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Gay rentboys in an outrageous murder mystery / Queerty

Gay rentboys in an outrageous murder mystery / Queerty

9 Dead Gay Guys

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Tasters Choice: 9 Dead Gay Guys

First things first: you might hate 9 Dead Gay Guys. The 2002 British comedy ignited love-it-or-hate-it arguments upon its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, where audiences either cheered its outrageousness or stormed out of the cinema in disgust. Critics at the time likened it to the early films of John Waters–vulgar, subversive and unapologetically cartoonish.

The plot concerns two lazy Irish men, Byron and Kenny, living in London and making a living by going gay for pay at local pubs. Rumors begin to circulate about the death of “The Queen,” a wealthy, older gay man who allegedly had millions hidden in his home. As the two plot to cash in on The Queen’s alleged mattress stash, the pair run into a snag: Kenny accidentally shags a man to death.

From there, things get crazy, as the two lads make their way through a list of increasingly bizarre clients, including a dwarf, a priest, a rabbi, a very endowed man and a wacky cab driver, all in service of getting to the cash. The pair also have to wrestle with the ever-growing suspicion that they may enjoy their profession a bit too much.

Love it or hate it, 9 Dead Gay Guys isn’t afraid to go to outrageous lengths for a laugh. Here’s the reality: straight folks enjoy this kind of slapstick sex comedy all the time. See also: Porky’s, American Pie, There’s Something About Mary, Bridesmaids and so on. The big difference here is that the film fully embraces queer sex positivity, and doesn’t rely on dumb, unfunny homophobia (looking at you, The Hangover) to seem wild. Ultimately, the film has a sweet message about embracing identity and loyalty to friends. It also has some very big laughs to go along with it.

Streams on Amazon & YouTube.


Witness the horror of a real-life gay supervillain / Queerty

Witness the horror of a real-life gay supervillain / Queerty

Party Monster

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.

The Monstrous: Party Monster

Not to be confused with the mediocre narrative feature of the same name, Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato‘s chilling 1998 documentary traces the rise and fall of New York nightlife icon Michael Alig. In the 1980s, Alig relocated from rural Indiana to New York City where he emerged as a party promoter and unofficial leader of the so-called Club Kids, a group of largely LGBTQ nightlife personalities which included James St. James, DJ Keoki, RuPaul and Amanda Lepore. The Club Kids earned attention for their outrageous dress and ridiculous drug use.

Go figure, then, that this story ends in tragedy. Party Monster documents Alig and the Club Kids’ emergence as media stars and party promoters, as well as Alig’s excessive drug use. That life of excess and substance abuse eventually led Alig to murder his friend and drug dealer Angel Melendez in March 1996. The film recounts the disturbing lead up to the crime, and the even more horrific aftermath in which Alig flaunted his own role in the killing.

Like all of Bailey & Barbato’s work, Party Monster celebrates the LGBTQ and party elements of Alig’s story, as well as includes in-depth interviews with Alig, St. James, Keoki and the family of Melendez. It also plunges to unforeseen depths, laying bare the culture of New York’s underground. By far Bailey & Barbato’s darkest work–and one of their best–Party Monster is a must-see chapter in queer history, and one we pray never gets repeated.

Streams on World of Wonder Presents Plus.

Discovery’ adds the first trans and non-binary characters to ‘Trek’ canon / Queerty

Discovery’ adds the first trans and non-binary characters to ‘Trek’

Blu del Barrio & Ian Alexander

Continuing to boldly go where the franchise has never gone before, CBS All Acess has announced Star Trek: Discovery will add the first transgender and non-binary characters to the sci-fi stalwart.

ET reports that Ian Alexander, of The OA fame, will join the cast of Season 3 as Gray, a would-be Trill host. In the Star Trek universe, the Trill are a symbiotic species, always living in pairs. The humanoid form (played by Alexander) is the host for another, far older, form of alien life. The pair share memories and personality traits when united.

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Blu del Barrio will play the role of Adria, a hyper-intelligent non-binary teenager. Adria joins the crew of the Discovery after bonding with the ship’s resident gay couple, Hugh and Paul (played by Wilson Cruz & Anthony Rapp, respectively). Hugh and Paul already made history as the first on-screen gay couple in Star Trek canon.  For del Barrio, Star Trek: Discovery will mark their acting debut.

Cruz shared his joy over the announcement, tweeting: “I couldn’t be more excited for or PROUD of these TWO new loves of my life if I tried. We are family! #lgbtq #representationmatters Love you so much!”

For CBS All Access, the addition of Alexander and del Barrio represents a pivotal moment not just for Star Trek, but for the streaming network as a whole. As such, the writers have consulted with Nick Adams, Director of Transgender Representation for GLAAD to create characters both compelling and authentic.

