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Remember When Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt Went Joyriding on a Jet Plane?

Remember When Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt Went Joyriding on

I’m sorry this evening’s link roundup is coming at you a little later than I’d like — I have been in meetings after meetings after meetings for two days straight (and two more days just like it to go), my brain has fully turned into mush but we have some exciting developments coming your way very soon on Autostraddle [dot] com.

Oh and you’re probably tired of hearing it by now but… Happy New Year.

Let’s see what we’ve dug up!

Queer as in F*ck You

Rejected by Her Family, This Woman Has Been ‘Queer Santa’ for 22 Years. Yes technically where past the holigay season, but this was too god to pass up.

This Indian Same-Sex Couple Is Fighting for the Right to Marry. But Is Their Country Ready? (Himani: “This is super interesting in the context of you know, the interfaith marriage laws.”)

“I have no idea what 2021 will be like. Will it be better than this last year? It has to be. But will it be significantly better? I do not know. I am saving my hope for 2022 because I think the coming year will be one of repair and recovery and re-assessment.”

I love Roxane Gay’s end-of-year reflection essays, I look forward to them every January, and this year was no different. (This came to you from Roxane Gay’s new substack newsletter Audacity, which you can read more about here.)

Abeni has re-discovered this amazing tidbit of gay history and it was too great not to share: “Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt escape a staid White House party and, in their evening dresses, go on a little plane joyride together 🙂.” Amelia and Eleanor on Night Flight to Baltimore

Saw This, Thought of You

The cutest, most adorable, squishy pug dog that you've ever seen.

Adorable puppies and baby cheeks do more than just make us feel good: How Cute, Squishy Things Influence Us.

Voices From the Front Lines of America’s Food Supply. Today’s must read.

Loved this art! ‘Take Beautiful Pictures of Our People:’ Born in 1960s Harlem, the Kamoinge collective was influential in Black photography but ignored by the mainstream until recently. This exhibition should change that.

The Best Vibrators of 2021. After 90 hours of research and testing of 58 different models, the Magic Wand Rechargeable still won.

Stimulus Checks Now Cashable on Venmo (and a friendly reminder from Vanessa, Donate Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check If You Don’t Need It)

Related, here’s some good news — Stimulus, Round 2: Incarcerated People Will Be Eligible for New Round of Payments

How Indigenous Women Are Taking Back the Birthing Process: ‘There Is a Reclaiming Happening’

Congratulations to Lindsay Peoples Wagner, the new Editor-in-Chief of The Cut!

Heather discovered some breaking news sports history!

And Natalie is here with a sports love story! Orlando Pride Stars Marta and Toni Pressley Are Engaged!!

Political Snacks

By the time you’re reading this, the polls will have just closed in Georgia. May I recommend some reading?

And speaking of remembering what we’re fighting for, Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey will NOT face any criminal charges for shooting Jacob Blake in the back 7 times.

Black Lives Fucking Matter.

Carmen Phillips

Carmen is Autostraddle’s interim Editor-in-Chief and a black Puerto Rican femme/inist writer. She claims many past homes, but left the largest parts of her heart in Detroit, Brooklyn, and Buffalo, NY. There were several years in her early 20s when she earnestly slept with a copy of James Baldwin’s “Fire Next Time” under her pillow. You can find her on twitter, @carmencitaloves.

Carmen has written 255 articles for us.

Come Vibe With Me: Remember Me

Come Vibe With Me: Remember Me

I used to watch Inside the Actors studio with my Dad when I lived at home. Either upstairs in my parent’s orange-tinged bedroom or downstairs in my mother’s angel covered den while we ate dinner. I loved it because I got to chill with my dad, but I also love films. I used it to find new ones to watch and add to the mental list I was keeping. Spending time with my father, creating a loving memory to look back on, was just an added bonus.

I’ve been in a well.. rather off place as of late. Sometimes you get in a space so dark that the tools you usually use to climb out feel ineffective or way too out of reach. That was me this week, trying to see light but feeling stuck at the bottom of the tunnel. Then, something slowly (and sporadically) started happening. My heart would win these mini battles with my mind and the prize was quick use of one of those tools I knew I had.

