Ever since our little dude could pick up rocks he was filling his pockets with them. Shiny ones, small ones, large ones, rough ones, smooth ones and ones that didn’t even look like rocks. He also started collecting shells, gemstones and fossils, determined to create a collection that could rival any great museum.

At the time it could have been any passing phase, but nearly 4 years have passed and his passion for rocks and fossils has grown. We are lucky to live super close to the Jurassic Coast, the best place in Dorset to discover fossils and beautiful rocks. Which means family time usually turns into fossil time.

Smiling rock star

During this visit we only managed to find some beautiful shells and smooth rocks, but I’ve promised him a visit to a local beach known for it’s ammonites soon, so he was happy with his discoveries.

Handful or rock star
The rock star

I love the care he takes which each of his discoveries. If they are lucky enough to make it home, he washes them and adds them to his giant box of fossils and gems.

Mama and the rock star
Finding rocks
Clara rock star
Family rock star
rock climbing
Mama photographing on the rocks
smiles from the rock star
Love rock star
Rock skimming
All this view rock star
C smiles rock star

For a while now the little dude has told us he wants to be an ologist of some kind. He wants to discover fossils, or explore and find special rocks. I love his thirst for knowledge about his discoveries and enjoy seeing him spend time learning about the ages of the fossils he has and how many years old they are.

So we seem to be raising a rock star and I am quite pleased with that. Because to be honest, as long as he’s happy and doing something he loves, then I’m happy driving him to the next beach for more rocks!