Star Trek has always made a mission of giving visibility to underrepresented communities because it believes in showing people that a future without division on the basis of race, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation is entirely within our reach,” co-showrunner Michelle Paradise said in a statement. “We take pride in working closely with Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander and Nick Adams at GLAAD to create the extraordinary characters of Adira and Gray, and bring their stories to life with empathy, understanding, empowerment and joy.”

Star Trek: Discovery returns for Season 3 on October 15.


Let’s get political! Best of Queerty’s Instagram, August Edition / Queerty

Let’s get political! Best of Queerty’s Instagram, August Edition /

If you don’t follow @Queerty on Instagram, you’re only getting half the story. Here’s a taste of what’s been bubbling over on our feed in August. From Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton making big statements, to LGBTQ folks and allies at the DNC, to more #Mask4Mask pics, 2020 continues to be a roller coaster of a year.

Each week we feature a mix of stories from the site, photos we love, and Instagrammers we know you’ll love.

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Oh, and while we have your attention, please make sure you are registered and have a plan for how you are going to vote in this year’s election. The clock is ticking!

Kamala became the nominee. Officially. 

Dolly said Black Lives Matter

When Angelica met Kamala

Levi and Chico practiced safe sets (at the gym)

Judy and Dennis Shepherd nominated Joe Biden for North Dakota

Gia Gunn & Seth G got out the vote

Pete reminded us about Biden’s contribution to marriage equality 

Michelle Obama reminded us she’s amazing

Taylor Swift opened the library

The Covid Destroyers went to work

Trixie Mattel & Biqtch Puddin’ returned with a new THAT’S OUR SALLY

Joe Biden promised to “draw on the best of us”

Outfest went online and Outside

Tyler Posey’s sausage, Cristiano Ronaldo’s glow & Jack Laugher’s furry bedfellow / Queerty

Tyler Posey’s sausage, Cristiano Ronaldo’s glow & Jack Laugher’s furry

This week a Drag Race Canada judge quit Twitter amid controversy, Lohanthony found limelight as an ex-gay, born again Christian, and the gay version of WAP took the internet by storm. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Ashraf Ejjbair had fries.

Alex Landi took a hike.

Bruno Duarte stayed hydrated.

Dylan Sprayberry worked from home.

Jack Laugher woke up with a dog.

Taylor Bennett took to the beach.

Michael Turchin painted a popsicle.

Dave Coast sunbathed with his plants.

Tyler Posey fried sausage.

Lil Nas X stretched out at the pool.

Carson Tueller stopped apologizing.

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I am no longer apologizing for being disabled. . “Do you know if there’s an accessible entrance here? Sorry!” . “Oh, I actually can’t get into the city to meet you because the subway isn’t accessible, sorry.” . “Have you checked to see if the restaurant has seating for wheelchair users? Sorry for the hassle!” . “Sorry, I can’t make it, I’m exhausted.” . “That seat you’re in is actually for disabled people and I need it, sorry!” . Even when I don’t use the word “sorry”, who I have been being is apologetic ANY time I have had to ask or require accommodations. . This is MASSIVE internalized ableism, and I didn’t get it from nowhere. . I have seen the eye rolls, I have seen the frustration at the need to provide access, and I have received the DMs from ableist people, telling me that accessibility is a privilege, not a right. . It’s no wonder disabled people so often feel like a burden: we are treated like one both explicitly and implicitly… . Which is why we disabled people have to stop apologizing. . Disabled bodies have needs. . Non-disabled bodies have needs. . Needs are needs, and just because my body works differently, or needs a ramp to get in, doesn’t indicate a “special” need. . My need for a ramp is no more “special” than another’s need for a staircase. Disabled people are just use to categorizing their needs as being “extra”. This is ableism. And it’s also bullshit. . So, I won’t reinforce the idea that my needs aren’t valid, which is why I won’t apologize when asking for what I need in order to thrive in this world. My disabled loves, join me in unapologetically claiming our place in this world. We belong, too. . #disabilityjustice #disability #gay #instagay #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtq? #queer #paralyzed #disabled #paralyzed #disabilitysolidarity

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Andy Cohen soaked.

Ricky Martin graced the cover of Out.

Andrés Camilo manscaped.

Eddie Rabon went down river.

Tommy Bracco checked his vibe.

Dyllón Burnside stayed silent.

Barrett Pall meditated.

