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Pastor wants kids taken to Drag Queen Story Hour removed from their parents / Queerty

Pastor wants kids taken to Drag Queen Story Hour removed

Pastor E.W. Jackson
Pastor E.W. Jackson (Photo: Vimeo)

A high-profile, right-wing pastor with a history of anti-LGBTQ statements has done it again.

Virginia’s E.W. Jackson runs his own radio show and streams via Facebook to his followers. On his Facebook show, “The Wisdom Meditation” last week, he discussed the Bible, but then went off on a tangent about Drag Queen Story Hour, which occurs in libraries around the country.

“This is child abuse to take these children to be entertained by these perverse individuals whose lives are a moral sewer,” Jackson, 68, said.

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“You want to live that way, it’s a free country, live that way. If adults want to be a part of such gross, disgusting entertainment, you have a right to do that. But child abuse is what I would call taking children to see one of these freaks go through a whole lot of sexual garbage trying to instill this mess in the minds of toddlers and kindergartners.

“I have no patience with this mess,” the Protestant Minister continued. “That person needs God, that person needs to be saved, that person needs to be delivered. God wants that person to be a normal human being. A drag queen is not a normal human being.”

“And the stupid parents who take their children into this mess need to be dope slapped. They need to have their children taken away from them.

“Do you think toddlers and kindergartners are [asking] to go to Drag Queen Story Hour?,” Jackson asked.

“Taking your children to church is not abuse. It’s what God commands us to do. But taking your children to Drag Queen Story Hour is abuse of a magnitude that is hard to overstate. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the equivalent of pedophilia, and it should be treated the same way.”

Jackson has previously asserted that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “gross”. Earlier this year, he said that besides concerns over the coronavirus, families should worry about the spread of the “homovirus”: Or what he regards as the militant LGBTQ movement to destroy the traditional family unit.

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In 2019, Jackson claimed that the United States would become a “homocracy” if Mayor Pete Buttigieg won the Presidency.

Jackson was the Republican Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in the 2013 election and a Republican primary candidate for the United States Senate in Virginia in the 2012 and 2018 elections. Although he commands a sizeable, grassroots following within the state, he failed in each of these election bids.

JK Rowling billboard is removed after angry Canadians splatter it with paint

JK Rowling

The JK Rowling billboard was painted over within hours (Twitter/@christophelston)

A billboard in Vancouver that read ‘I love JK Rowling’ lasted less than 24 hours before it was defaced with paint by angry Canadians.

The billboard on Hastings Street, East Vancouver was paid for by Rowling fans Chris Elston and Amy Hamm in support of the Harry Potter author’s anti-trans views.

They proudly shared a photo of the billboard on social media on September 12 – but it was removed just a few hours later after drawing outrage from LGBT+ allies.

“It’s just one of those things where you see it and get that feeling in the pit of your stomach,” Vancouver city councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung told CTV News. “My first thought was ‘Oh no, really?’”

Kirby-Yung addressed the billboard operator Pattison Outdoors on Twitter, condemning “this clear, intentional messaging meant to stoke hate, exclusion and division”.

She called for “an outpouring of love [and] solidarity that drowns out the hate,” and Vancouverites were only too happy to help.

Within hours a tin of blue paint was splattered over the sign, and by the end of the day a cherry picker had arrived to cover over the message. It’s not clear whether the order came from city officials or Pattinson Outdoors.

On hearing that their sign had been removed, Elston and Hamm complained to Pattison Outdoors in an open letter shared online.

“We did this because we were inspired by Rowling standing up for the rights of women, girls and children,” they wrote, insisting that “Rowling is not transphobic, and neither are we.

“Like her, we are concerned about the impact of gender identity ideology on the rights on women and girls,” they continued. We ask that you stand with us, stand with women, and stand for free expression.”

Kirby-Yung believes Elston and Hamm were “well aware” of the limits of free speech and suggested that the billboard’s message was a form of carefully-coded transphobia.

“I think it’s intentionally intended to incite hate without officially contravening […] guidelines of hate speech. But the clear intent is to stoke division and be exclusive of people in our city.

“It’s clearly targeted, in my opinion, towards the trans community,” she said.