An image showing a glass filled with ice coffee and an ice cream bar. Next to it is a full calender and the background is a city street through the view of a window.
A full schedule that I combat with iced coffee and moisturized lips..

The most constant technique I won speedy use of, was remembrance. When I need to reset in moments of anger, sadness, or equally uncomfortable emotions, I try to think of a happy memory. Maybe because it helps me to realize everything is not all bad. In recent moments, both the ability to use that method and the light it bought me were fleeting, but the win lays in the fact that for even a second — I got a break.

James Lipton would eventually ask each guest the same ten questions. My dad and I would answer, or try and guess if the actor would have a Hallmark response. Once in a while, we’d be surprised by their answer and let out an “Ohhh!” or agree that it was actually a really good response. One of the questions was “What sound do you love?”, right now my answer is laughter. It’s a sound that I love and currently, one that I desperately miss.

So, I’m gonna boil some water for this new Trader Joe’s tea I’m obsessed with, queue up any show with a laugh track, and hope more sweet memories come my way.

Sweet Sunday bbs.

Y’all Come Look at This

Broadway babe Celia Rose Gooding talks all things self-care with the cuties over at HelloGiggles. It made me smile to know she loves crystals and made me smile even more that we share some of the same favorite ones — mine is Malachite!

HRH Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, shares her story of loss and healing and asks the question, “Are you Ok?”

The beautiful and talented Gen Z actress Storm Reid tells us how her mother taught her to have faith.

We’ve talked about this a bunch of times all over the site this week but I have to say it just one more time, future wife of Carmen Phillips, Chika, is nominated for a friggin’ Grammy!

All I want to do is watch Julee Wilson, Beauty Director over at Cosmopolitian, talk about holiday presents while wearing gingham pajamas with furry sleeves. You can’t tell me she doesn’t look absolutely stunning!

I am always so scared to switch up my skin routine in the winter, but this guide for Black skin is making the switch a hell of a lot easier this year.

I’m terrified of the ocean and can’t swim for shit, but seeing more black girls surfing and riding waves might make we wanna put a toe or two in the sea.

A Goofy Movie

First of all, they’re black — the main characters are black. Max, Goofy, Roxanne, PJ, his daddy – and a bunch more, are black. This is a stance I have had forever and is the hill I will die on.

I feel like this is a slept on disney classic. I wanted laughter and lightness today and this movie always does it for me. It has an amazing soundtrack that features Tevin Campbell as the pop icon that we don’t deserve, Powerline.

Also, Roxanne is a hottie and if y’all can lust over Aladdin and not be deemed weird than I can do the same for her.

Here is one of my favorite clips!

This week there is a lot of support groups and opportunities to share your stories through various artistic mediums. The Project T in Pittsburgh is raising funds for their first year of operation, and URGE in Alabama is looking for Trans and Non-Binary folks to model for a project. Much more happening this week as well all on the queer interwebs all over the world.

If you have anything happening in your city (or virtually) that you think would be a good fit for the community love virtual billboard, send it my way via Instagram!

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I listened to some songs that my father and I both love with the hopes of holding on to the sweet memory a little longer. It helped, if only for a half a moment, and sometimes a three and a half minute song is all you need to get by.

I remember that a classmate of mine told me that her female friend likes me, and I just gave an okay, and to this day I am wondering if she like me as a person or like to date me 😂 : actuallesbians

I remember that a classmate of mine told me that

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We’re not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

Landice reviews Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten – The Lesbrary

Landice reviews Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten – The

Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten

“I care about you, Alex. […] Part of me says you’re too good to be true, but the greater part of me says that if I give you a chance, you’ll be worth it.”

Remember Me, Synthetica by K. Aten is a fun new lesfic novel with sci-fi elements, available now from Regal Crest!

