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Seth G’s Santa hat, Timothy Cappelli’s snowballs, & Tom Daley’s holiday burn / Queerty

Seth G’s Santa hat, Timothy Cappelli’s snowballs, & Tom Daley’s

This week Club Kid killer Michael Alig died of an apparent drug overdose, Steve Grand wrote an ode to Christmas in quarantine, & the world declared it was not having a Sex and the City reboot sans Samantha. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Keegan Whicker roasted chestnuts.

Jae Fusz made a promise.

Dan Tai looked for the stars.

Tom Daley lifted weight.

Telly Leung had a snow day.

Elliot Crutchley burned off Christmas dinner.

Bremen Menelli hit the slopes.

Mark Anthony Camarena, Jr. got wet.

Charlie Taylor stayed hydrated.

David Guetta got ready for the new year.

Roberto Portales made a list.

Darren Young had a drink in bed.

Austin Mahone broke a sweat.

Tom Zalac shaved.

Garrett Magee posed for the tree.

Timothy Cappelli made a snowball.

Taylor Bennett bounced back.

Jason Rodriguez got a tan.

Lil Nas X spent the holiday at home.

Cody Alan glistened.

Aja got in the shower.

Maluma spent Christmas in the pool.

Max Emerson woke up naked.

Kelechi spent Christmas with a friend.

Mark Mackillop took his hat off.

Seth G picked his Christmas card outfit.

And Mike Rizzi did a quick change.

Queer elf replies to boy’s letter to Santa asking if God loves gay people

Queer Latino volunteer elf Michael Muñoz poses with Santa.

Queer Latino volunteer elf Michael Muñoz poses with Santa. (TheKitchenGaily/ Twitter)

A queer elf has revealed that he responded to a boy’s heartbreaking letter to Santa, asking if he supports the LGBT+ community and if God “loves me for being gay”.

Last month, the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) Operation Santa, which coordinates responses to letters addressed to Father Christmas, shared a heartbreaking message from a boy named Will.

His letter reads: “Dear Santa, do you support the LGBTQ community and if you can speak to God, can you tell him I love him, and if he loves me for being gay? Thank you. Love, Will.”

The letter broke the hearts of many after it was shared on Twitter, but luckily it has been revealed that Will received an incredible response.

Michael Muñoz is a queer Latino volunteer elf who works with Operation Santa, and who appeared in a new documentary titled Dear Santa focused on the USPS project.

Last Christmas, Muñoz felt that he “needed a break” from his volunteer elf duties – until he saw Will’s letter.

He told The Advocate: “I was heartbroken point-blank. Every year I read dozens of letters from children; some ask for toys, but most ask for clothes or presents for their moms as they can’t afford anything.

“What made this different and really difficult for me to read was that he didn’t ask for anything physical.

“All he wanted was to know that he was loved and accepted. So how could I not answer his letter, being a queer Latino male who growing up had those same feelings?

“Within minutes I had texted a dozen or so of my family, chosen and blood, and we were off to the races to make it the biggest, gayest, love-filled Christmas he hopefully will remember forever!”

Muñoz quickly “mobilised” his network of queer friends and family to send the young boy a collection of LGBT-inclusive children’s books and a rainbow Santa hat.

Although he didn’t hear back from Will, Muñoz said over the last year he has often “meditated and prayed that he is safe, healthy, well, and most importantly, surrounded by love”.

In a message to LGBT+ children who may be having a difficult time during the festive season, the queer elf added: “Love and joy come in many forms, and sometimes it finds you and other times you have to find it for yourself.

“There, unfortunately, will always be a bully or someone with something negative to say, but if you love yourself, give love, and spread love they can’t affect you.

“Remember, Rudolph was different, bullied, and dare I say, unloved. But in the end, it was his differences that made him beautiful and a hero. Your differences are what make you unique and beautiful and no one can take that away from you.”