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#meditation > medication What if we started to believe we could internally reprogram our bodies through deep meditation, mind work, and feeling emotions with the intentions of the future? The past few years I’ve gotten into quantum physics, which looks to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. There is still so much we cannot explain through science alone, which is beautiful and exciting. It means there is still so much left to discover, uncover, and learn. Now more than ever the world is in a shift. We are experiencing a global change. We have been gifted an opportunity to look deeper into how we operate, and ultimately, how everything functions. For too long we’ve been told many things can’t happen. The truth is, the more we believe that, the more true it becomes. Whether you believe something can or can’t happen is completely up to you. As I continue my own journey into myself and the world, I’ve met many people who have done incredible things. You too are capable of incredible things – YOU just have to fully and deeply believe this to be true. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something. Stop using the words: trying, wishing, and hoping. Trying is a comparison word. You are either doing something or you are not. Wishing only makes wishes. Hoping only makes hope. Start manifesting, meditating, reflecting, and putting small actions into place so that one day you can fly because you told yourself you could, not because everyone else told you you couldn’t. From my heart’s intelligence to yours. #gratitude #lifecoach #thirdeye #evolve #love

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Cristiano Ronaldo glistened.

Seth G found flowers.

Matt Dallas had a beer.

Johnny Sibilly enjoyed the clouds.

Bruno Alcantara turned the beach into a runway.

Antony Tran stayed in Palm Springs.

Terry Miller flexed.

And AJ Bediako cooked in the sun.

Student battles homophobic anti-Black Lives Matter protester…with a trombone / Queerty

Student battles homophobic anti-Black Lives Matter protester…with a trombone /

Meet Trey Hogan, a freshman at the University of South Carolina. Hogan has elicited cheers after he stood up to a demonstrator spouting racist and homophobic garbage by drowning out his comments with a trombone.

The protester appeared on the UofSC campus last week. True to form, he carried a sign that read “BLM are racist thugs,” and wore a “Make America Great Again” hat. As the demonstrator began to spout his hate, Hogan stepped up to do his part.

“I just had the idea to drown his sound out with mine, so I got my trombone and … I was kind of hesitant at first, but then everyone supported it,” Hogan told WLTX News. “He was saying some pretty hateful stuff, and I just didn’t agree with any of it.”

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Video of the incident went viral, depicting Hogan blowing out loud wails every time the protester tried to speak. The counterprotesters went nuts, cheering him on each time.

“I didn’t really expect so many people to react the way they did but it feels really good, and it feels really nice to know that people are so supportive of what I did and they want to show their support to me,” Hogan added.

The viral video of the incident has brought Hogan all kinds of acclaim, including praise from Bob Caslen, President of the University of South Carolina.

The demonstrator on Greene St. today may have a constitutional right to be there & say what he wants, but his words do not reflect the values & principles of our university,” Caslen said via Twitter. “I applaud our @UofSC students who peacefully voiced their opposition to the hate he was spewing.”

Ultimately, Hogan played for two full hours until the Trump-supporting protester’s megaphone died. After that, a local pizzeria reached out to Hogan, offering him free pizza for the remainder of his college years. Hogan also got a shout-out from Gayle King of CBS News, who said “I love Trey Hogan.”

For Hogan though, the notoriety he has received from the protest doesn’t overshadow the pushback against hate. “It shows that we support everyone here. It’s just not okay, and we don’t want that on this campus,” Hogan declared.

Hey Trey, you can blow your horn in front of us anytime.

He offered a man a cigarette. Then, the stranger raped him. / Queerty

He offered a man a cigarette. Then, the stranger raped

Police in Cape Town, South Africa have arrested a suspect in connection with the brutal rape of a gay man on Saturday night.

The victim, whose name has not been released to the public to protect his identity, stopped to buy cigarettes while on a walk down Cape Town’s Church Street.  A stranger across the street asked if he could share a cigarette, and the victim agreed. After walking a short distance, the stranger then grabbed the victim and forced him into some nearby bushes where he raped him.

The victim returned home crying that night, waking his children and prompting his mother to alert law enforcement.

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“He happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and we fear what these incidents will do to him,” the victim’s mother told South African outlet IOL. “From what he’s telling us it seems as if the perpetrator had been planning this,” she added.

The victim’s mother goes on to say that the family knows and accepts the victim as a gay man, though the family fears for his safety in the homophobic climate of Cape Town. She also says this isn’t the first time he’s been attacked.

“He was almost raped here in Langa [a neighborhood in Cape Town] and at boarding school in Stellenbosch,” the victim’s mother says. “He once arrived here traumatized after he was attacked and almost got raped by a group of men in Stellenbosch.” She also added that he’s experienced insomnia as a result of the Saturday attack.

For the greater Cape Town community, the attack on this victim sends an ominous signal about the safety of the city, and about the nature of sex crimes in general.

“This is the first case we have dealt with and to have such cases where there are calls for the end of gender-based violence and the raping not only of women and children but everyone is upsetting,” said Anele Gqasana of Langa Community Advice Services, a legal and civil rights counseling group based in Cape Town.

