turned destructive. Featuring outstanding performances from its two lead, as well as Scott Bakula, Rob Lowe and the late Debbie Reynolds, Behind the Candelabra is a film as complicated–and joyous–as the men who inspired it.

Streams on HBO Max, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube & VUDU.

HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ is about to introduce a whole lotta gayness. Time to catch up! / Queerty

HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ is about to introduce a whole

Welcome to the Weekend Binge. Every Friday, we’ll suggest a binge-able title designed to keep you from getting too stir crazy. Check back throughout the weekend for even more gloriously queer entertainment.

The Daemonic: His Dark Materials

We here at Queerty love calling attention to films and series that might not get enough recognition for their treatment of queer issues, characters or history…as well as just for being damn good entertainment. This week, we offer up possibly the most underrated show on television: His Dark Materials.

Fans of the series of novels by Philip Pullman or the ill-fated big-screen adaptation The Golden Compass will no doubt know the power and intrigue of the original story. For the uninitiated, the trilogy of novels follows a young girl named Lyra (Daphne Keene of Logan fame). Lyra lives in a universe parallel to our own, one in which souls take the form of spirit animal guides called Daemons that live outside of the body as constant companions. In Lyra’s universe, a religious government called The Magesterium rules over all creation, obsessed with a strange material called Dust which clings to all living adults.

When Lyra’s best friend becomes one of a series of children to mysteriously disappear she embarks on a thrilling adventure alongside the aeronaut Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) to discover the fate of the kids…and why the Magesterium wants to use children for a deadly experiment. Armed with a magical compass that tells the future, Lyra must outwit the sadistic Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson) and ruthless Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), a pair of sparring adults terrified of Dust and obsessed with young Lyra. Meanwhile, back in our universe, a put-upon boy named Will (Amir Wilson) searches for his long-lost father (Andrew Scott), and discovers a hole in space-time that leads connects Lyra’s world with our own.

That’s the tip of the iceberg folks. As a story, His Dark Materials deserves mention alongside classics such as Dune, Harry Poter, Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia as one of the all-time great sci-fi/fantasy series. Moreover, the series includes a hearty dose of queer characters, particularly in the form of a couple of gay angels (yes, really) that show up mid-way through the story. The stories also offer a very strong critique of mixing religion with government, authoritarianism, and sexism & homophobia within the Catholic church. The HBO adaptation features a wonderful cast, breathtaking special effects and–unlike the big-screen adaptation–doesn’t hold back on the violence or the criticism of religion. With Season 2 about to premiere in the US this week, now is the perfect time to get caught up and jump on the bandwagon of one of the most addictive series in recent memory.

Come for the adventure. Stay for the gay angels.

Streams on HBO Max.

Bolsonaro says Brazil must stop being a country of “fags” in its response to COVID / Queerty

Bolsonaro says Brazil must stop being a country of “fags”

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro
President Jair Bolsonaro (Photo: Alan Santos/PR, via CC-BY-2.0)

Brazil’s far-right President, Jair Bolsonaro, has again whipped up homophobic sentiment with his most recent comments on COVID-19.

At a press conference on Tuesday at the Presidential Palace in Brasilia, Bolsonaro suggested Brazil couldn’t grind to a halt in its efforts to slow transmission of the coronavirus.

“I regret the deaths. I really do. But all of us are going to die one day,” he told journalists, according to AFP. “There is no point in escaping from that, in escaping from reality. We have to stop being a country of fags (maricas). We have to face up to it and fight. I hate this f****t stuff”

“Maricas” is a slang Portuguese term for gay men, which is best translated as “sissies” or “fags.” Some media outlets have translated it as “sissies” but others have gone with “fags.”

Bolsonaro’s comments come despite Brazil having the second-highest COVID death rate in the world. With over 162,000 deaths, it is second only to the U.S. It has had over 5.7million reported cases, and health experts believe that could be a serious undercount of the true number. Bolsonaro was diagnosed with the virus in July.

Prior to his own diagnosis, he had reportedly mocked staff who wore facemasks, saying they were, “coisa de viado”. Another homophobic slur, this roughly translates as “for fairies”.

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Bolsonaro has a history of homophobia. Back in 2011, he said in an interview with Playboy, “I would be incapable of loving a gay son”, suggesting it would be better for such a son to die in a car accident.

In 2018, during a filmed interview, Bolsonaro said, “Yes, I’m homophobic – and very proud of it.”

Last year, Bolsonaro spoke out about allowing Brazil to become a “gay tourism paradise.”

Bolsonaro is a major ally of President Donald Trump. He remains one of the few, major world leaders to not yet offer congratulations to Joe Biden on becoming President-Elect.

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