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Historic downtown Los Angles bar The New Jalisco on the brink of closure due to COVID-19 / Queerty

Historic downtown Los Angles bar The New Jalisco on the

The New Jalisco. Via Rosa Hernandez

COVID-19 continues to rear its ugly head on safe spaces for the queer community. The historic downtown Los Angeles venue The New Jalisco has become the latest business to plead with the general public for help.

The New Jalisco opened in the 1990s to cater to LA’s growing LGBTQ Latino crowd. Now, more than 20 years later, the bar faces permanent closure due to mounting debts amid the ongoing pandemic. To counter the financial strain, owner Rosa Hernandez launched a GoFundMe page on December 20 in hopes to keeping the business open.

“Like countless small businesses, The New Jalisco Bar is struggling to stay alive during this ongoing pandemic,” Hernandez wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Our doors have been closed since March 2020 and we have not been able to obtain financial relief to support our business expenses or rent commitments. Unfortunately, we now owe our landlord 10 months of rent with interest. This debt puts us at risk of closing down permanently.”

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“We are reaching out to our clients, supporters, and friends to please consider donating to our cause,” she concludes. “Your contributions will help save a community space that has served as a safe haven for generations of Angelenos in our city.”

The New Jalisco has set a goal of raising $80,000 in hopes of staying afloat. At the time of this writing, the fundraiser has generated just over $18,000. Patrons can learn more or donate by visiting the bar’s GoFundMe site.

Queer businesses in Los Angeles have endured massive hardship due to COVID-19. In West Hollywood, the popular and historic venues Rage, Flaming Saddles, Gym Bar, Cuties and Gold Coast have all shut down permanently due to mounting bills and ongoing disputes with landlords. In Silverlake, the popular queer hipster bar Akbar also teetered on the brink of closure before a similar crowdfunding campaign raised $200,000 to address the bar’s debts.

Gay guys share the lessons they’ve learned from their relationships / Queerty

Gay guys share the lessons they’ve learned from their relationships

Happily-ever-afters aren’t just the stuff of fairy tales. Sure, there might not be a magic wand for long-term relationships; but commitment, communication, and collaboration can work wonders, as the words of wisdom below attest.

These responses filtered in after a Redditor asked his fellow “gaybros” what lessons they’ve learned from their past and current relationships:

“Open your mouth and speak. Your partner isn’t a mind reader.”

“Conversely, shut your mouth and listen, too! Pay attention to your partner.”

“And when you speak, say what you actually mean. Don’t say something is fine when it’s not. Don’t ‘lay traps’ for your partner to fail if he doesn’t respond the way you want him to something. Be honest with yourself and how you feel and act on your honest feelings. And the biggest one is to trust your partner to take care of you when you do need something, not make things worse by pretending you are OK when you really aren’t.”

“Me and my boyfriend have a ritual that every Thursday after hitting the gym together, we would go to a shisha bar, get a bit high, and talk about all the stuff that’s bothering us, with both one another and different things.”

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“All relationships are a series of ups and downs. Don’t let the downs get you down. Learn when to let the small stuff go, accept the things you can’t change, or get out. The thing you think will break you is rarely the end once you’ve built a life together. Get better at communication. Sit down, put the phones down, and really open up about how you’re feeling.”

“You have to let go of the idea in your head about what a relationship will be like, which is most likely based on popular media. (You are not going to be living in a Hallmark Channel TV movie.) There is no such thing as the perfect relationship either, so don’t base it on some fantasy checklist or comparison to others. It’s also not a 50/50 thing most of the time — sometimes its 80/20, and then the next day 10/90. Don’t get caught up so much in who needs to do what, or whose turn it is next for some chore. Also, realize that people show and express love in different ways. Some people are very verbal and [about] big romantic gestures, while others might be quiet and about the smaller things. They may not say it out loud, but maybe in other ways that are just as meaningful. Spending time apart doing separate things is just as important as shared activities. It’s OK and healthy to have a hobby or interest that doesn’t involve the other.”

“It’s OK to break up and try again. There is no use wasting time on a lost cause. But if anyone meets about [around] 80% of your criteria for an ideal match and you meet [around] 80% of theirs, then you two should try as hard as you can to keep that going, because that’s about as good as you might reasonably expect to ever find and more than enough to build a happy life with.”

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“Talk about sex and talk about it often. I see too many posts about dead bedrooms and no conversation between partners, as though it’s some taboo thing to talk about it. I’ve been with my husband since we were 18 (31 now), and sex has never been taboo. I want to make sure my husband is fully satisfied and I want to keep it exciting, so we try new things [and] I listen when he doesn’t like something and pivot to something else. Communicate your needs and try different things. Don’t let the intimacy fade away. There are so many people that just don’t work at it and assume it’ll just always happen but strong deep intimacy requires a lot of work and effort. Same goes for romance. Relationships will ebb and flow. Low times will challenge your love for each other but it can make you stronger as a unit. You’re a team as much as you are lovers so help each other out. Be the person they can lean on and vice versa.”