At the time of this writing, police have not released the name of the suspect in the case. He remains in custody awaiting his first court appearance.

South Africa is typically labeled the most queer-friendly destination in Africa. LGBTQ people enjoy marriage equality, discrimination protections in housing and employment, adoption rights and can serve in the military. Public opinion surveys, however, paint a more complicated picture of queer acceptance in the nation. A 2015 survey revealed that though a 51% majority of respondents believed LGBTQ people should have the same rights as straight South Africans, a whopping 72% viewed homosexuality as morally wrong.

Joe Manganiello hangs up his thong, Tyra Sanchez gets arrested, Maluma’s enormous surprise / Queerty

Joe Manganiello hangs up his thong, Tyra Sanchez gets arrested,

It’s Monday (again). A lot happened over the weekend. Here’s just some of what you might have missed…

HANGIN’ UP THE THONG: Joe Manganiello says he won’t be appearing in any more Magic Mike films. [People]

TALKIN’ TRASH: Donald Trump‘s older sister, Maryanne, blasts him for being a liar, fake, and “cruel” in leaked audio recording. [Washington Post]

FIRST LOOK: Netflix releases images from Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming Boys In The Band remake, which premieres September 30.

LOCKED UP: RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez/James William Ross arrested for allegedly vandalizing the apartment building he’s been squatting in. [TMZ]

SWINGING PUNCHES: Rightwing nut Alex Jones, once caught looking at trans porn on his phone, launches vile transphobic attack against Michelle Obama. [LGBTQ Nation]

QUE SORPRENDENTE: Maluma drops a surprise new 22-song album.

MAKING AMENDS: Ellen offers new perks to staff, including paid birthday holidays, in an effort to make them feel less “afraid” of her. [Variety]

ALL THE FEELS: This heartwarming story about Joe Biden will help you survive this week’s Republican convention. [LGBTQ Nation]

TV SPOT: GLAAD details all the Trump administration’s anti-LGBTQ stances in a damning new ad that will premiere on Fox News during the RNC.

Steve Grand’s cuddle buddy, Brad Goreski’s flashdance, & Maluma’s hot day / Queerty

Steve Grand’s cuddle buddy, Brad Goreski’s flashdance, & Maluma’s hot

This week Leslie Jordan learned about WAP, Randy Rainbow apologized for his racist and transphobic past, and the Drag Race community lost a true star too soon. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Steve Grand hugged a friend.

Andy Cohen walked the beach.

Nev Schulman had a drink.

LeBron James read on the bike.

Brad Goreski got a bucket and a mop.

Colby Melvin went maskless in the locker room.

Cristiano Ronaldo watched the sun set.

Eliad Cohen stayed in Miami.

Pietro Boselli showered outside.

KJ Apa bathed in a freezer.

Tyler Posey tested the water.

Garrett Swann got a window seat.

Jack Laugher found a waterfall.

Jon Kortajarena played doubles.

Riyadh Khalaf found his light.

Wilson Cruz stayed hydrated.

Anthony Bowens exercised outside.

Chris Marchant got busy.

Justin Bieber wore pink.

Casey Lee Ross walked his dog.

Matteo Lane sat on the bed.

Michael Turchin rocked a mustache.

Adam Peaty got hungry.

Jake Bain went to the beach.

Maluma dropped an album.

Titanius Maximus was on duty.

Terry Miller got in ice cold water.

Keiynan Lonsdale got comfortable.

And Max Emerson flew away.

Chi Chi DeVayne, star of ‘Drag Race,’ has died at the age of 34 / Dragaholic on Queerty

Chi Chi DeVayne, star of ‘Drag Race,’ has died at

Zavion Davenport, better known as drag superstar Chi Chi DeVayne, has reportedly died. She was only 34.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 and All Stars season 3 contestant became a favorite among fans and fellow queens alike with her magnetic personality and ability to destroy a performance.

DeVayne had been open about her health struggles, including her diagnosis with with scleroderma, a “rare, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the immune system attacking the tissue under the skin, and around internal organs and blood vessels, which can also cause scarring and thickening of tissue.”

In July, DeVayne was hospitalized due to suspected kidney failure. She told fans she began dialysis treatment before being discharged.

A crowdfunding campaign to support her had grown following her most recent hospitalization last week, reportedly to fight pneumonia.

In an Instagram story posted just days ago, DeVayne told her followers: “Hey guys, I’m back in. Keep me in your prayers, I’ll be back soon.”

Many fellow Drag Race contestants and queens who knew her have taken to social media to share their condolances:

Padma Lakshmi also knew how bright of a star was lost, and shared one of Chi Chi’s most memorable lip syncs:

We’ll leave you with this look back at some of Chi Chi’s Drag Race moments, which only scratch the surface of everything this entrancing performer had to offer: