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made some stickers 🤪 : actuallesbians

made some stickers 🤪 : actuallesbians

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Gay couple confronts women putting up ‘disgusting’ transphobic stickers

transphobic stickers in Manhattan

The women putting up the transphobic stickers have not been identified. (Twitter)

A gay couple confronted two women who were plastering “disgusting” transphobic stickers across Manhattan, asking them if they realise transphobia “kills people”.

Simon Chartrand, 28, and his partner, Sean Baugh, 33, were walking down the street when they noticed the neon stickers, which read: “Trans women are men and most have a penis.”

Chartrand, who is trans himself and works for New York’s Translatinx Network, managed to catch the confrontation on video, and can be heard yelling at the women: “You know being transphobic kills people? You want to kill innocent people with your hatred?”

In response, the women called Chartrand a “misogynist”.

Chartrand told Gay City News: “That’s the kind of discrimination that gets people killed. Any child can see that type of thing and act on it. Any adult can see that type of thing and act on it.”

“I wanted to call it out because I didn’t want it to be swept under the rug,” he added.

Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer took to Twitter to condemn the stickers. She wrote: “This is bigotry that inflicts pain and violence on transgender New Yorkers.

“We reject and condemn this hateful act.”

City council member Mark Levine also wrote on Twitter that the stickers were “disgusting and dangerous”.


He added in a statement to Gay City News: “These stickers are a deliberate and dangerous attempt to target members of our community.

“Make no mistake — rhetoric like this can all too easily escalate to violence.

“Our community rejects this hatred in the strongest possible terms. And we say very clearly: trans women are women.”

The two women putting up the transphobic stickers have not been identified.

The same stickers are also sold by British anti-trans “gender-critical” campaigner Posie Parker, through her organisation StandingForWomen. The description reads: “These stickers are as dangerous as a lethal weapon, use with care.”