“Relationships are built, not born. They require work and sacrifice. You don’t just meet someone and your relationship miraculously works. You both have to want it and work at it, for however life takes you. Also: forgive easy, love hard.”

Gay adult film performer blasts studio for paying bottoms less than tops / Queerty

Gay adult film performer blasts studio for paying bottoms less

Adult entertainer Armond Rizzo claims that a studio called Blacks on Boys — the self-proclaimed “home to the best interracial” gay content — pays bottoms “way less” than tops under the rationale that the site is “more top dominant.”

“This has never happened to me but there’s a studio who is interested in me and what I found out about them is mind blowing,” Rizzo tweeted on January 25. “They pay bottoms way less than tops [and their] excuse [is] the site is more top dominant. I don’t give a f*ck, who are you to say that a bottom is worth less?”

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Rizzo, who just won the 2020 GayVN Award for Social Media Star, went on: “If [you’re] wondering what site I am talking about, it’s @BlacksOnBoys. Such a shame… lost my respect.”

And in another tweet, he added, “It’s going to be a big NO THANKS! I don’t care that you even raised my fee up. It’s just unjust you pay bottoms less and for that I decline working for you!”

Rizzo’s Twitter rant got a ton of support: “If anything, bottoms should be [paid] more,” one user replied. “If it not for a bottom, what the top gonna do?” added another. Wrote a third: “Bottoms low-key are worth more in reality.”

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FYI, CNBC reported in 2016 that male porn performers “average $500-$600 per scene or day” with better-known stars earning up to $900 and “superstars” up to $1,500.

As of the time of this writing, the @BlacksOnBoys Twitter account has not replied to Rizzo’s claims.

Gay guys describe what they wear to feel confident and sexy / Queerty

Gay guys describe what they wear to feel confident and

In one of the more popular Reddit threads of the r/askgaybros subreddit in recent days, guys commented in droves after one user asked what they “wear to feel sexy, confident, and attractive.”

Some of these dudes’ power outfits are buttoned-up, some are dressed-down, some are sporty, some are skin-baring. Here’s a selection of selections — with some illustrative Instagrams, of course!

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“I have a nice butt and legs. So, one way I feel sexy for myself is to wear nice underwear. Like, men’s thongs, jockstraps, and men’s bikini underwear.”

“Boots. There’s always extra swing and swagger in my walk if I’m stepping out in boots!”

“A nice jockstrap under my work clothes if I am feeling daring and going to the gym afterwards.”

“I feel sexier the nakeder I am.”

“Slim-fit shirts. Bonus if they are on the longer side, as shirts tend to be too short at the bottom. I just feel like it accentuates my chest more and makes me look better.”

“Tighty whities.”

“I like my shoulders and upper chest a lot, so tank tops always make me feel sexy ‘cause I can show ‘em off.”

“A tailored suit from a reputable line. It’s like armor. Or nothing — either way.”

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“I love a good jacket and a pair of 501 Levi’s.”

“Leather harness and/or tight latex clothing.”

“Crop top, flannel, skinny jeans, Vans or Converse. Painted nails (in dark colors) and maybe a tad of blush and highlight in key places to look more alive, and some very light black eyeliner.”

“A fitted polyester polo — that gets a lot of people’s attention.”

“I put on my cape and wizard hat.”

“A good fitting suit. A pair of nice briefs. Nice dark jeans with a well-fitting sweater. My aviation style jacket. (I don’t know how to describe it — leather with fur lining around the collar.) I have a few different pieces I wear when I want to feel good.”

“I got a pretty nice body, but I love my ass. So, naturally, my Calvins.”

“Swim shorts with [less than a] 5” inseam. That mid-thigh hit is the ultimate confidence boost.”

“A butt plug.”

“A good-looking suit, immaculate Oxfords, and an impressive greatcoat. Add a Russian fur hat, and I’m positively regal. I once had royal guardsmen stand at attention when I passed… If I can combine it with a nice pair of tight-fitting jockstraps, then all the better — the best of all worlds!”

“Baggy clothes make me feel confident, boots make me feel hot, being touched makes me feel sexy.”

“My smile is my favorite thing to wear. It makes me feel all the things you listed.”

This vintage photo of two lifeguards who were maybe probably more than friends has everyone talking / Queerty

This vintage photo of two lifeguards who were maybe probably

An old black and white photo of two male lifeguards has gone viral on Reddit because of the inscription written on the back.