Normally I begin a review with my thoughts, but there’s so much to unpack in Remember Me, Synthetica that I decided to lead with the synopsis, for context.


What happens when a woman loses her memory but gains a conscience?

Dr. Alexandra Turing is a roboticist whose intellect is unrivaled in the field of artificial intelligence. While science has always come easy, Alexandra struggles to understand emotional cues and responses. Driven by the legacy of her late great-uncle, she dedicates her life to the Synthetica project at her father’s company, Organic Advancement Solutions (OAS).

Her life is rebooted when she wakes from a coma six months after being struck by a car. Traumatic brain injury altered Alex’s senses, her memory, and her personality. Despite the changes, she feels reborn as she navigates her way back into her old life. Part of her new journey includes dating the alluring Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Emily St. John.

Emily is enamored with the hyper-intelligent scientist, but there are things about Alex and OAS that don’t add up. With Emily’s prompting, Alex undergoes testing that leaves her with more questions than answers. What she discovers changes more than her life, it will change the world around her.

Even with context, where to begin? Synthetica is unique in that it truly toes the line between romance and genre fiction without ever fully leaning in to one of the other. Yes, the adorable butch/femme relationship between Alex and Emily–which I couldn’t help but root for from the moment they met–gets a lot of “screentime,” but we also spend a lot of time learning about the various scientific ventures at OAS.

It’s obvious Aten put a lot of time and effort into her research into the more academic/scientific aspects of the novel, which I can definitely appreciate. Not all of the technology referenced or explained in Remember Me, Synthetica exists yet, but I couldn’t identify what exists vs. what Aten came up with herself if you paid me, which shows how seamlessly she managed to weave the science fiction elements into the story. At times the story did feel a bit weighted down by jargon, but I think the use of scientific terms was important for Alex’s characterization.

That being said, I would still be more apt to shelve Synthetica as a f/f romance than as a science fiction novel, if I had to choose between the two. I’ve begun describing Synthetica and other books in the same vein (like The Lily & The Crown by Roslyn Sinclair, which I also loved!) as “lesbian fiction novels with sci-fi themes/elements” because it feels more accurate.

In the spirit of transparency, I have to admit that I had a lot of mixed feelings about Synthetica at first. It was definitely fun to read, but I found myself annoyed by some things that I thought were strange stylistic choices on the author’s part. At about 70% in, I began to panic. I’ve enjoyed much of Aten’s past work, and it felt like Synthetica was lacking her usual spark. My worry completely evaporated not long after, when she served up a plot twist of truly epic proportions! I won’t go into detail, because this is a book I wouldn’t dare spoil for potential readers, but I will say that once the plot twist hit, all of the things I’d disliked about the novel made complete sense, and no longer bothered me.

All of that is to say, if you pick up Synthetica, keep an open mind, and read it through to the end! Everything will make sense in time, and honestly, this book had the best ‘pay off’ of any novel I’ve read in a very long time. If you enjoy romance novels that are plot driven and thought provoking, Remember Me, Synthetica might be the book for you!

Remember Me, Synthetica At A Glance:

Genre: Lesbian Romance, Sci-fi/Speculative

Themes/Tropes: Butch/Femme, Opposites Attract, Second Chances

Sapphic Rep: Butch Lesbian MC, Bisexual Femme Love Interest

Own Voices? Yes

Content Warnings (CW): Head trauma/amnesia/other medical trauma, gaslighting

ARC Note: A huge thank you to Regal Crest and K. Aten for sending me an advance copy to review! All opinions are my own.

Landice is an autistic lesbian graphic design student who lives on a tiny farm outside of a tiny town in rural Texas. Her favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy & speculative fiction, and her favorite tropes are enemies-to-lovers, thawing the ice queen, & age gap romances. Landice drinks way too much caffeine, buys more books than she’ll ever be able to read, and dreams of starting her own queer book cover design studio one day.

You can find her as manicfemme on Bookstagram & Goodreads, and as manic_femme on Twitter. Her personal book blog is Manic Femme Reviews.