The message, dated March 26, 1949, seems to suggest the two young men, Buzz and Tommy, were maybe probably more than friends.

“To Buzz, I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, Your Tommy,” it reads.

Although the message is dated 1949, it’s not totally clear what year the photo was taken. Nor is it known where it’s from. But it has everyone on Reddit talking.

“This just gave me the best gay feels,” one person comments.

“So beautiful,” another writes. “Would absolutely watch a movie of this love story.”

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“This makes me sad,” a third person says. “To me it reads as a goodbye note.”

“It has that whole ‘we can never be together’ vibe about it,” comments another.

“I wonder if they had to get married,” someone else adds. “Or if they were lifeguards and the summer was over and they had to go back to their lives of lies.”

And then there’s this gem: “It may have been 1948 but it was the summer of 69.”

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Seth G’s Santa hat, Timothy Cappelli’s snowballs, & Tom Daley’s holiday burn / Queerty

Seth G’s Santa hat, Timothy Cappelli’s snowballs, & Tom Daley’s

This week Club Kid killer Michael Alig died of an apparent drug overdose, Steve Grand wrote an ode to Christmas in quarantine, & the world declared it was not having a Sex and the City reboot sans Samantha. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Keegan Whicker roasted chestnuts.

Jae Fusz made a promise.

Dan Tai looked for the stars.

Tom Daley lifted weight.

Telly Leung had a snow day.

Elliot Crutchley burned off Christmas dinner.

Bremen Menelli hit the slopes.

Mark Anthony Camarena, Jr. got wet.

Charlie Taylor stayed hydrated.

David Guetta got ready for the new year.

Roberto Portales made a list.

Darren Young had a drink in bed.

Austin Mahone broke a sweat.

Tom Zalac shaved.

Garrett Magee posed for the tree.

Timothy Cappelli made a snowball.

Taylor Bennett bounced back.

Jason Rodriguez got a tan.

Lil Nas X spent the holiday at home.

Cody Alan glistened.

Aja got in the shower.

Maluma spent Christmas in the pool.

Max Emerson woke up naked.

Kelechi spent Christmas with a friend.

Mark Mackillop took his hat off.

Seth G picked his Christmas card outfit.

And Mike Rizzi did a quick change.

Even Kayleigh McEnany’s friends think she’s a “horrible person”, sooooo what’s she gonna do next? / Queerty

Even Kayleigh McEnany’s friends think she’s a “horrible person”, sooooo

Everyone’s talking about what White House propagandist Kayleigh McEnany will do after she’s out of a job next month and whether she’ll ever be able to find honest work again.

When she first started her current role back in April, McEnany famously told reporters, “I will never lie to you. You have my word on that.”

Since then, she’s told so many lies and partial truths that it’s virtually impossible to keep track of them all.

She’s also made a ton of enemies and squandered whatever credibility she once had by defending a man poised to go down as the worst president in American history.

Just last week, CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta flat out asked McEnany, “Isn’t it hypocritical of you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?”

Sooooo, yeah, she’s not exactly the most liked person inside the beltway.

The Independent reports:

Her predecessors under previous administrations could, on leaving the White House, have their pick of any plum — very highly paid — positions.

Barack Obama had three press secretaries, who all dabbled in television work on leaving the White House; one then went to head up global communications for McDonald’s, another for Amazon, another for United Airlines.

Ms McEnany might not have that luxury, unless she fancies a job with My Pillow, whose owner Mike Lindell is slavishly devoted to the president.

Prior to working in the White House, McEnany regularly appeared as a paid commentator on various cable news networks, ranging from Fox News to CNN.

While Fox News might scoop her up again, it seems highly unlikely any other network will. And even Fox News isn’t a guarantee given Donald Trump‘s recent attacks on the network and threats to start his own competing one.

Meghan Milloy, who works for GOP Women for Progress and knows McEnany personally, tells the Independent that she thinks she’ll probably land on her feet, saying she’s “great at what she does.”

“She spins facts into not facts,” Milloy says. “She can defend anyone, even the absolutely worst humans.”

Hmmm. We’re not sure that’s a positive attribute, but OK.

“I do wish she hadn’t got stuck into this defense of racism, and bigotry, and lies,” Milloy adds with a tone of regret. “She’s great, she’s smart, she’s fun.”

“If you didn’t realize what she was doing for a day job, you wouldn’t think she was a horrible person.”

Milloy says she could see McEnany landing a book deal. Or possibly taking a job at Trump’s network, if it ever comes into fruition. There’s also a chance she could run for office herself, though she hasn’t publicly expressed interest in doing so.

As for McEnany, she seems to be leaving her next chapter up to the man upstairs.

During a recent sit-down with the vehemently homophobic website Daily Caller, she said, “Faith is the reason I’m here.”

She added that her career has “fit together like a woven web because God had a path lined up for me as He does for every person on Earth and all you have to do is trust Him and follow the path and pray and he makes all the dots fit together.”

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Man punches bus passenger and says “I hate gay people” / Queerty

Man punches bus passenger and says “I hate gay people”

Law enforcement officials in New York City have made an appeal to the public in hopes of identifying a suspect in a hate crime.

The attack in question occurred November 22 on the M23 bus in Chelsea just before 5 PM. Video footage of the encounter taken from security cameras shows the suspect–a middle-aged white man–punching a teenager.

According to the victim–whose name has not been made public–the suspect approached him saying “You have long hair. I don’t like people like you.”

The suspect then added “I hate gay people,” reports The New York Post

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The man then followed the victim as he exited the bus, where he then punched the teenager in the face. The man then escaped back aboard the bus which drove off into the night.

The victim refused medical attention at the scene, though he did suffer moderate bruising.

Anyone with any information regarding the suspect or the crime should contact the New York City Police Department Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.

Pastor wants kids taken to Drag Queen Story Hour removed from their parents / Queerty

Pastor wants kids taken to Drag Queen Story Hour removed

Pastor E.W. Jackson
Pastor E.W. Jackson (Photo: Vimeo)

A high-profile, right-wing pastor with a history of anti-LGBTQ statements has done it again.

Virginia’s E.W. Jackson runs his own radio show and streams via Facebook to his followers. On his Facebook show, “The Wisdom Meditation” last week, he discussed the Bible, but then went off on a tangent about Drag Queen Story Hour, which occurs in libraries around the country.

“This is child abuse to take these children to be entertained by these perverse individuals whose lives are a moral sewer,” Jackson, 68, said.

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“You want to live that way, it’s a free country, live that way. If adults want to be a part of such gross, disgusting entertainment, you have a right to do that. But child abuse is what I would call taking children to see one of these freaks go through a whole lot of sexual garbage trying to instill this mess in the minds of toddlers and kindergartners.

“I have no patience with this mess,” the Protestant Minister continued. “That person needs God, that person needs to be saved, that person needs to be delivered. God wants that person to be a normal human being. A drag queen is not a normal human being.”

“And the stupid parents who take their children into this mess need to be dope slapped. They need to have their children taken away from them.

“Do you think toddlers and kindergartners are [asking] to go to Drag Queen Story Hour?,” Jackson asked.

“Taking your children to church is not abuse. It’s what God commands us to do. But taking your children to Drag Queen Story Hour is abuse of a magnitude that is hard to overstate. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the equivalent of pedophilia, and it should be treated the same way.”

Jackson has previously asserted that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “gross”. Earlier this year, he said that besides concerns over the coronavirus, families should worry about the spread of the “homovirus”: Or what he regards as the militant LGBTQ movement to destroy the traditional family unit.

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In 2019, Jackson claimed that the United States would become a “homocracy” if Mayor Pete Buttigieg won the Presidency.

Jackson was the Republican Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in the 2013 election and a Republican primary candidate for the United States Senate in Virginia in the 2012 and 2018 elections. Although he commands a sizeable, grassroots following within the state, he failed in each of these election bids.

Filming for Ryan Murphy’s newest show halted over Covid-19 / Queerty

Filming for Ryan Murphy’s newest show halted over Covid-19 /

Tom Cruise confirmed an obvious fact this week: COVID is no joke on film sets, or any workplace that requires people to be in close physical proximity.

Now just a month after shooting started, production for the upcoming Ryan Murphy series Impeachment: American Crime Story has been halted after members of the cast and crew tested positive for the virus.

Though names were not disclosed, or an exact number, TMZ reports it’s “multiple” people. No date has been scheduled to resume filming.

Last month, series lead Sarah Paulson showed off the first look at her character transformation in the third installment of the ACS anthology.

As with the first two seasons of the show, American Crime Story will retell a lurid scandal from American history. This new season recalls the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal from the late 1990s. Paulson plays Linda Tripp, a friend and coworker of Monica Lewinsky who leaked word to the press that Lewinsky was engaged in an affair with then-President Clinton.

The series uses Jeffrey Toobin’s book A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President as its basis. Toobin suffered his own sex scandal this fall when he was seen pleasuring himself during a Zoom chat between New Yorker magazine staff and WNYC radio.

Along with Paulson, Impeachment will feature queer actress Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky, Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones, Anthony Green as Al Gore and Betty Gilpin as Ann Coulter.

We wish everyone a safe and speedy recovery.